Staying Away From Motorcycle Accidents

Riding on two wheels has its charms. You get to feel the wind on your face and hear the sounds of the city as you pass by. You see more on a motorbike than you would in a car. Thanks to its slim frame, you can weave in and out of traffic jams. Narrow streets won’t be a problem. Even the cost is minimal from the acquisition to the fuel. However, there is one area where motorcycles have a less than stellar record. Safety is not the strong suit of this type vehicle. If you want to stay away from motorcycle accident lawyer, then do the following:

Increase Visibility

Motorcycles are easy to miss especially in the dark. If a car driver doesn’t see you, then he might just swerve into your direction and send you flying to the side. Even in broad daylight, a motorcycle might be in a car’s blind spot. You need to increase your visibility so that others won’t miss you. You cannot rely on their sharp senses so you have to make it as easy as possible to identify your presence. This means wearing brightly colored jackets, reflective vests, and other visual aids. You should also ensure that your lights are all working.

Decrease Aggression

You need to tone down your aggression when on the roads. Although it can be fun to rev up the motor and go fast, you must remember that you are on two wheels so you have an inherently unstable base. If you run into a slick part of the road and lose your control, then things can quickly get dangerous. You can also try to overtake and head straight into an approaching car. You might weave in and out of traffic only to bump into another vehicle. If you have an important appointment, then leave the house early. Don’t try to beat the clock by being a daredevil.

Follow the Rules

The rules of the road are there for a reason. They are made to protect you from yourself and from all the other dangers that you might encounter. Be sure to follow them all, especially the rule about wearing a helmet at all times. This will save your life in case you get toppled off your bike. Fractures elsewhere can heal with time but damage to the head is highly fatal. Invest in a high quality helmet.

If you do get into a crash, then hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to recover damages.

Why Use The Services Of An International Business Attorney?

Companies doing business in other countries face lots of risks. They have to deal with various laws that vary from one country to another. Without right legal advice, companies doing international business can face lots of problems. It is important to take help of an international business attorney to structure the company properly. Solve a legal problem as soon as possible before it gets out of hand. Such an attorney can help register and incorporate your company in both domestic and foreign jurisdictions. You can run your business without any problem if all your contracts comply with the national and international laws, rules and treaties.

The contracts you sign in another country may have repercussions for your business in both the domestic and destination country. You can be held liable for the compensation, fraud, arbitration, mediation and litigation in the country where you are a citizen as well as in the country where you are doing the business. How can you make sure all your business activities comply with the laws of the land? The solution is to take help of an attorney who specializes in the international business. The attorney will help you in various ways.

The attorney can help register and incorporate your company in both domestic and foreign jurisdictions. It is the most important first step you should take when starting a business in another country. You will avoid trouble with the local authorities responsible for regulating your business and industry. How do you mitigate your business risks? An international business attorney can help protect your business, assets and intellectual property rights. The attorney will draft the clauses of your contracts in such a way that your interests are protected. These contracts protect your investments in other countries where the laws may not be as rigorous and impartial as in your own country.

Multinational corporations often deal with the issues of intellectual property thefts. You can face problems if other companies steal or misuse your trademarks, logos and other protected assets. Do not let unscrupulous companies in foreign countries take undue advantage of your investments and years of efforts in developing your products and creative contents. Protect all your investments, inventions and innovations with proper documentations, trademarks, registrations and agreements.

There is no need to visit another country to hire a lawyer if you are facing a legal problem there. A local international business lawyer will arrange the lawyer in that country for you. The local lawyer can also arrange other professionals like interpreters, translators and consultants to solve the problem you are facing. Contact an attorney who works in the field of international business. The professional will protect your investments and assets all over the world.

Understanding Anti Corruption Compliance

Convergence of accounting standards is advantageous for companies listed on different exchanges. They do not have to produce several sets of financial statements and thus save large sums of money. Investors, for their part, can better compare and examine the financial data of companies where they are established. This international accounting harmonization is a process to achieve a reconciliation of various accounting standards. These form part of Anti Corruption Compliance.

The IASB and the FASB, as part of the Norwalk Agreement, signed in October 2002, close their respective standards, and contribute to improving the consistency, comparability and efficiency of international markets. Under the memorandum issued in February 2006 under the perspective of the common conceptual framework FASB – IASB project, the search for convergence has resulted in a merger of the two repositories.

The FASB is aligned with the position of the IASB for the abolition of the pooling of interest method. The IASB is aligned with the position of the FASB on the abolition of systematic amortization of goodwill, which is useful for Anti Corruption Compliance.

However, experience during the convergence of IASB / FASB shows that many years are needed to ensure the convergence of two repositories is based on the same culture of Anglo-Saxon business. This is mainly due to the existence of a conflict of approach between a rules-based approach in the case of FASB and the principles of the IASB.

On the one hand, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS ) are rather considered as European standards, although the development process is dominated by Anglo-Saxon experts. On the other hand, the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (U.S. GAAP) are much more focused and leave little room for decision-making companies.

IFRS standards are described as based on principles, which means that they leave much leeway for companies regarding the evaluation of accounting data. U.S. GAAP is described as rules-based and intended to regulate all possible aspects of the presentation of the accounts.

Such standards would require very detailed information from companies. Under the IASB – FASB convergence, harmonization of IFRS and U.S. GAAP is currently at work and common solutions have been found. This does not prevent the divergence of multiple views, one of the main aspects to solve the financial instruments and the presentation of performance is mentioned.

The Framework of International accounting standards bureau (International Accounting Standards Board – IASB) defines five basic elements that make up the accounts : assets, liabilities, equity, income and expenses. They should follow a logical route for proper accounting, the steps are : definition, recognition and measurement, which are reflected in the financial statements.

Intro To Court Record Expungement Basics

Also called expunction, an expungement is a legal procedure wherein the court record of a criminal conviction or arrest is erased from the law books. The expungement essentially means setting a criminal record aside. Expungement availability and the process to get a conviction or arrest expunged would vary across states or counties where the conviction or arrest happened. Keep reading to learn how to expunge court records and the aspects relating to the procedure.

Expungement Legal Effect

Generally, an expungement means a conviction or arrest that has been wiped off the criminal record of an individual. Once the expungement process is done with, the criminal conviction or arrest need not be specified by the particular individual during any situation. For instance, the person may not mention anything about his criminal past when applying for a job or seeking a place to rent. Generally, no conviction or expunged arrest record would show up if an educational institution, potential employer, or other firm conducts an inspection into the background of a person.

Factors Ascertaining Expungement Eligibility

Court record expungement is based on several factors, which includes jurisdiction, nature of charge or crime, time elapsed since the conviction or arrest, and criminal history. In states such as New York, criminal record expungement is not possible.

Difference Between Expunging and Sealing Records

Sealing your criminal records is similar to getting them expunged; however, it’s not as thoroughly concealed as an expungement. When criminal records are sealed, it indicates they cannot be readily accessed by the public. The public (in this context) comprises credits, employers, and private investigators. But, these records won’t cease to exist within the legal system realm. For instance, the sealed convictions can still be held against an individual as prior offence in case the person is arrested later.

How to Expunge Criminal Records?

The procedure for criminal record expungement, as aforementioned, isn’t the same across states. For instance, to expunge a record in Florida, the expungement petitioner should qualify to either expunge or seal as per Florida Statutes Section 943 rules.

Ideally, an individual can have his court records expunged only once. For example, if you had a record expunged as a juvenile, you can’t expunge another record as an adult. The time taken for expungement is usually 9 months, provided all the formalities and tasks relating to the process are carried out smoothly and effectively. The process could be wrapped up quicker or it may take longer based on the variables attached to the case and also the state where the procedure is being initiated.

How To Expunge Court Records

How to expunge court records? To start with the process, you must file in a petition. To successfully file a criminal record expungement petition, there are a few steps and hoops to go through. Moreover, the formalities would vary across jurisdictions. The ideal first step is to get in touch with the justice authorities within the jurisdiction your conviction happened and seek details relating to expungement. You could also determine if an expungement truly applies to your particular case. Irrespective of the different jurisdiction variances, you could usually start by amassing everything required for completing the petition, such as funds to pay the fees and a couple of sets of fingerprints. It could also be handy to find a legal aide or attorney to help you with the process or peruse your petition for completeness and accuracy before it’s being submitted.

You must understand that expungement is an option not available to everyone. Generally, the law delineates the situations qualifying for an expungement. It could also explicitly state scenarios during which expungement could not be approved. This means you should refrain from wasting time and energy and ensure your conviction qualifies for expungement prior to applying for the same. Details pertaining to the qualifications are usually found online on a site belonging to the justice department of a jurisdiction.

You would also have to ascertain the location of your physical criminal records. Usually, the records are available with the court that convicted you. Contact the department or court owning your records and let them be aware of your plans to file an expungement petition. In several cases, they would have instructions and forms that specifically concern that jurisdiction. Make sure to carefully go through all the documents provided to you.

The petition-filing process won’t be simple. And since you would be dealing with a lot of legal processes and terms in the forms, it’s recommended you have an attorney taking your side. Remember, if you fail to execute the petition process right, all your efforts would go in vain.

Quite often, to complete an expungement petition, you would require several items. For starters, you must head to the police department and procure a couple of fingerprint sets. You would most probably require an arrest record copy and court record too, as these documents would have to be included within your petition. Even if those attachments don’t matter, the records have information usually required, such as arrest date, case numbers, and conviction date. Moreover, you would need funds to pay the necessary fee since filing an expunge petition isn’t free.

Will And Estate Legal Services

We work so hard all our lives to survive and take good care of our families. If we’re lucky, then we’ll get to save some funds for a rainy day or have a significant sum to bequeath to those who will come after us. These things can get highly technical and legalistic. Avoid potential issues by acquiring the will and estate legal services of seasoned attorneys. They will provide you with sage advice every step of the way. Every requirement will be met to ensure that the documents drawn up according to your wishes will be incontestable in court. Here are a few reasons why you should start to create your will today:

Take Control While You Can

There is simply no way for us to know when we will go. It could all be over after we board a plane, cross a street, undergo surgery, drive a car, or get into a fight. The odds may be slim but accidents do happen. Even if we are lucky enough to linger until our old age, we will gradually lose our faculties to the point that we may no longer be able to have the clarity of mind or the physical strength needed to perform these arduous tasks. Go ahead and take control of your resources while you can. Dictate how your estate will be divided and used up after you are gone. Don’t let the courts decide for you.

Guarantee the Welfare of Your Loved Ones

Another reason why you should not delay things is thatythe absence of a will makes the distribution of your estate quite a messy affair. The courts will ultimately decide the fate of all the things you have worked so hard for. They are unlikely to view the world as you do or decide how you would. If anything, they will go by the book which doesn’t really take into account all of the personal knowledge that leads you to think and act differently. There may be people that you wish to have certain items. You might want the shares of the estate to skew more towards some family members and not others.

Avoid Prolonged Family Squabbles

The lack of a will is going to result in a long court process that might only get resolved after many years. Different factions of the family might file their claims and counter-claims. This will leave the most vulnerable ones in a dire situation. Instead of receiving their due, the children will have to wait for the adults to get things sorted out. This might affect their educational plans and other important matters. Avoid these unnecessary squabbles.