Humanscale M2.1: A Standing Desk

The Humanscale m2.1 is a standing desk designed for Humanscale’s new “focus” program, which helps alleviate burnout and improve productivity by encouraging employees to take breaks at the end of every hour. The Humanscale team was inspired after working with Google on their focus program; they saw that sitting all day could lead to health problems like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. They wanted to create an office environment where people could work comfortably while also engaging in other activities throughout the day. It doesn’t feel like they are just sitting there doing nothing.

1) Why is this important?

The Humanscale m21 is a standing desk that allows employees to work comfortably by switching between sitting and standing throughout the day.

2) How does this relate to humans?

Humans have been hunters and gatherers who moved throughout the day, building up their leg muscles which helped them survive in various conditions. Nowadays, we sit more than ever before, causing our bodies discomfort and inability to work at total capacity due to lack of energy from sitting all day long. We need products like these that allow us, humans, to move around during the day again without struggling too much with our jobs or other daily tasks because of it.

3) What are its specifications?

It has a weight capacity of 35 pounds and an adjustable height between 24.25″ – 48″. The base that it sits on measures 22 x 19 inches with five-star nylon casters, making it easy to move around when needed.

4) What are its benefits?

There are many benefits humans would get out of this product, like the fact that humans will be able to work uninterruptedly for more extended periods because their bodies won’t feel tired or sore; they’ll also have better posture instead of sitting in an uncomfortable position all day long while feeling bad about themselves. Humans can even stand up during meetings if necessary! It also helps them talk to one another better because you’re standing there without your back hurting due to hours upon hours of sitting down.

The Humanscale is an excellent product for companies. It can help save money on health care costs and improve productivity.

5) Is it easy to install?

Yes, Humanscale is straightforward to install. A regular person can do it without too much hassle. In most cases, even if the instructions aren’t followed precisely, humans will still be able to figure out how to set up their standing desk quickly enough on their own with just a little bit of guessing.

6) Is there anyone who shouldn’t use this?

No, almost everyone should use Humanscale since many people are unaware that sitting down all day long is harmful to their backs and not just tiring, as well as proving that Humanscale encourages you to stand up. At the same time, working is beneficial in preventing your body from being harmed or leaving seated.

7) How much does it cost?

Starting at $395.

A Recap On NEO Smartpen

The current world is digitalized. Technology is taking over all the activities of the world. From the hardest to the simplest jobs, technology is the ruler. It is an awesome advancement since work is simplified and made easier. Smartpen is one of these advancements that has ease man’s work. Here is some important information about this kind of advancement that could come in handy for an individual with interest.

What is a Neo Smartpen

Just from the name, it is a smart device. This is a digitalized pen that digitalizes any writing on a paper. If there be any recorded on a piece of Code paper, it is instantly digitalized and saved in the synced devices. Work is made easier with this device and a huge workload can be done in just a few minutes. It also eases the sharing of information digitally.

Harmony of the pen, paper, and app

This device in the slimmest optical pen ever seen. It is a convenient kind of tool that can be used by basically everyone. Its usage is just as for the regular pen. It is equipped with auto power on at the moment the user is writing. The device is linked with Ncode paper, Neo notes in a such a way that all the handwritings can be digitally changed instantly and synchronized. It is also important to note that it is easy to change the tips of these pens at any time of need.

Types of Neo Smartpens

Primarily, there are two kinds, that are the neo smartpen N2 and smartpen M1. The N2 kind is made up of heavy aluminum and steel that is stainless. This makes it possible to be able to withstand shocks and scratches. It has a trigonal prism body shape with two stylish color choices, titanic black, and silver-white. The M1 kind is made of glass fiber and has a five fancy color choice. It has a lightweight and cylindrical shape that provides a comfortable grip. Therefore an individual has the choice to go for the one which suits them.
In conclusion, this kind of device is one that an individual or an office will find useful for their activities. Make all the paperwork digitalized and saved in just a few minutes with Neo smartpen. It comes in two kinds that one can choose from depending on their specifications. Its usage is also simple as it works just like a regular pen. Make all the handwritten information digital using this device and save all your work vividly.

Benefits Of Thermal Camera Rental

There are different types of pipe camera for rent for plumbing repairs. When there is a clog, you can go for a traditional camera that provides the exact visuals of the pipe interiors. However, there are cases where this is not helpful as the clogs are difficult to see. You could opt for a thermal camera rental instead. This device allows people to view the pipe system in terms of the heat emission. Hot water is poured into the drains and allowed to flow down in the hopes that it will lead to the clog. Plumbers can follow the path of the water. Where it stops is where the problem is. This technique has several advantages:

Cheaper Than Purchases

By renting a thermal camera, you can solve the problem without having to shell out a lot of money. Several rental companies provide this service. Just get quotes to learn about their rates and compare to find the best deals. This is still cheaper than trying to find the clog manually by digging up pipes and opening them up to reach for the clog at random places. Cameras provide certainty and accuracy so that this type of destructive discovery can be minimized.

Track Hard to Find Clogs

Although regular cameras have their place, there are situations where even these devices do not yield the clarity necessary to find clogs. Maybe the plumbing is just too complex and the pipes seem like they all look the same. With a thermal camera, you don’t need to get into the pipes as the temperature differentials are clearly visible from the outside. Even concealed pipes and hidden leaks can be found. The images will be clear and the findings accurate. You can get a unit with a high resolution for greater accuracy and clarity. Advanced systems can show the heat patterns under carpets, concrete, and other layers.

Works Fast

No other technique can work this fast. Since you don’t have to insert anything into the pipes and perform an exploration, the time is drastically cut. Just go ahead and turn the thermograph on to see the house in a different light. You will see that temperature variations in each area with the flow of hot water being immediately obvious. The flow should be in straight lines as it follows the pipes. It there are areas where the heat suddenly disperses, then you are likely looking at a leak. You will find this is a snap.

Thermal cameras rental is fast, effective, and worth every penny.

Essential Factors To Consider When Shopping For Solar Panels

Many people all over the world have found it wise to install solar panels in their homes and on their business premises. The many benefits that come with the installation of Flexible Solar Panels are one of the explanations for the surge in the solar installation thing. If you are also on the verge of installing solar panels on your premises, then you are about to make an incredible decision. However, you will need to understand that to get the most out of such a project, one needs to make sure that you install the right Flexible Solar Panels. The following are essential factors to consider when shopping for the right solar panels.

The Efficiency

You are investing in solar panels because you want to be energy efficient. This, however, is not going to happen if the type of solar panels that you are going to install is not energy efficient. So how do you determine whether or not the solar panels that you are about to buy are energy efficient? Well, it is quite simple. All that you need is to look at the efficiency rating, which should be above 15%. However, you should be aware of those brands that label their products for the sake of attracting attention. Always go for those brands that have a good reputation.

The Durability of the Panels

One of the reasons why solar panels are popular is because they are cost-effective. Once you install them in your property, you forget about incurring further installation costs. However, if you are not keen during the installation process, you might end up buying solar panels that are less durable, and that can be not very pleasant. So if you do not want to keep replacing your solar panels now and then, always ensure that you go for the durable lot. Choose the solar panels after considering the weather condition of the place that you live.

The Size

Lastly, you must consider the size of the solar panels that you want to buy. When it comes to solar panels, you can be to get any size that you think will serve you the best. The only important thing that you should bear in mind is that the size has a direct influence on the amount of electricity that you are going to generate. You will also need to make sure that the size that you choose is ideal for the type of roof. This way, you will be assured of getting the optimal energy from your panels.

Buying Tips For DVR Spy Cams

DVR spy cams can be used in homes and offices for security purposes. If you think there are any threats, then go ahead and install them around your property. You can also use them to detect anomalies that you never even expected. It pays to be vigilant with security measures. You never know what lurks around the corner. You could be facing a wayward employee who steals from the stock room when no one else is around. You could be dealing with an abusive baby sitter that you should not trust with your child. With spy cams, you can catch them red-handed. Here’s what you should keep in mind when buying one:

Suitable Stealth

How do you plan to use the spy cam? Will you be wearing it while you are mobile? Then pick a small unit that looks like an ordinary wearable such as a pendant, a pen, eyeglasses, a watch, a phone charger, and so on. Portable items work well in this type of application. If you are going to leave the camera in your house or office space, then disguising as common household items may be more effective. It depends on the room that you are trying to place it in. If it’s in a child’s bedroom, then look for a stuffed toy with a camera. If you are aiming at the living room, then an outlet or a smoke might be better.

Usable Time

Check the battery capacity and estimated run time. These are usually wireless for freedom of placement. Take them where they need to go but make sure that they can last as long as you need them to. For example, you might want them to run throughout the day while you are in the office. The camera will show you what’s happening around your house and your kids in your absence. You might want it to round all night while you sleep so that it keeps an eye on the property. The capacity of the storage card should be enough to prevent write errors.

Video Quality

The purpose of the camera is to know what’s happening when you’re not looking. The footage will only be useful if the video quality is good enough to watch things unfold. Try to get a unit with high resolution and good colour reproduction. You might want to read reviews to get an idea of real-world performance.

Shop around for DVR spy cams to find the perfect unit for you.

Why Use A Thermal Camera Rental?

Clogs are inevitable. Sooner or later, a plumbing system will experience this in the drains or the sewers. The build-up of barriers to the flow of water will result in backups that render showers, sinks, and toilets unusable. Drain inspections are often necessary to find the cause of the clogs and fix them. The usual culprits are tree roots, improperly disposed waste, and sewer damage. Different methods can be employed including manual visual inspections, pipe camera inspections, and thermal imaging. We will focus on the last one in this article. Learn more about the procedures and benefits of using thermal cameras for clogs.


There are two ways to go about thermal imagine. One is to pour hot water into the drains and following its flow. Thermal cameras are able to detect differences in temperature so the hot water will appear bright red in contrast to the cool green of the pipes and surroundings. It will be easy to see if the water follows the pipe’s path or if it diverts into cracks due to leakages. It will also be easy to check if it suddenly stops at a wall due to a clog. Another method is to insert a thermal camera rental into the pipes so that the leaks and clogs can be detected along the path.


Thermal imaging provides homeowners with several advantages over other forms of drain inspection. No physical damage needs to be inflicted just to search for the clogs along the pipes. Workers won’t have to dig and bust open sections of the plumbing system just to verify their suspicions. Everything happens through the clever use of technology. It is fast, effective, non-intrusive, and less costly. After all, whatever gets shattered during inspection will have to be put back together. Repairs are not trivial when you are talking about something that is this intensive.

This method is also fast and easy. For an average house with a single family, the whole thing can be completed in just one hour. After all, they just have to heat water and follow the flow along the pipes. These should be fairly short as they will only have to travel to the city sewers under the roads. Should they encounter challenges, they will be able to implement a quick strategy to go around it. Homeowners will have an answer to their questions right away.

The process of releasing the clog can begin as soon as possible thanks to thermal camera rental.

The Usefulness Of A 12V Jump Starter

A must-have for any second-hand vehicle or vehicle using a second hand / used battery is a 12V Jump Starter Pack.

So let us see what’s and how’s relating to it.

WHAT IS A 12V Jump Starter PACK?

It is the one piece of equipment that will jump-start your car in an instant hassle-free and get you back on the road with no problems you need a 12V Jump Starter.

It is so simple and easy to use, and by yourself, as all you need to do is connect the correct cables to the correct terminals and let the booster do its works and you will be ready to go in an instant.


It is a case with a handle and a charging port with a pair of connecting alligator cables that also contains a heavy-duty type of battery that is non-serviceable so you do not have to check its battery water and regular service.

These cables on the pack are then connected to your car battery terminals, making sure you connect to the correct sequence, or even just to the positive terminal and ground cable to anywhere on the body of the car that is grounded.

This will cause enough charge to run through the battery of your car and electrical system to start your car first time.


Most packs are leveled at 500 amps and most small to medium-sized cars and small SUVs only need about 400 amps to start, so if you have a larger vehicle or truck you just have to make sure you use a higher amp starter pack.

The engineers that built and designed your vehicle’s battery make the battery’s CCA (cold crank amps) much higher than what is needed to swing the engine to start so there are always enough amps even through your starter pack.


As most, if not all, starter packs last for about a year only, the warranties are always for a year.

So if you do buy a starter pack and only get offered a 6-month warranty beware of the quality of its lifespan, as your warranty is usually equal to the lifespan but also remember it is all up to usage.


Well if you think about it, a charger pack works on its own with no connections to the starter pack, as it stores the charge in the encased battery itself and the lighter plug is there to only charge the starter pack once that battery has run down by all the boosting of the car’s battery.

So yes it is good to use as it not only gives the same power as a home plugged pack but you can recharge it while driving if the pack is low.