A Recap On NEO Smartpen

The current world is digitalized. Technology is taking over all the activities of the world. From the hardest to the simplest jobs, technology is the ruler. It is an awesome advancement since work is simplified and made easier. Smartpen is one of these advancements that has ease man’s work. Here is some important information about this kind of advancement that could come in handy for an individual with interest.

What is a Neo Smartpen

Just from the name, it is a smart device. This is a digitalized pen that digitalizes any writing on a paper. If there be any recorded on a piece of Code paper, it is instantly digitalized and saved in the synced devices. Work is made easier with this device and a huge workload can be done in just a few minutes. It also eases the sharing of information digitally.

Harmony of the pen, paper, and app

This device in the slimmest optical pen ever seen. It is a convenient kind of tool that can be used by basically everyone. Its usage is just as for the regular pen. It is equipped with auto power on at the moment the user is writing. The device is linked with Ncode paper, Neo notes in a such a way that all the handwritings can be digitally changed instantly and synchronized. It is also important to note that it is easy to change the tips of these pens at any time of need.

Types of Neo Smartpens

Primarily, there are two kinds, that are the neo smartpen N2 and smartpen M1. The N2 kind is made up of heavy aluminum and steel that is stainless. This makes it possible to be able to withstand shocks and scratches. It has a trigonal prism body shape with two stylish color choices, titanic black, and silver-white. The M1 kind is made of glass fiber and has a five fancy color choice. It has a lightweight and cylindrical shape that provides a comfortable grip. Therefore an individual has the choice to go for the one which suits them.
In conclusion, this kind of device is one that an individual or an office will find useful for their activities. Make all the paperwork digitalized and saved in just a few minutes with Neo smartpen. It comes in two kinds that one can choose from depending on their specifications. Its usage is also simple as it works just like a regular pen. Make all the handwritten information digital using this device and save all your work vividly.

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