3 Things You’ll Want To Know If You’re Considering Colored Contacts: Introduction And Important Points

Colored contact lenses are an excellent way to change your eye color. You can go from having brown eyes to blue or green, and you can even get colored contacts that match your skin tone! If you’re considering colored contacts for yourself, it’s important to know the risks before making a decision. Here are 3 things you’ll want to know before wearing colored prescription contacts:

1) The risks of colored contacts

2) How much they cost

3) What colors are available

The risk of colored contacts: They are safe for most people, but there’s still a risk of side effects. If you’re considering colored contact lenses, it’s important to know the risks!

  • Color contacts don’t always match your prescription
  • You may experience dry eyes

The cost of colored contacts: these lenses can be expensive depending on where you go and what brand they are. It’s important to find out how much a colored contact lens will cost before making any decisions!

Costs vary by – Brand – Material (silicone vs hydrogel)

What colors are available? There is an endless variety of these contacts now that technology has advanced so far. However, certain types of color lenses aren’t ideal for everyone; here is a list of some general color categories that are available:

  • Clear contacts
  • Brown contacts
  • Gray contacts
  • Green contacts
  • Blue contacts
  • Hazelnut contacts

Brown, green, and hazelnut-colored lenses can help make light eyes look darker, while blue and gray colored lenses can make dark eyes look lighter. The best way to figure out which color is the best for you is by going to an eye doctor and trying on a few different colors! Be sure to bring your current prescription with you so they can get an idea of what type of contact lens would work best for you.

One thing to keep in mind when looking for colored contact: not all brands offer the same variety of these contacts. If you have a specific colored contact in mind, be sure to check if the brand offers that color.

Another important thing to remember is that colored lenses are not just cosmetic–they can actually help treat eye problems such as aniridia and aphakia.

In conclusion, these contacts are a great way to add color and fun to your everyday look. However, colored lenses should never replace regular corrective contact lenses.

Colored prescription contacts are the best for you by going to an eye doctor with your current prescription so they can get an idea of what type of contact will work best for you.

Advanced Contact Lenses: Oasys Acuvue

When you think about Oasys Acuvue, what comes to mind? Do you know that they are the best contact lens brand in the world for many reasons? Are you aware of their advanced technology and how it can help improve your quality of life? If not, then this article will provide four points on these contact lenses to make sure that you are educated on these critical topics.

They offer A Significant Advantage Over Other Brands.

This is because its lenses are made with patented technology. What does this mean for consumers? It implies that oasis contacts have better moisture retention capabilities, which is very important for comfort and visual acuity. The Oasys contact lenses are also made with a patented technology called Hydraclear Plus, which makes sure that the eyes stay wet throughout the day so they can retain their healthiness to provide clear vision in all circumstances. These contacts really offer you an advantage over other brands because of these features alone!

They Offer Stability All Day Long

This means that oasis Acuvue contacts have better adhesion capabilities than any other brand on the market today. What does this mean? It means that oasis contacts will not fall out while you move around or do physical activities during your day, even if you sweat a lot or jump into the water, like when swimming at the pool.

They Can Be Worn For Longer Periods

These lenses are designed to not only be worn during the day but also at night. They can provide up to 30 nights of comfort and clear vision, so you won’t have to keep taking them out whenever you need some rest or sleep. Its important to note that the FDA approved these to be worn for up to 6 consecutive days.

They Provide Comfort

These contacts are designed for those who want their lenses in all day long without having to worry about it falling off, slipping down your eye, or becoming dry and uncomfortable, as they often do with other contact lens brands. These are a great choice if this sounds like what you’re looking for! You’ll feel refreshed after wearing these lenses, knowing that there aren’t any problems waiting around the corner, unlike other brands on the market.

To conclude, Oasys Acuvue is some of the best lenses on the market for comfort. This revolutionary new lens is worth switching over if you’re sick and tired of having dry, uncomfortable eyes with other brands after just a couple of hours.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Color Contact Lenses

Color contacts lenses have been a part of the beauty industry for many, many years. Members of the color guard originally wore them in marching bands to create color-blended effects. Nowadays, lenses are used by people worldwide who want to change their eye color from brown or blue to green or hazel. In this article, we will discuss ten things you didn’t know about your lenses!

Ten things you didn’t know about your color contact lenses

Number one: lenses do not alter the color of your pupil. The color you see is usually a reflection of light and/or pigment in front of it, just like when we look at stained glass windows in churches. Different color lens materials can change eye color; some people prefer extended wear (overnight) while others choose disposable for ease and hygiene purposes.

Number two: contacts are not suitable for everyone. Individuals with eye infections or some types of corneal disease cannot use color lenses, nor can someone color blind.

Number three: contact does not replace prescription glasses; they enhance the color change in your eyes and usually need to be worn daily. Many people choose to wear them when going out clubbing or partying as well!

Number four: there are different strengths available depending upon your needs – these include Plano (zero power), weak (-0.25), moderate (-0.50), strong (-0-75) very strong (-150). In reality, most prescriptions will fall within the 0- range, but you should check this with your optician.

Number five: contacts are not all that uncomfortable, but you should always follow the instructions provided by your doctor or supplier as some types have specific requirements for safe usages, such as being worn overnight.

Number six: contacts come in a wide range of different colors and designs – how about getting those devilishly beautiful yellow eyes? Or why not try out red ones to spice up an outfit at a party!

Number seven: lens wearers need to take special care with their eye health because there is a greater risk associated with wearing them if they suffer from any corneal disease, especially herpes simplex keratitis, which can be very serious indeed, so it’s essential to have regular checkups with your eye doctor to ensure that there are no underlying problems.

Number eight: contacts don’t have the same impact on eyesight as other corrective devices such as glasses or contacts, which means you can wear them if you need vision correction but only until a specific prescription is reached – usually around six months after starting the use of color contact lenses. This varies depending upon the type of color lens used and how it’s manufactured. Always follow manufacturer guidelines carefully when using color contacts for this purpose.

Number nine: colors are available in all types of designs, from bold opaque colors to more natural-looking tints – some people even choose color-changing lenses that change their appearance according to what light they’re exposed to!

Number ten: contacts are great fun – they can have a considerable effect on how you feel about yourself and give you the chance to try out new looks without going for more permanent color changes. They’re also popular with celebrities who want to experiment with different appearances but don’t always want this publicly known, so color lenses offer an excellent way to change colors subtly or even use them as part of their stage performance.

We hope this information has been helpful to you.

3 Things You Should Know About Blue Eye Contacts

A lot of people are curious about Blue Eye Contacts. They can change the color of your iris, which is fantastic! They’re also not just for cosplay anymore. They were traditionally used for theatrical productions and costume parties, but now they’re worn by young adults to make their eyes stand out in photos or when they go clubbing at night. They work by changing the color of your natural eye color without changing its shape or size (unlike colored contact lenses).

1) Blue Eye Contacts come in many different colors. They are available in various shades of blue. They can also be blended with other colors for a more subtle effect.

2) There are three main types of blue eyeglasses: hard, soft, and colored.
The hard ones are made of a rigid material that makes them durable and long-lasting. The soft ones are the opposite in that they have a soft lens that may be more comfortable for some people when worn daily.
The colored ones have been infused with color pigments to stand out from your natural eye color and can be worn daily.

3) They should be worn with care and should be handled with clean hands. They are a medical device, and you will not have any control over how they fit, so it is essential to get the correct measurements from your optometrist or contact lens specialist before purchasing one.

In conclusion, they are actually very safe to wear, and they do not cause any damage to your eyes.

How To Maintain Your Eye Colored Contacts

Do you dispose of your eye colored contacts daily? If not, learn the basics of proper lens care. That will help maintain healthy eyes. Failing to take care of your colored contacts appropriately can result in serious eye infections. Here is a guide from an eye care specialist on how to correctly care for your eye colored contact lenses.

Contacts handling

Never wear or take out your contact lenses with wet hands. Always ensure your hands are properly cleaned with soap and water and dried before you touch your lenses. Wear your lenses first before putting on the makeup and removing makeup.

But before wearing the lens, place it on your index finger and examine it for tear or wreckage. If it’s in perfect shape, place it appropriately in the center of your eye. The contact lens should feel comfortable. If it irritates the eye, adjust it until it fits correctly.


Do not clean your lenses using water or wipe them with saliva, as they contain harmful microorganisms. This can lead to infections and eventually damage your eyesight. That explains why it’s advised you take off your lenses before swimming or bathing. There is a specialized solution for cleaning, disinfecting, and storing contact color lenses.
There are various disinfectant solutions for different types of contacts. To ensure you buy the right cleaning solution for your colored lenses, check the product label or consult your doctor. It’s also vital to clean the lens case thoroughly and always fill it with a fresh solution. Remember, the case should be replaced after every three months. Where it’s hard to find the solution for your type of contacts, get a multi-purpose one.


Like the standard contacts, colored lenses should not be worn for long. Follow your doctor’s recommendations. Also, don’t sleep, shower, or swim with your lenses on. If you fail to remove your contacts while sleeping, your eyes will dry out, while water may cause severe eye infections.
Don’t allow anyone to wear your lenses. During the first days, you’re likely to feel slight discomfort when putting on the contact lenses. But if you ever experience blurred vision, eye irritations or pain, light flashes, you should stop wearing your contacts and consult your doctor immediately.
Caring for your eye colored contacts is no different from how you’d care for normal lenses. Follow these hints, and you’ll have no issues with your contacts. Adhere to the regular checkups as scheduled by your eye specialist.

8 Helpful Tips On Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are a great way to change your eye color and add some pizzazz to your look, but they can also do more than that. Colored contacts can help you appear more confident or sexy when you want to be taken seriously at work, or just have fun with friends! Here is a list of helpful tips for purchasing colored contact lenses:

One: Colored Contact Lenses should only be worn in an environment where they will not get damaged. Colored contacts tend to scratch easily, so it may not be wise to wear them while swimming in the pool- use clear contacts instead!

Two: Colored contact lenses usually come in one of four colors: blue, hazel/brown, green, and grey/black. Colored lenses can be purchased in a variety of other colors, but they are usually not as common and do not provide the same results when it comes to changing eye color.

Three: Colored contacts work by simply applying the colored contact onto the surface of your eyes; you should never rub or push on them too hard- this may damage your vision! To put them incorrectly, place one lens over each eye (if wearing two pairs) and use your middle finger to apply gentle pressure for about fifteen seconds until they feel like part of you.

Four: Colored Contact Lenses can add some pizzazz to your look, but they can also do more than that. Colored contacts can help you appear more attractive, but they can also help you change the way people perceive your mood. Colored contacts are great for creating an illusion of bigger eyes or making them appear more open and inviting.

Five: Like all contact lenses, Colored Contact Lenses should be cleaned every night before bedtime in order to avoid eye infections; it is important that you know how to properly take care of colored contacts!

The best cleaning process begins with a saline solution (the same kind used on normal non-colored soft contact lenses) Be sure to rinse both sides thoroughly until there is no residue left behind; this may take several rinses if necessary. Finally, it’s time for some rubbing action! Gently rub each lens from side to side to remove any dirt or dust particles.

Six: Colored Contact Lenses are an excellent choice for treating certain eye conditions such as amblyopia, strabismus, and astigmatism!

Seven: Colored contact lenses typically come in two different kinds of wear schedules- either daily disposable or monthly reusable Colored Contacts. Check your specific box/brand before using them to ensure the best results!

Eight: Colored contacts can be worn on a daily basis but initial discomfort is common during the first week of use; however after that initial adjustment period they should feel relatively comfortable throughout each day. Nine: It’s always important to follow proper cleaning steps when wearing colored contacts (as listed above).

We hope this information was helpful.

3 Points About Colored Prescription Contact Lens

Colored contact lenses are a popular trend among many people. Colored contacts can be used to change the appearance of your eye color, make them brighter, and even change their shape. A colored prescription contact lens is an option for those with prescriptions who want to wear colored contacts without sacrificing vision quality or comfort. This article will discuss 3 main points about colored prescription contact lens: how it works, benefits and risks of wearing these types of contacts, and what brands offer this type of product.

How do they work? Colored contacts are able to change the appearance of your eyes by using colors or tints to either enhance, cover up or completely transform their color. Colored lenses work in much the same way as regular contact lens prescriptions except they use colored pigments instead of corrective powers. Colored contacts do not adjust your vision so it is important that you still visit an optometrist for a proper eye exam before purchasing any type of contact lenses.

Benefits Colored contacts come with several benefits including ease-of-use and convenience; no eye irritation; natural look; vibrant colors & hues available; a fun fashion accessory

Risks As with all types of cosmetic lenses there are risks involved when wearing these products like scratched cornea and eye infections. Colored contacts are not recommended for those with dry eyes because they can make your condition worse and those who wear contact lenses on a regular basis should avoid wearing them for too long to reduce the risk of cornea damage which may lead to permanent vision loss.

Are they expensive? Colored contacts can be expensive and some brands may even cost as much as $300.

What else should I know? Colored contacts aren’t only for cosmetic purposes and offer some protection against ultraviolet (UV) light that can sometimes harm your eyes. Colored lenses also serve as a fashion accessory and they come in an array of colors, styles, shapes & designs to match any outfit or mood making them fun to wear

Colored Contacts vs Colored Lenses Coloured contact lenses are not the same thing as colored lenses which are sunglasses or glasses frames with the tinted prescription lens inside. People often get these confused but there is a difference between the two products because you cannot wear colored contacts outdoors when it’s sunny.

Colored contact lenses should be worn indoors only while wearing your regular corrective eyeglasses at all other times.

Buying Quality Eye Colored Contacts Even On Strict Budget

Do you want to spend less on your eye colored contacts? You’ve come to the right place. While you shouldn’t weigh between your vision health and wallet, it doesn’t mean you spend exorbitantly on your contact lenses. Read on to learn a few tips that will see you pay less on your next colored contacts.

Maximize free eye exams

It’s advisable to get an optometrist’s prescription before purchasing any eyewear. That’s because wearing the wrong contacts or glasses can harm your eyesight. Protection is better than cure, and many organizations and eye care companies understand the importance of regular eye check-ups.

Hence, they offer free eye tests. They’ve been helpful to individuals with vision impairment and those willing to acquire eyewear. Take advantage of these check-ups and get the right prescription for your contacts free of charge. It will save you a few dollars.

Buy online

Ask many online shoppers, and they’ll confirm that online vendors have lower rates than their competitors in physical stores. Imagine getting a cheaper deal and enjoying the convenience of having your lenses delivered to your doorstep? Once you obtain your prescription, consider shopping for your contacts online.

Online eyewear companies have lower overheads. So, as a client, you get to enjoy those savings through reduced prices. But, shop with reputable companies that stock the best brands in the market. Check reviews to avoid scam deals, then compare costs from various companies and go with one that seems to have a great offer.

Extend your contacts life

How long you use your contact lenses will determine your annual eyewear budget. So, getting contacts that will last longer can save your wallet. However, the initial price may seem higher, but the long-run expenditure will be lower. Remember, you must take proper care of your contacts for them to last through their lifetime.

If mishandled, lenses can cause severe eye problems leading to extra expenditure on your eye care. You’ll not only require to obtain other contacts prematurely, but you may also require to undergo unwarranted treatment. Get maximum life out of your long-term lenses by taking good care of them, and save your cash.

Remember, the quality and comfort of your eye colored contacts will determine your eye health. But, you don’t need to stretch your budget to acquire the right fit for your lifestyle. The market has various colored lenses for every budget. You only need to ensure you get the correct prescription and browse our website for reputable eyewear.

Dark Eye Color Contacts: Proven Options

If you have dark eyes and are looking for contacts, this blog post is for you! In this article, we will discuss three color contacts options that work well with those eyes: 1. Frosted contacts 2. Dark-colored contacts 3. Gradient color lenses

The first option is frosted contacts that come in various colors, including blue, purple, and pink. These are best suited for people who don’t want to wear heavy makeup or eye shadow but still want their eyes to stand out from the crowd!

The second option is darker colored contacts such as browns, greens, or blues. These can be worn by those who like more dramatic looks and prefer wearing bolder makeup styles on their eyes.

The third option is color lenses with a gradient color effect such as turquoise to dark blue. These are perfect for those who want the color of their eyes to stand out while also wearing eye makeup that will accentuate and enhance them!

Why buy these contacts?

Contacts can be a great way to change the color of your eyes without having to wear heavy eye makeup! They are often more natural-looking and easier on our delicate skin. The most common reason color lenses are used for costume purposes is that they have become famous for everyday use.

There are many different brands available that offer color lenses in all sorts of colors, so you’re able to find something perfect for yourself! There’s nothing like waking up with bright blue eyes every morning or going out at night rocking some dark purple-hued peepers!.

Contact lenses will enhance any look while making people say, “Wow!”

However, it should be noted that contacts have their downsides, too; wearing them may cause color distortion, color fading, and color leaching.

Where can I get them?

There are contacts for darker eyes available in a variety of colors on:

  • Amazon.
  • Brands like Freshlook and Dailies.
  • Companies like GWG International also offer glasses with light blue tinted prescription lenses.

The best thing about these contact lenses is that they can be used for costume purposes or everyday use–the choice is yours!.

This is the end of my post! Thank you for reading it through. I hope this gave you some insight into contacts for darker eyes! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite contact lens is or if any questions about them weren’t answered here.

Check coloofeyes.com for more information on color contacts for dark eyes. Thanks again!!!

Acuvue Oasys For Astigmatism – The #1 Contact Lenses For Astigmatism

The popularity of contact lenses has immensely increased over the past few years. Taking advantage of the growth in demand for these products, many manufacturers have developed their brands of contact lenses with a wide range of features and introduced them into the market. Among these products is Oasys by Acuvue — a leading manufacturer of disposable contact lenses. In this article, we’ll be taking a deeper look into this product’s benefits and properties, therefore, helping you decide whether it is worth all the hype surrounding it. Continue reading this Oasys Acuvue astigmatism review to learn more about the product.

What is Acuvue Oasys?

Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism are the most popular brand of disposable contact lenses in the US, and as mentioned above, they are manufactured by Acuvue. These contact lenses come in a pack containing six pairs of lenses that are supposed to be worn bi-weekly.

Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism contacts are popular for their affordability, widespread prescription, and blink-stabilized technology that allows you to see comfortably while wearing the product all day long. These lenses are designed with four stabilization zones in their Eye Stabilized Design that harness the power of the blink to assist in maintaining the lens in the right position. By naturally working with the eyelids, this design makes sure that the user enjoys vision that is stable and clear throughout the day.

When it comes to comfort, Oasis by Acuvue is simply unbeaten. This is because, the product also features HydraClear Plus technology that allows the lenses to release mucins, which are tear-like molecules that aid in lubricating the contacts and eyelids, therefore, reducing friction that causes discomfort.

Other than comfort, this brand of contact lenses by Acuvue also blocks more than 99% of UVB rays and more than 90% of UVA rays. By doing this, Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism helps protect your eye’s cornea and the optical nerves against the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Is Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism Good for you? If you have astigmatism, live a busy and demanding lifestyle, and dislike the feeling of contacts moving around in your eyes when blinking or have blurry vision due to variable focuses, Oasys Acuvue for Astigmatism contact lenses are the solution you’ve been looking for. Their low coefficient of friction compared to other silicone hydrogel contacts, relatively low modulus (index of the material’s stiffness), and stabilized design create a feeling comfort and ease on the eyes!