5 Ways To Transform Your E-commerce Deliveries Into Unforgettable Experiences

You know your marketing efforts are paying off when you have a growing stream of incoming orders. Now it’s time to focus on the real challenge — getting your products to the hands of your customers. Not only do you want the products to arrive in one piece, but you’ve got to make a statement too. Use the following props to create an experience that will truly impress.

Branded Boxes

Your outgoing products will usually travel alongside hundreds of other shipments — some of which originate from your competitors. How about distinguishing yourself from the rest of the pack; or rather, sea of brown boxes? Most suppliers offer design templates that will let you customize every little detail on your shipping boxes. With your logo prominently displayed on all sides, everyone who comes into contact will know you’re not just any ordinary merchant.

Custom Labels

Your special boxes could definitely use something better than those dreary white paper stickers. Or maybe you’ve found branded packaging to be too expensive? Custom packaging labels will get the job done without breaking your budget; the trick is to choose the right colors, shapes and captions for your products. You can have them printed in rolls or as individual cut-to-size stickers — choose whatever bests suits your dispatch process.

A Stylish Interior

Want to add a personal touch to your shipments without being too outlandish? Style the package on the inside. A plain-looking box or bag that reveals a sumptuous interior will no doubt excite your customers, giving the impression that you reserved the treat just for their eyes. It will also make for quite the envy-inspiring unboxing video.


Nothing beats inserts when it comes to making your customers feel truly special. Inserts can be pretty much anything; stickers, discount codes, candy, postcards, thank-you notes, or even a combination of these items. Most inserts will hardly cost you more than a couple of cents a piece, so it won’t hurt to include them in every package.

Think of it as an opportunity to build goodwill with customers before they get to experience your product(s). On that note, you’ll agree that handwritten notes are perfect for soliciting reviews — make them subtle but highly-compelling.

Confirmation Emails

They might not be part of the actual Custom packaging labels, but your follow-up emails are a key part of the fulfillment journey. The delivery confirmation email, in particular, is a chance to recruit a new follower by inviting the buyer to your social platforms. Once again, let them know they’re free to share their feedback, and remind them to keep looking out for upcoming offers.