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Sometimes it is hard to pin down what type of clothes to wear outdoors since bluejeans and a shirt might be appropriate for a walk in the park. If a hiker hits a trail and spends enough time in the woods, then the requirements of clothing increase a little. Boots need to be sturdier, and any jacket has to endure brushing through the understory. There is a specific market called Outdoor Lifestyle Clothing, and it does hit the mark.

Outdoor Lifestyle clothing specifically marketed as outdoorsy tends to serve a dual purpose as both fashion and wear that can handle the rigors of the outdoors. They tend to be manufactured domestically or inside a developed country in order to have a durable stitch. They also cost extra because of the professional design and marketing that goes into a recognized brand.

For the spring and fall, a plaid flannel shirt looks more than outdoorsy. It has front pockets for notepads and small gear, as well as cotton fiber. The cotton is very important for a long sleeve shirt because it comes in contact with the skin and serves as a bottom layer in the event a sweater and jacket needs to be pulled over it. Cotton is incredibly comfortable and absorbs moisture very well. A working man can sweat and still be comfortable.

Other options include a fleece shirt that has a zipper and a hoodie and is easy to fit over a t-shirt. The t-shirt absorbs the moisture while the fleece traps air and keeps the worker warm while also venting excess moisture. It takes a special combination to work in cool weather because the body is kept warm through physical activity. The extremities need to stay warm while at the same time extra moisture and heat need to be able to escape.

For cold weather, a down jacket might be the solution. Because duck down is so insulative, not much is needed to create excellent thermal properties. The jacket does not need to be too heavy because it might restrict movement. A light jacket that is warm but does not promote overheating during bush crafting is the perfect solution for all but the coldest weather.

Vests also fit into this category. Designed for fall wear, vests tend to be brightly colored for identification while they contain insulation to increase core temperature. The advantage of a vest is being able to wear any short or long sleeve shirt. The arms are free from restriction, but the body does not cool down too quickly.