Desk Exercise Bike: Importance Of Exercising In The Workplace

Sitting all day working at the office often leads to a sedentary lifestyle, which means very little or zero physical activity. This is not good for the body because a sedentary lifestyle could bring health conditions, including anxiety and depression, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, heart disease, back pain, and obesity. It is about time people at the workplace took care of their health, and under desk exercise bikes could be the answer owing to their many impressive health benefits.

How it Works

This mini-exercise bike fits easily and seamlessly under most standard desks so that people can enjoy a safe and effective exercise while working. For those with a busy work schedule, it can be difficult to check-in a fitness center every time a person sees fit. However, this mini-exercise bike allows every office staff to perform their daily exercises without sacrificing their valuable time.

After all, people who frequently exercise at the workplace appear much happier and suffer less stress, all of which could benefit any organization at scale. Researchers also suggest that placing this mini-exercise bike in a low cardio zone can potentially increase employees’ energy levels and oxygen to their brains and, thus, become more productive at the workplace every time.

How To Use It

A mini-exercise bike is easy to put together and fix under the desk. In fact, it features a variety of resistance levels from beginner level to other more challenging levels so that each person can easily adjust to an exercise level that works for their body. This simple machine also has wide comfy pedals and straps that fit any shoe size, giving people an ultra-smooth and quiet pedal motion so they may concentrate on their work with no distractions. Because this mini-exercise bike allows for a quiet operation in the workplace, people can conveniently place the machine anywhere under their desks in order to stay fit and stronger while working.

Benefits of Exercising in the Workplace

A mini-exercise bike has many health benefits—increased blood circulation, improved heart rate, and more muscle-joint mobility. Exercising on a regular basis also improves a person’s mood, while also preventing them from the risk of becoming obese. Unlike other gym equipment, a mini-exercise bike also saves space and money which allows staff to have a full-body workout as a consequence.

Thus, pedaling plays an important role in working the hips, thighs, calves, hamstrings, and buttocks. The mini bike also comes with a resistance feature, which can further increase the intensity of the exercise in order to effectively work the lower body muscles. Pedaling also strengthens a person’s legs and keeps them in great shape. In the end, everybody gets a more attractive and curvaceous figure due to the heavy burning of calories that takes place during the workout.


Sitting for a long time and living a sedentary lifestyle has been shown to heighten the chances of health complications in people, such as obesity and high blood pressure. Although an under desk exercise bike is less likely to provide people with as much vigorous workout as a standard exercise bike, those who try it usually burn fat and improve blood circulation to the legs while sitting long hours. In other words, people should fix this simple exercise bike under their desks at work and start pedaling away while the benefits add up.