Opting For A CNC Kit Upgrade—Important Factors That You Must Consider

Are you are planning on opting for CNC kits to refurbish your lathe, milling machine, pipe coping machine, or CNC router? If yes, then it is important to keep in mind that such upgrades will prove beneficial only if you make the necessary changes and modifications to your operational processes. Your old-fashioned method of functioning may no longer be effective after the switch to the latest technology.

CNC kits can help you enhance the life of a machine that has reliable mechanical functions but with outdated control mechanisms. Replacing manual control with Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing processes can be a complicated and difficult exercise, especially if you have always preferred the old-fashioned method of horizontal or vertical milling or pipe coping. Hence, you should keep the following points in mind before you proceed ahead with the upgrade.

hqdefaultFor starters, CAD and CAM have their own set of challenges and difficulties that must be considered and assessed before proceeding ahead. Computer Aided manufacturing can be very beneficial if you aim to manufacture wooden or metal parts and components with absolute precision and similarity. However, the time taken to finalize the design and deploy the same can be significantly more than the duration involved in old-fashioned mechanical methods. A hasty approach where you don’t focus on all aspects and facets of the design before beginning the cutting and milling can result in a poor-quality finished product.

Secondly, you may have to spend more time and effort maintaining the machine after upgrading it with CNC kits. Mechanical control solutions are comparatively low-tech and require rudimentary and standard maintenance procedures. Maintaining a computerized control mechanism is a completely different story. You may be required to going for specialized services and assistance, something that you might not have been necessary in the past. This can result in a significant increase in the overall cost of maintaining the CNC machine.

Thirdly, you must understand that you cannot purchase CNC kits and modify the machine in a haphazard manner. You must consider existing as well as your future requirements. Today, CNC has become an industry standard with emphasis has shifted to more advanced technologies like robotics. You should assess whether the upgraded CNC machine can be incorporated or integrated with robotic technologies in the future.

If not, then perhaps going in for a brand-new CNC machine may be beneficial. If you are not the position to afford the same, then you can proceed ahead only if you understand that the CNC kits upgrade is not going to offer permanent or long-term benefits.

Finally, don’t make the mistake of relying on a restricted set of vendors and service providers when finalizing the upgrade. You may end up wasting a lot of money without gaining anything significant in return. Instead, make smart use of the Internet to learn more about the various CNC kits available in the market.

Since these kits cost many thousands of dollars, even a small reduction in price can help you enjoy fantastic cost savings in the long run. Of course, this does not mean you should ignore quality or operational efficiency when comparing kits.

Shifting to CNC cutting or milling represents a paradigm shift that will require significant changes to the way you run your business. Of course, a holistic and sincere approach can help you enjoy many long-term operational and financial benefits. Just make sure you don’t underestimate the complexities involved in the process when you decide to go ahead with the upgrade.

The Problems With Traditional TV

Television was a massive game changer when it first came out. Suddenly, people were able to watch entertaining shows featuring their favorite artist right inside their living rooms. The presence of images made it more engaging than radio. The gradual increase in the number of channels made sure that everyone was able to find something they could relate to. Yet despite these upsides, there is no denying that traditional TV has always been saddled by a number of limitations. Many of them have been addressed by a platform for delivery: TV Internet. Let’s delve deeper at each of the issues below:

Forced Content

As great as it is, television fails at giving people exactly what they want to watch. Viewers will have to look at the limited options and either pick the most interesting or turn it off. Content is force fed to the audience. Program managers decide what can be aired or not. Internet-based TV differs from this old model by giving users the power to select the videos they wish to see on their screens at any moment. Users are essentially the program managers. They may settle on something that is currently airing on a particular channel or go to the archives and tap an obscure horror movie if they want to.

Rigid Scheduling

hbogo-970-80Another flaw is the rigid scheduling of programs. If you want to follow a series, then you will have to arrange your entire life around it. You need to finish your work early and come home in time to see it air. If you get stuck doing overtime work or are unable to make it because of heavy traffic, then you have missed the episode entirely. You will have to wait for the replay or read recaps so that you won’t get left behind. Web-based TV is free from the chains of scheduling. Episodes can be recorded as they air for later viewing so you don’t have to get stressed out trying to catch it.

Fixed Venue

With traditional TV, you need to be in front of your set to watch shows. It is usually located at a communal area so that everyone can join in. Sometimes this leads to conflicts as what others want to see may not be to your liking and there are times when you prefer private viewing. TV internet makes it possible to hook up the source to multiple television sets allowing you to watch in your own room at your own pace. Since the shows can be recorded, you may even take them away with you when you travel. Catch up on episodes while riding the train or cab on your way to the office.

Poor Quality

Standard definition TV is no longer acceptable in this day and age. People’s expectations have risen after having been exposed to high definition videos. The proliferation of large screen TVs are also putting pressure on networks to come out with quality content that will look good when stretched over such a broad canvas. TV internet comes with over a hundred HD channels that make the viewing experience more vibrant than ever before. Even the sounds are improved to optimize advanced home theater systems. This is great news for cinephiles who love to watch movies in the comfort of their own home.

It’s about time that traditional TV got a makeover. Shift to this new entertainment delivery system to reap its benefits. Internet-based platforms are the future thanks to their amazing convenience and nonstop innovation.

Finding The Best Chinese Food In St. Louis

We have all evolved in a world that has no borders when it comes to food. Whether it be finding Japanese food in New York, or Vietnamese food in Chicago, this world of globalization has meant that we can find the best of the best at the mere touch of a button. Of course, touching the button or finding the restaurant is not at all the best part of the whole experience. That is the degustation process itself. We should never lost site of that!

With this said, it is time to contemplate another wonder of this small world, and that is finding the best chinese food in st louis.
For those who have a passion for Chinese food, it is not an understatement that the best Chinese food anywhere must be the best food there!
There is arguably no rival cuisine in the world that has such an array of flavors and combination of essences than that of the Chinese cuisine.

fotolia_2033025_XSThere is a diverse range of wonderful Chinese restaurants in St. Louis that offer the whole range of culinary fireworks from hot to sweet and sour. One of the best known has to be the yu chan pork – a pork that is unrivaled in its presentation and sheer depth of taste.
Huinan chicken is also a fantastic option always available – a very tender chicken dish served with an inimitable oil based soup sauce and oily rice. It is a wonderfully tasty dish and one made famous throughout the world. If you prefer a chicken dish with a bit more sauce added for the thicker flavor then gong bao chicken is a great option too.

Chinese food is of course, famous for its cooking with duck, and duck dishes made the Chinese way are what makes the cooking unique. Peking duck is a huge favorite among Chinese food lovers and one that can rarely be resisted.

Should you prefer an unusual combination of food, then amazingly you can also enjoy vegan Chinese food. There are still a huge number of combinations that you can enjoy, namely the rice and tofu options, such as the delicious ma po tofu.

Also very good to eat without any animal products or meat inside are the huge amounts of noodle or rice dishes available for choice – all served with excellent fresh vegetables such as Chinese mushrooms and pak choy. Steamed or grilled, they are fantastic.
Other vegan options can make up lots of the core Chinese menu options such as spring rolls and soups. Spring rolls are the very foundation of early Chinese cooking and can easily be made simply with vegetables and spices mixed for the vegan palate. The best often include spring onions, cut vegetables mixed with soy sauce and bamboo shoots. Absolutely delicious.

Arguably the most famous gastronomical celebrity from the Chinese food family is of course, the dumpling. Dumplings are often served as not only starters but also for mains depending on what size they are made into. This option too offers a huge array of vegan options just by the sheer diversity of ingredients that can be included inside, not only the meat dumplings that have been made famous over the years.

A lot of Chinese food is served in sesame oil and with sesame seeds, and it is surely this taste that gives it such a unique and amazing global following outside of its own natural borders.
Try the best chinese food in St. Louis, no stranger to these flavors and it is an excellent place to go out and investigate.

All About Post Frame Buildings

Post-frame construction is a fabricated wood-frame building system. Typically, post frame buildings have huge, laminated columns or solid sawn posts as opposed to steel framing, wood studs and concrete masonry. This means that the load is transferred to the ground, surface-mounted onto a masonry foundation or a concrete pier. Plastic barrier systems may be used to enhance protection of concrete and wood posts and piers.

Post frame structures can be erected faster than most conventional building types. Due to the interlocking frame capable of handling greater loads and large posts, only a few structural components are required. This helps save on resources. Due to the larger spacing between posts when compared to studs, the buildings have a larger wall cavity which provides more room for insulation. This lowers the cost of heating and cooling the building throughout its useful life.

3Most types of exterior facades can be installed on these buildings. These can be designed to enhance quality and aesthetic appeal. Post-frame construction is efficient yet economical option for low-rise applications. It has in fact risen to be the preferred construction method for a number of industrial, commercial, residential, municipal, religious and agricultural projects. These structures are ideal for people seeking efficient, flexible and durable structures. One can choose between building from scratch and purchasing a pre-engineered structure.


Because of the efficiency and speed of construction, the cost of labor is usually low when compared to other types of structures. In most cases, continuous cement floors aren’t necessary and if needed, they can be installed later. Wood is also cheaper than other construction materials such as bricks, steel and concrete blocks. One can choose whether to have a steel siding or roofing, which can be installed easily at any moment.


The structures are also renowned for their flexibility, which enhances their cost effectiveness. This especially applies when adding supplementary features such as overhangs, porches and steeper roof pitches. Due to the lack of interior supporting walls, the structure is wide open on the interior. This allows rooms to be organized as one prefers. Windows and doors can also be added easily, since the space between columns is about eight inches.


Most people don’t believe that post frame structures can be stronger than other types of buildings. However, this can be proven, since the grounded columns enhance a structure’s ability to resist wind. The posts are horizontally linked, which makes strong boxes that effectively enhance seismic movement and wind resistance. The roof cannot detach easily because the trusses are directly connected. The structures also have a diaphragm effect, which implies that they’re flexible when subjected to stress and won’t collapse, crumble or crack like conventional buildings.

Environmental Benefits

The structures are also considered to be very friendly to the environment. When such a building reaches the end of its useful life, it can be recycled because it’s basically made from wood. This prevents deforestation and the need for more building materials, labor and fuel. The steel siding and roofing are also made from recycled materials.

Energy Efficiency

Post frame buildings score highly in energy efficiency for a number of reasons. The large wall cavities and manner in which the wooding frame members are constructed help enhance the effects of any installed insulation. Wood also offers better insulation compared to concrete blocks and steel frame.

When purchasing post frame buildings, one should keep a few things in mind. The choice of structure will definitely carry a long term effect. One needs to research the various options using sites which offer the choice of designing a complete structure over the web.

You Will Enjoy Your Hotel On The Beach Grand Cayman

An oceanfront vacation is destined to be the best vacation of your life. The accommodations you choose can and will make a difference. The ideal place to stay during your vacation is a hotel on the beach Grand Cayman.

Hotel Features Make Your Vacation Pleasant

A hotel is not only a place to sleep and shower. There are times when you need to relax, and times when you do not want to go out. The hotel you choose can have the features that meet your specific needs and preferences.

Depending on what you prefer, you can have a hotel with a private swimming pool, a dining area, appliances in your room so you can do your own cooking, fitness and health spas, meeting rooms, and other amenities. Whenever you want to stay in the hotel, everything you need for comfort and convenience will be available.

Your Hotel Is In The Ideal Location

One reason you have decided to visit the island is you love the sea. It is known as the seven mile beach for a reason. With clean, white sand, and the water stretching further than you can see, an island vacation presents a wide range of opportunities to enjoy the beach.

Whether you want to swim, snorkel, or simply relax on the sand, the hotel is nearby. You do not have to travel a distance to enjoy water sports. You can walk from the hotel to the beach.

There is more to do on Grand Cayman Island. You will find tourist attractions, historic sites, museums, and the chance to explore the island culture. You can try some of the traditional island foods, as there are restaurants in all price ranges. You can also buy souvenirs for yourself, your family, and your friends back home.

The best part of hotel on the beach grand cayman is not needing to travel a long distance. Whether you want to shop, eat, or take in the sights, everything you want is near your hotel. This means more time for fun, instead of using your vacation days for more travelling.

A Hotel For Everyone

beach32Each person who books a hotel has his own unique situation. A person may be taking a well deserved break from work, a couple may be visiting the island for their honeymoon or anniversary, or the vacation can be for the entire family. With uniqueness in mind, you want the hotel that is right for you.

From privacy to the number of beds, special activities to special amenities, you will find your hotel one hundred percent perfect. Everything you are looking for can be arranged in advance so your room will be ready when you arrive.

Make Hotel Reservations Early

You do not want to spoil your vacation by showing up at a hotel and hoping it has a vacant room. You should decide what you want in advance, and make your reservations as early as possible before your trip.

This is the way to be sure you have the accommodations that are appropriate for you. When you make early reservations, you may also find you are eligible for a package deal or other discounts.

You can have the most memorable vacation. When your hotel arrangements are settled, you can focus on having fun.

Regardless of how long you plan to stay, how many people are travelling with you, and what you would like to do on the island, early planning will make it the perfect vacation. You will enjoy every minute you are on the island.

A Cenacle Retreat Offers Spiritual Renewal

A Cenacle retreat provides the opportunity for individuals to examine the presence of God in their lives and develop a closer and deeper relationship with him. The quietness and solitude of the retreat promotes meditation, personal prayer and reflection. Retreat locations are open to lay individuals from all denominations, not just Roman Catholic. All adults, single and married, men and women were welcomed.

Early Beginnings

The Roman Catholic Sisters of the Cenacle opened a hostel for women in France in 1826, initially offering service to all women. The ministry soon attained a retreat status when the decision was made to provide lodging only to those willing to spend time in purposeful prayer. The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola were used as guidelines for women to learn about Jesus and to love and follow him. In 1844, the ministry changed its name to the Cenacle, after the Upper Room, called the Cenacle in Latin, where those of like spirit and mission gathered with Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

The Cenacle Today

east-room-jFToday, there are Cenacle retreat centers in Atlanta, Houston, and Ronkonkoma NY, as well as a retreat and conference center in Chicago. The ministry expanded to fourteen other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, England, Madagascar, Togo and the Philippines.

In addition to retreat services being offered in Cenacle Centers, many others take place in community centers, parishes, and in private homes. Individuals wanting to find out about retreat opportunities in their area should check the Cenacle website and call the closest retreat center.

What to Expect

The focus of Cenacle ministry is individual, congregational and Church prayer. The intent is to create an environment of faith, one which will be sacred to the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Cenacle is a place where individuals can search for a deeper relationship with their God. This happens through a variety of seminars, workshops, spiritual programs and retreats. Some Centers like the one in Chicago offer a variety of presentations over the year on specific topics such as a Lenten Taize Prayer Service.

Some retreats are designed to provide a contemplative and quiet atmosphere, promoting reflection and prayer. Other programs offer opportunities to interact with others for mutual support and sharing. All retreats are sacred periods of time when God is actively transforming lives.

Programs and Retreats

Individuals have a broad variety of programs from which to choose. Some are designed to develop increased understanding of the rich history of Catholic spirituality. Other programs and retreats incorporate both secular and sacred, as well as the spiritual and psychological. Group retreats are usually held on weekends, although there are many weekday and evening programs available as well.

Examples of Cenacle retreat which may be available in a given location include:
• Retreats starting with a morning speaker, followed by special readings, personal prayer and sharing of the Eucharist, with participants spending the day in silence
• A 3 to 8 day retreat or even one extended to 30 days allowing opportunity for prayerful solitude, under the direction of a retreat director to help clarify what God is saying
• Private retreat in days of prayer allowing individuals to spend time in reflection and prayer, with optional meetings with a Cenacle Sister
• Special program retreats such as prayer and study of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola

Join a Cenacle Retreat and learn about Jesus. Learn how to enrich and develop a closer relationship with Him. Expect a happier and fuller life through awakened conviction and deepened faith.

Hiring A St Louis CPA

Hiring a certified public accountant (CPA) is often necessary when you need professional accounting services. There are many CPAs in St Louis, so how can local residents and business owners pick one CPA over another. The answer lies in the type of accounting service you need. The following are important factors to consider when hiring a St Louis CPA:

a) Experience

team-smiling-with-handshakeBecoming a CPA takes time, but just because an accountant is a certified does not mean he or she offers the best accounting services. A certified public accountant can learn a lot about the field of accounting while on the job. After all, schools don’t teach everything. Some things just have to be learned on the job. For this reason, you should consider hiring at St. Louis CPA with years of experience in the field.

b) Area of Specialization

Accounting is a wide field, so no CPA can be an expert in everything. If you need a CPA to do your taxes, be sure to hire a tax accountant. After all, you would like to claim all your tax credits and deductions, among other tax benefits, to ensure you get the highest possible tax refund. The right CPA should have years of experience in the field of tax accounting.

c) Turnaround Time

Whether you’re hiring an accountant to do your taxes, audit your accounts or prepare your financial statements, you need to give preference to accountants with a spectacular track record of service delivery. The ideal CPA should be able to complete the project within the shortest possible time. To find out if an accountant has a decent turnaround time, consider reading customer testimonials and reviews. Knowing what previous clients think of a certain CPA will give you all the information you need to make a decision that is well-informed. Some accountants are often too busy to take up more work, but they still do so. While the quality of their work may be impeccable, their turnaround times are often pathetic. This will cause unnecessary delays, which may be costly, especially when tax returns are concerned.

d) Accounting Fees

Obviously, you must pay the CPA for services rendered. Since CPAs charge different rates, you may want to shop around if you’re looking for affordable accounting services. Be sure to ask for a breakdown of the fees as well as disclosure of other expenses to avoid any surprises and disappointments at the end of the project.

e) Reputation

Accounting services are somewhat sensitive since you will be revealing everything about your personal life and finances, such as your income sources, expenses, liabilities and assets as well as the number of dependents and disabilities. Most of these details are private and you may not want people to know about, even those close to you. Therefore, hiring an accountant who can guarantee confidentiality is crucial. In addition to keeping your information private, the accountant should also be able to guarantee security of your personal and financial information. After all, you may find yourself in serious financial and legal problems if your personal and financial information gets into the wrong hands.

Since you will need accounting services on a number of occasions, you may want to consider building a good working relationship with your accountant. This will make things easier for both you and the accountant since you will not need to reintroduce yourself when you need accounting services in the future. Once you build a working relationship with your accountant, you can get unbiased professional financial advise as well as accounting services at an affordable rate.

What Are IT Consulting St Louis Firms?

An IT consulting St Louis firm provides counsel to other organizations instead of providing a service to end users. IT consulting firms employ IT experts and send the experts out to client organizations when they need assistance with a project. The cost of hiring an IT consulting firm is significantly lower than that of a permanent employee or IT department.

Firm Structure

hands-460865_640Information technology consulting firms typically have a similar structure as other professional firms. Several partners run the company and hold some of the shares in the firm. IT consulting firms generally do not sell their shares to the public. As a specialized firm, an IT consulting company may not have the right to sell rights shares to people who are not members of the IT profession.


IT consulting is an essential area because setting up a system to store data and supply targeted decision-making information to managers and executives is expensive. The IT consultant can help a firm set up transaction services, so that it can easily process purchase orders and easily buy items from other firms online.

Job Description for an IT Consultant

Basic Skills and Characteristics
The aptitude to understand intricate information and come up with a plan to resolve IT-related issues is an essential skill for IT consultants. Information that IT consultants use come from various sources including the applications customers are using and reports from the firm’s IT department.

The IT consultant must go through relevant data to establish the need for IT changes and the effect of the changes on the operations of the organization. An IT consultant must be able to work with people from different departments in an organization, which requires outstanding communication skills. She must also be able to reduce complex issues to bare bones so that everyone understands the nature of the problems and solutions.

Major Tasks

IT consultants have two main tasks. The first is to review a firm’s IT systems and procedures. For example, they may assess training procedures or check applications. The second task is to devise solutions that can enhance the company’s efficiency.

The IT consultant might discuss with management and staff to provide a cost-benefit analysis of prospective upgrades or other changes. She could design innovative ways of using the existing system to improve efficiency, and supervise the installation and design of new systems.

Secondary Duties

Other duties of an IT consulting firm may include programming; assessing workflows associated with the client firm’s IT system; and designing flowcharts or other diagrams to demonstrate recommended changes and activities. Most IT consultants specialize in a specific area of IT. Systems designers are usually called in to help select and install an IT system. Software quality analysts check systems to identify problems, and develop solutions. Programmer analysts update applications, create software, and debug systems to make them function better.

How to be an IT consultant

Most IT consultants have a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science. It consulting firms often have extensive experience in the industry and specialize in a certain area in IT. Staff in IT consulting firms often goes for regular training to keep abreast of the frequent changes in the IT industry.

IT systems are often complex and frequently require expert service to work smoothly. Many companies may not afford to have an in-house IT department. This is why many companies today hire the services of IT consulting St Louis firms. Many IT consultants are either self-employed professionals or hired by IT consulting firms to work on short or long term projects. The duties of an IT consulting company vary depending on client needs.

House Cleaning St Charges

Maintaining a clean home is crucial in not only keeping pests at bay and making the home healthy, but also making the home look welcoming and comfortable for everyone. Unfortunately, regular cleaning takes a lot of time, which most people do not have. Unless there is a stay-at-home mom or dad to do regular cleaning, maintaining a clean home can be an almost impossible feat. Fortunately, there are firms that can help you with house cleaning St Charles. They handle every type of cleaning job, including; regular cleaning, spring cleaning and water damage cleaning. Many of them also handle biohazard cleaning, so they can take care of all your cleaning needs.

Types of Cleaning Jobs

Obviously, your home has different types of surfaces. There are carpeted and tiled floors. The following are examples of common types of household cleaning jobs:

i) Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpets often get dirty with time. If not cleaned, carpet fibers can harbor dangerous insects, hold allergens and trap dust, which can make the carpet unsightly. Whether you have a modern or antique carpet and rugs, the cleaning company will use a suitable cleaning method, such as hot water extraction, to rid your carpets of dirt and take care of carpet fibers.

ii) Floor Cleaning

Floor areas which are not carpeted may be covered with dust, food particles, grease stains and debris of dead insects among other types of impurities. The cleaning company can clean the entire floor area in the house, leaving it shiny and spotlessly clean. This will make your home appealing, welcoming and give your guests a great impression about your personality.

iii) Surface Cleaning

There are many surfaces around the house that can become dirty over time. For instance, the kitchen cabinet, drawers and countertop may become dirty with time. In addition to cleaning floors, the cleaning company will clean all dirty surfaces. They have the technical knowledge, expertise, cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean all types of surfaces. To keep insects and germs at bay, they can sanitize those surfaces after cleaning.

iv) Furniture Cleaning

don-tet-1Tables, sofas, beds and TV stands often get dirty with time. This is because all airborne impurities often settle on furniture pieces inside the house. Your couch may also get dirty after years of spilling drinks, dropping food items and touching with dirty hands. The cleaning company can use hot water extraction or steam cleaning to clean your sofa, leaving it amazingly clean. Since nobody dusts anymore, the cleaning staff will take time to dust your furniture pieces any any other fixture in your house.

v) Water Damage Cleaning

Water damage can be caused by a leaking faucet, leaking water pipe, storm water flooding or a backed up sewer line among other things. Cleaning the house after these types of flooding requires specialized equipment and knowledge of water damage cleanup processes. The cleaning company will extract the water or effluent, clean the floor and affected walls before drying and sanitizing the whole house. The firm can also clean stained toilets and sinks to ensure they are sparkling clean.

Even if you have time to clean the house, some cleaning tasks will require a professional approach. These include; carpet cleaning, stain removal from sinks, bathtubs and toilets, furniture cleaning and water damage cleaning among others. When looking for a company to do house cleaning St Charles residents should give preference to local businesses with a lot of experience in the field. Only trusted companies should be given any consideration since you will be giving them unrestricted access to your home, so do thorough research before making a decision.

Types Of Memorial Prayers

A funeral can be a complex event. Every word spoken must be carefully chosen, yet few speakers can make it through the engagement without being overcome with emotion. As the funeral progresses, there will come time for a memorial prayer. Usually a brief invocation, this prayer can set the tone for the entire event. There are several types of memorial prayers, each of which has its own message and is appropriate for a different audience. Discovering which of the prayers is appropriate for your audience can be a daunting task – but it is somewhat easier when you understand some of the main varieties of memorial prayer that are out there.

The Religious Prayer

prayer35001Perhaps the most common type of memorial prayer, the religious prayer is generally taken from the holy book of the deceased religion. These prayers are typically said at overtly religious funerals or recited by a clergy member. This sort of memorial is particularly fitting for those who were very religious in life or who have very religious families. In some cases, these prayers can be found pre-printed on memorial cards so that mourners can follow along.

The Wheel of Life

Often religious but just as commonly used at secular services, the “Wheel of Life” type of prayer tends to remind those in attendance that birth and death are inextricably linked. As a prayer, these short homilies serve to memorialize the passing of the deceased not just as a sad event in the lives of those present, but also as a part of how life works. They help to remind everyone in attendance that death is a major part of life, but that new life will continue. These prayers tend to be appropriate for the services of those who died of natural causes rather than those of individuals who died in accidents or at a very young age.

The Celebration

There are some memorial prayers that are less about comforting words and more about celebrations of life. These prayers tend to be brief and to the point, and they tend to serve as a message to all present that the funeral is meant as a celebration of life rather than as a moment to ponder death. These prayers are more common at secular funerals than at religious services, but they are often heard when the departed wished that those present at the service would not spend their time mourning him or her.

Good memorial prayers fit the service, the life of the deceased, and the mood of the audience. It’s rarely appropriate to have a religious message at a secular service, and few wish to celebrate a particularly tragic death. Whether written ahead of time or copied directly from the words of another, these are pieces that are meant to help provide guidance to those who are still in mourning. No matter what prayer is chosen, it is important that it gives those who are still alive a chance to begin making peace with the end of their loved one’s life.