The Best Company Swag Items People Should Be Using

Company swag items can draw attention to a business and increase the chances of making more sales. However, you don’t want to choose just any old items to give away to customers and potential customers. Let’s quickly go over what some of the best ones are.


Notebooks are useful because a lot of people still use them for school purposes or to jot down reminders, their grocery list and things of that nature. Best of all, notebooks come in an array of designs and styles, so you can order a few unique looking ones to hand out. In turn, people will remember your company every single time they use the notebook you’ve given them.

Here’s a tip, make sure to include your business information somewhere on the notebook.This includes phone number, address and things of that nature.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are also popular swag items because more and more people are bringing water with them while they are on the go. This includes while they are at work, going to the gym, walks, running errands or when they are driving around. Water bottles are one of those items that people tend to keep for a longtime, which is good news for the company that gives them away as a promotional item.


For the longest time pens have been the most popular promotional item because it’s one of the best ways to spread the word about a business. There’s a good reason for this because pens are used virtually everyday by people from all walks of life. Plus, pens are easy to distribute, so you can hand them out everywhere you go. The more pens you hand out, the more people will find out about your business.

Here’s a tip, hand out a couple of pens to every person you come across. The chances are they’ll give the extra pens to people they know. In turn, the word will spread even faster.


Finally, there are t-shirts. They typically cost a bit more to produce, but they are highly sought after items from people because shirts are worn by virtually everyone. By including a cool design and your business info on your shirts, people will spread the word about your company far and wide.

Those are the best company swag items you should give away to customers and potential customers. All of those items are useful and both your workers and non-workers will love them. Go ahead and order those swag items today.

3 Awesome Benefits Of Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Successful advertising and product promotion require choosing the right methods available. After all, your brand name is on the line, and all you need is to make the right decision and choose appropriate Eco Friendly Promotional Products. Eco Friendly Promotional Products will help you get your brand name in the public eye for a longer time. Using these products comes with the following benefits;

Important in attracting public attention

Coffee mugs and reusable shopping bags are some of the Eco Friendly Promotional Products people use every day; therefore appropriate in catching public attention. These products are seen widely from supermarket aisles to streets and coffee cafes. When the brand name is emblazoned on these products, a wide exposure is ensured. The primary reason for using eco-friendly products is that they last longer compared to non-ecofriendly. All you need is to ensure the products are stylish and have the right quality to attract more people to buy them.

An ethically responsible choice

The products are the right choice for myriad reasons. One primary reason is that they demonstrate an environmental and ethical conscience, therefore, reflecting well on your brand. Environmental degradation is one of the significant issues of our time and using ecofriendly promotional products you demonstrate your stand and responsibility in fighting this global concern. Besides, the products are the right choice for sensitized consumers on how their choices can affect their environment. Many people have chosen the sustainable route of conserving the environment; choosing these promotional products shows you are not left behind. The products reduce the number of disposable bags hence a general decrease for waste disposed globally.

Long-lasting and durable marketing option

The products are manufactured using durable materials and are resistant to wear and tear, therefore last longer. For this reason, you do not have to worry about your company logo wearing out quickly when emblazoned on the bags. For instance, the bags are made from polyethylene terephthalate material obtained from used plastic bottles. The nags have a large capacity and can hold a large volume of products comfortably without tearing. As such, they are most preferred as they are a reliable, cost-effective and effective choice.

In other words, Eco Friendly Promotional Products are the right and approved choice to market your brand, products, and services in an ethical, cost-effective way besides causing a long-lasting impact to the users.