Japanese Antiques And Collectibles

In the country of Japan, they refer to their antique items as Japanese collectibles or Japanese antiques. Here are some popular Japanese antiques and collectibles that you may want to add to your collection.

There are many kinds of Japanese antiques and collectibles with Chinese influences. One of the most common is the Chinese porcelain doll. Traditionally, these porcelain dolls were made to look like characters from the Chinese language. Today, these fine art collectible dolls are still handcrafted by Chinese porcelain masters. Still, because of the popularity of these antiques, modern versions are also now being made in different styles and colors.

Another type of Japanese antiques and collectibles is the wooden scroll. These exquisite pieces are called paper lanterns because they are made of paper. They have been found during the discovery of ancient places of worship. The most famous of these scroll antiques is the five-hundred-year-old sanzhi, which is believed to be the oldest authentic wooden mirror in the world. This is probably the most treasured and expensive of all the Japanese antiques and collectibles with Chinese influences.

The third type of Japanese antiques and collectibles are Japanese wooden masks. These masks are carved from wood and are a symbol of mourning. Masks that depict an individual’s mournful face are worn as a sign of mourning for the death of a family member or friend. A lot of these masks are made with handmade paper facings, making these masks unique. Masks that depict animals such as dogs, cats, and birds are also popular. In addition, Japanese wrought iron wind chimes are also popular collectibles and designs in the country.

Another popular item in the category of Japanese swords is the Katana, also known as the Japanese sword. There are two basic types of swords: the Katana and the Tanto. The Katana is usually longer and heavier than the Tanto. The Katana is believed to have been developed at the end of the sixteenth century and has become a symbol for samurai warriors.

The fourth type of Japanese antiques and collectibles is the makiwara. These are small swords used in training. These swords are usually very light and portable, being mainly used in forms of self-defense. One must take note that the makiwara is also known as the katana sword.

If you are looking to learn more about these arts and collectibles, you will find many online sites where you can learn about these ancient crafts.