Buying Glass Coffee Cups

Every cafe, restaurant or eatery around New Zealand serves coffee. After all, it is one of the most popular beverages in the world. While most people normally serve coffee in ceramic cups and mugs, this often obstructs the view of this amazing beverage. Glass coffee cups can offer coffee aficionados with a clear view of coffee from the top and sides. If you would like to have the most amazing coffee drinking experience time and again, it is crucial you buy the right cups for your beverage. Since there are many types of glass mugs, you have to consider a variety of factors as you do your research and narrow down your search. Below are some of these factors:

i) Size

The amount of coffee a glass cup can carry is perhaps the most crucial factor of consideration. Therefore, you have to check the size of the cups available on the market. If you want to drink small amounts of coffee at a time, you should look for small cups. If you would like a large serving of coffee, on the other hand, be sure to look for a glass cup that can accommodate your needs.

ii) Shape

Cups usually come in a variety of sizes regardless of the material used to make them. For instance, there are cups with curved sides as well as those with straight sides. There are also those with smaller bases and larger rims as well as those with similar-sized rims and bases. You will also find some cup designs with smaller rims and larger bases. The shape and size of the handle may also differ from one cup to the next. To find the best cups, therefore, be sure to consider the shapes of the cups you find on the market.

iii) Tint

Some glass coffee cups may be tinted while others may be clear. The tint may be blue, green, yellow, red, black, brown and the likes. If you like tinted glass cups, be sure to choose the preferred tint colour. If you like clear glass, be sure to choose glass cups that are not tinted.

iv) Prices

It is important you compare the prices quoted by different vendors for the glass cups you are looking for. You are looking for glass cups that are reasonably priced. After choosing a preferred cup design and size, therefore, be sure to visit a number of vendors and compare the prices they have quoted for those glass cups. After that, you should be able to compare the prices and choose the most reasonably priced cups.

Benefits Of Glass Coffee Cups

Most people prefer taking coffee in the morning as it stimulates your body and makes you feel fresh and energised. Using a glass coffee cup is a bonus point for you as they are beautiful and can be reused. Additionally, glass coffee mugs have a great grip, and you can carry your coffee comfortably as you walk. Moreover, the use of coffee mugs saves you money because you don’t have to replace them after use.


The coffee cups can be reused and recycled, and they don’t have a negative effect to the environment as compared to the disposable coffee mugs. Glass material can be reused more than once as it doesn’t look old and still maintains its gorgeous look. Additionally, recycling the glass material is very easy, and it is available in almost all the regions in the country. Moreover, glass is more durable than ceramic material, and the coffee mug can be used for a long time.

Retains heat

The glass coffee mugs are great at retaining your coffee heat as compared to ceramic coffee mugs. This ensures that your coffee stays warm for long and you can enjoy a warm drink for hours. This is because the glass material transfers heat via convection or conduction slowly which ensures that the contents in the mug stay warm. Additionally, since the material allows the slow transfer of heat, it ensures that coffee mug doesn’t get overheated easily. This makes it easier for you to hold your coffee comfortably.

Have different design possibilities

The glass material can be formed into different design and shapes. This ensures that you have a lot of different shapes to choose from when selecting a coffee mug. Additionally, since glass is clear, it shows the contents you have inside the mug. This creates an appealing aesthetic look when you carry your coffee around as compared to ceramic coffee mugs. The coffee mugs are more appealing than the ceramic coffee mugs since they can be designed to have unique interior patterns.

Saves you money

Since a glass coffee mug is recyclable, it saves you money on the need to get a new coffee mug each time you want to buy coffee. Once you buy the coffee mug, you can use it more than one time which will save you the extra cash of getting a new coffee mug. Additionally, having a glass coffee mug in your home means that you can carry coffee from your home. This saves you on the cash you spend at a coffee shop.


Glass coffee cups are a great addition if you love taking coffee. This cups are recyclable, beautiful and retain the heat of your coffee for a long time. This ensures you enjoy warm coffee the whole day as compared to using the ceramic coffee mugs.

Why People Get Emotionally Attached To Their Glass Coffee Mugs

Many people cherish their coffee for a wide range of reasons. To some people, coffee is a source of that magic energy that help them get their days started. There are also a lot of rituals that go hand-in-hand with coffee drinking—from putting the same amount of sugar and cream to sitting on the same spot or couch to enjoy it. One ritual that’s rarely mentioned is the fact that many coffee lovers prefer to have the coffee in the same mug or certain glass cups for hot drinks. What could be the reason behind this phenomenon? Well, here are a few reasons why you may be glued to that glass coffee travel mug.

1. Sense of Personal Ownership: People tend to overvalue their possessions. This is called the endowment effect. The same is true of coffee mugs—coffee lovers ascribe greater value to coffee mugs that they own. If you unknowingly grabbed a person’s personalized coffee mug in a relative’s house or a break room, you will understand how the possessive the mug owner can be. In a past Heinz survey, 30 percent of participants admitted that they were more likely to sulk if someone else used their coffee mugs.

2. They evoke certain memories: a number of customized coffee cups are often given as gifts, keepsakes, and souvenirs and people associate them with their beloved ones, time, and place. The emotions that mugs evoke can be potent, even if the owner isn’t aware of the source. According to many coffee lovers, there is just something about their favorite mugs that feels good and safe, even on an unconscious level. The cups provide continuity of their past and reminds them of who they used to be.

3. Some mugs convey personally meaningful messages: Some coffee mugs are embellished with quotes, logos, and slogans, which can be inspirational or non-inspirational. The messages often inform others about your personality, identity, and affiliations. In other words, the messages embellished in your coffee cup can go a long way in letting other people know that you are a proud parent, cat lover, or Star Wars fan.

4. Some mugs are likened to a friend that will never leave you: people will come and go in your life, but your favorite coffee mug doesn’t. You get to see it on a daily basis, and it is always there when you need it. Even when you have an emotional morning, the cup will still offer you he comfort that you need to get through the rest of the day.

There are a plethora of reasons why people have emotional attachment to their coffee mugs. They provide comfort, warms, and unique things to relate to.