Top Reasons To Visit Rome

Rome is a paradise for tourists. Whatever your inclinations are, you are bound to discover things that will delight your senses. That is why millions come every year and the hunger for the city never stops. If you are planning a European tour, then put this on your list of stops. Below are just some of the reasons why you should drop by:

The History

The West would not be how it is today without the profound influence of Rome in terms of governance, territorial expansion, and even religion. The Ancient Romans built the most successful empire of their time, spreading their culture and way of life across the continent. Many of the structures they built still exist today within the city and in their former territories. Seeing these give us a glimpse of how people lived thousands of years ago. Artifacts and other items also survived from that fascinating time.

The Art

One of the most impressive things about Rome is its art from the time of its inception up to the present moment. Few cities in the world appreciate fine arts like the Romans do. Their aesthetics can be seen in their architecture, statues, pottery, coins, carvings, gem engravings, glasswork, metalwork, and paintings. Unfortunately, very few paintings have survived the wrath of time. The few frescos and murals available are fortunate exceptions. There are more quality sculptures that have made it here intact from the ancient times. You can see the influence of earlier civilizations on these

The Food

Italian food is famous the world over. Although there are plenty of restaurants serving their staples, it’s different when you can get your pastas, pizzas, and focaccias in the country itself. You get authentic ingredients and recipes that have been around for hundreds of years or more. Savor the symphony of flavors in your mouth. It’s a virtual feast every day. Imagine having lots of great neighborhood restaurants within walking distance of all the popular sites. After a long day, you can look forward to the incredible dishes they serve for dinner. You can also make quick stops at cafes around the city to sample their espressos and baked goods.

The Fashion

Rome is home to many iconic fashion houses. They come out with head-turning designs every season. If you’re in Rome, then check if there are any fashion shows and clothing line launches. Go to the flagship stores of your favorite brands. Buy a few items for your souvenirs. See how the sophisticated Italians dress as they walk down the commercial centers. You are bound to find inspirations for your own outfits.

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What Do The Best Costa Rica Tours Offer

What do the best Costa Rica tours consist of and why should you book a tour in Costa Rica? When should you book one? Find out below.

What Do Tours Consist Of

Generally speaking, tours consists of a person who is called a guide. The guide drives around tourists to specific attractions that have been mentioned in an itinerary. If you do a tour, then the operator will give you a booklet or an electronic itinerary that lays out what you will be doing.

When you’re brought to the attractions, you’ll be provided with a bit of information about them. For example, if you go to a historic site, then the guide will tell you more about the site, such as the history behind it and recent news surrounding it.

Why Book One

What you can expect on a tour depends on various factors, such as the tour operator you book with and how long you’ll be going for. For example, if you’re short on time and will only be in the country for a few days, then the activities and attractions you’ll see will be suited for people on short holiday stays. With that said, one of the reasons you should book a professional tour is because it makes your trip less stressful.

Another reason to book a trip is you’ll see the best attractions and do activities you might not have had the chance to do if you didn’t do a professional tour. You will could see amazing parks, hidden attractions, the best beaches and things of that nature.

Other benefits include experiencing adventures you will not soon forget. Also, the tour operator can customize your entire trip. Whether you’re looking for a laid back holiday, something more adventurous or a mix, an operator will put together the ideal trip for you.

When To Book A Tour

Generally speaking, you should book a tour months in advance. However, if you’re weeks or days away from your trip to Costa Rica, then you can still book a tour. The best Costa Rica tours companies can schedule you in for a tour within a short period of time. Do bear in mind that sometimes spots can fill up fast, therefore it’s a good idea to book as soon as possible.

Do you want to experience Costa Rica in a way that you probably wouldn’t experience if you were to do it on your own? If so, then book a tour with a professional touring company. They will ensure you will have a blast while in Costa Rica.

After Dark Tours In Sydney: Top 5 Important Safety Tips You Should Know

If you are planning to visit Sydney, or you are in Sydney and you looking for some adventure, Sydney night tours are the best bet. After dark nature tours will give you a wonderful experience with the nocturnal wildlife. You will be able to see various night animals such as bandicoots, Possums, and owls among others. With the help of night visions, you can be able to get closer to the animals.

The Rocks Pub Walking Tour is another good adventure. With the help of a knowledgeable and entertaining guide, you will have a chance to visit four oldest pubs in Sydney and try a variety of craft beer, wine, and cider in each venue. You’ll also learn about the history of British colony in Australia as well as the stories of the old-time pubs.

While enjoying your night trips, the tips below will help you stay safe during your next Sydney after dark tours:

Keep Your Belongings Safe

Like any other city around the world, there are petty criminals in Sydney. Keep your belongings close to you, especially your passport. You can keep it in a hotel safe or in a locked bag. Ladies shouldn’t leave their handbags unattended to, especially if they are in crowded areas. If you are alert, you will remain safe since violence is very rare in Sydney.


There could be some dangerous wildlife in the dark like spiders and snakes that can suddenly attack you. You should take note of the nearest hospitals where you can rush in case you get bitten or attacked by such animals.

Don’t Get Drunk Or High On Drugs

Getting too drunk or high on drugs is making yourself vulnerable to an attack. Some people may decide to take advantage of you if they notice you are drunk. Remember, you can’t defend yourself.

Walk Away If Someone Provokes You

Someone may intentionally provoke you to start trouble. In such a scenario, it is advisable to keep quiet and walk away. If you answer back, you might find yourself in trouble.

Don’t Walk Through Parks by Yourself

This is very important for ladies. If you walk by yourself through parks, you might easily get raped and your belongings stolen. Worse still, you might be stabbed or killed.

As you enjoy your after dark tours in Sydney, remember to take great care of yourself. If you follow all the five tips discussed above, you will take pleasure in the night tours and come out safe and sound. In addition, you will save yourself the trouble of looking for your stolen property.

The Secrets To Having A Meaningful College Tour

Nowadays, there is more competition for students in colleges than ever before. Apparently, a majority of the colleges think that that the ideal recruitment tool is organizing tours for interested students. So, if you are looking to join a college soon, then you should take advantage of this rear opportunity.

A college tour is an exciting venture. It’s like going to the market to buy specific merchandise. In this case, you have to sample the commodity before you can buy it. Having said that, it’s important to know how you can make your college tour exciting.

For inspiration, here are three tops secrets that you should know.

1. Pick the Right Date

It’s important to book the tour in advance. This allows you to assemble what you need and prepare the questions that you should ask the college tour guides. You may need to consider:

• A visit during the week: Often, the college staff and the school environment is busy during the weekend. In fact, starting from Friday. Thus, it’s ideal to book any day between Monday and Thursday if you want the tour to be exciting.

• A visit during the learning season: Normally, going to the tour during late summer or early September is a great idea. This is because at these times, the students are already back and thus the institution is in full operation.

But overall, you should avoid making the tour during these dates:

• Christmas week

• Spring or summer break

• Thanksgiving week

• Exam week

2. Learn About the Student Lifestyle

Since you’ll be part of them once you decide to join the college, it’s important to learn a few things about college life. For example, you should take a tour around the classes and the accommodation sections to get familiar with the learning and living conditions respectively.

3. Take Breathers

You cannot go through all the departments continuously if you want the tour to be meaningful. You should take breaks. This allows you to ask the college tour guides questions with respect to the departments you have visited.

It’s always advisable to go for a tour around the college of your choice before you finally accept the admission. The above secrets provide you the guide to use to properly make the decision whether to join the institution or not. Remember to always plan your visit well ahead of time to ensure that you visit all the departments or places you need to see/visit and meet the right people who can help you get the information that you need.