The Unique Nature Of Alpaca Wool

Alpacas have a history going back to two thousand years. In the ancient times, the animals’ wool was regarded as the fiber of the gods and was used to make clothing for royal households. Today, Alpaca wool clothing is more common. It has still retained its rare qualities. Here are the top unique qualities of Alpaca wool that you should know:

Adaptation to Temperature

Alpaca wool may not be heavy but it does keep you warm in cold weather. Hollowness of the wool’s fiber enhances trapping and retention of the outside heat. During hot weather, the wool will keep you cool due of its breathability characteristic. This great temperature control quality means that you don’t have to damp your sweater or any other kind of clothing made from the wool with season changes.


Despite the fact that clothing made from alpaca wool can keep you warm in cold weather, they are amazingly lightweight. The quality comes from the hollowness of the wool’s fibers. It also contributes to greater comfort of the clothes made from alpaca, especially when compared with attire made from sheep or llama wool.

Free of Lanolin

While almost everyone loves wool, it is unfortunately not for every person. Some people are allergic to wool and they have to be content with the fact they cannot wear it. But this isn’t the case with alpaca wool. Whatever medical condition you have, you can wear clothing made from alpaca wool—anytime and anywhere. The wool does not contain the allergy-causing lanolin present in sheep wool.

Natural Softness

For sheep wool to be soft, it has to undergo processes in which certain chemicals are used. Obviously, this does not help the environment. On the other hand, alpaca wool is naturally soft. No processes are required to make it finer. Therefore, if you are environmentally-conscious or simply attracted by things that are natural, you can make a statement with clothing made from alpaca wool.

Parting Thoughts

The alpaca is an animal which is not only rich in history but also in its qualities. Its wool has all the characters that lacks in wool obtained from other animals including merino. While cashmere has almost equal softness, it is not as environmental-friendly. In addition, alpaca wool is considered water-resistant and has the ability to absorb water away from the skin. So, if you want versatile wool clothing that can be worn anywhere and anytime, Alpaca wool is the best bet. Remember that you can get different types of Alpaca wool clothing including jackets, sweaters, socks, innersoles and scarves.