How To Get Your Audio Recordings Online

Whether it’s a radio program or just audio adverts that you want people to listen to, the internet is where you can reach the masses. You can stream your audio recordings directly to your listeners. Considering that 3/4G network is almost everywhere and there is a perpetual need for on-demand services, every radio station deserves to be online. So, how do you do it? Here are the three steps that you should follow.

• Process Your Audio Recordings: Before you get your sound online for streaming, it’s important to process it. This will make it easy for your listeners to stream the information. You’ll need the right web streaming audio processors to do it. You can buy a dual path processor that is designed for broadcasting and streaming. With the processor, you are able to feed your analog and digital audio transmitters.

• Convert the Processed Audio to Digital Stream: After you’ve processed your audio with the right equipment, the next step is to change it to a format that can be digitally streamed. There are different ways to do it. For example, you can move your recordings from your dedicated hardware recorder to a Mac or PC compatible software.

• Identify a Streaming Audio Provider: Other than finding the right web streaming audio processors, the other challenge is choosing a streaming audio provider. The reason is that there are so many options for radio-website integration. However, you can always know the ideal provider by asking for an updated wave panel. It is also important to know the provider’s service uptime records as well as their support options—you need to know whether they can assist you in time when you run into technical problems. Checking past clients’ review about the services of the provider can also help you figure out whether the provider is worth your time.

What about the Wave Panel?

The wave panel is the online control center that helps you to manage your audio station. From the wave panel, you can broadcast the audio directly to your website, app, and social media. The feature has amazing real-time analytics for tracking your listeners. You can basically know what they think about the audio recordings to make informed decisions. For instance, the wave panel provides you integrations features for updating your social followers about the details of what you are playing online.

Final Thoughts

Getting your audio online is purely dependent on the equipment and software that you use to process your recordings and the streaming provider that you approach. If you follow the discussed steps, you’ll be able to provide your online listeners with quality audio.