What You Should Know About Dive Instructor Courses

A dive instructor certificate is a document issued by a diving training entity that certifies an individual’s knowledge, skills, and experience in the theory and practice of scuba diving.

Though there are differences between organizations regarding what will be tested on dive instructor courses, all of them have some topics in common:

The principles of learning and teaching diving

Physiology and human body related to diving

How to calculate decompression tables (if necessary in the organization)

Diving equipment and its functions and features (regulator, buoyancy control device, depth gauge, timer, etc.)

Types of dives (recreational vs. professional or technical)

Administration duties such as checklists when preparing for a dive tour;
communication during water activities; emergency procedures;

Diving-related first aid and oxygen administration

How to conduct an underwater survey (if necessary in the organization)

How to rescue a distressed diver (if necessary in the organization)

Teaching skills such as observation techniques, surface marker buoy techniques, etc. (if necessary in the organization)

If you are looking for a dive instructor course, you have few options: you can either search for your next diving course online or go to a PADI dive center. If you decide to do the first option and find an engaging Dive Professional Course, it will take you just a few steps: 1) choose the date and location of the course, 2) fill out some applicant data, and 3) pay.

It is good to check that:

the price corresponds to what you expected;

the company which provides the course has enough experience in this field;

the instructor certificates are checked;

You will be able to get insurance during your diving activity (in case something goes wrong).

You may want to ask more questions like: How long has it been running? What certificate does the diving center hold? Are instructors certified and qualified? What is the quality of services provided at the diving center?

If you take a dive instructor course, there are many benefits you can enjoy after completing it. For example, as a PADI Divemaster, you can:

Continue diving with your friends during the weekends;

Go for a higher level of certification (for example, Master Scuba Diver Trainer). You may teach people how to dive and provide courses for them ;

Get a job in a diving center. As a result, you will have more possibilities to explore the underwater world and earn money at the same time. Moreover, working as a driving instructor allows you to meet new people from all over the world.