Why Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

Over the past decade, electronic cigarettes seem have shot to the public consciousness like a rocket out of nowhere. It began as a relatively simple device out of China that used heat to vaporize liquid and mimic the experience of smoking tobacco. People quickly caught on and soon it was being exported to different parts of the globe. Devoted fans have multiplied exponentially with the scale helping to create an exciting new industry. The products today have improved tremendously compared to the initial offerings. They are more stylish and have better performance. They also provide a number of benefits to their users including:


Smoking tobacco has been proven time and again to be detrimental to our health. There is simply no debate about it. These products contain hundreds of carcinogens and other harmful substances. Inhaling smoke increases our risk of developing respiratory ailments, cancer, and other health issues. E-cigs cannot claim to be risk-free but they have far fewer carcinogens according to studies. Those who have made the switch report improved lung function and greater well-being. Millions want to quit but can’t because of the draw of nicotine but ecigs help them overcome this obstacle. They can use e-liquids with nicotine content and lower their dependence in a gradual manner.


Cigarette smoking is banned in public in many places around the world. This can be rather inconvenient if you are craving for a puff. Some people take an ecig with them for this type of situation as there’s not much regulation yet when it comes to this device. They can calm their nerves and reduce their stress while vaping. It is also a bit more respectful to the people around you as they won’t have to inhale dangerous tobacco smoke. Vapor tends to have a more pleasant smell as well. However, some might still be unhappy having to deal with this in public spaces so do be considerate of others.


Another great thing about e-cigs is that you can try a wide variety of flavors. It’s no longer limited between regular and mint. You can try fruity flavors such as apple, mango, banana, kiwi, melon, and whatever else you fancy. There’s also vanilla, chocolate, coffee, mocha, caramel, and a whole lot more. Pick a different bottle of e-liquid every month to keep things exciting. Try various brands to see which ones you like the most. You can even change your hardware from time to time. The technology keeps improving and it’s nice to stay ahead of the curve with the latest mods from the best electronic cigarettes manufacturers.

How To Extend Your Vape Battery Life

Although modern vaping batteries are much better than their older counterparts, they could quickly die if not maintained properly. And while these items aren’t exactly pricey, having to replace your batteries regularly could be significantly expensive in the long run. Fortunately, there are several things you could do to ensure you get the most life out of your Samsung vape battery.

Use the Battery Regularly

Similar to how exercise is crucial in staying fit, vaping batteries also benefit from regular use. Using your battery frequently makes it easier for power to flow through its cells, which in turn enhances life span and efficiency. But you don’t have to use your e-cigarette every day. Instead, avoid leaving the battery unused for long periods of time.

Proper Handling and Storage

At times, people don’t think about how they may be damaging their batteries. Although e-cigarettes can take quite the beating, you still need to watch how you handle and store the devices. Carrying your vape battery in your pocket could cause significant damage. If dust and debris particles find their way through the battery’s small openings, they could affect the flow of air through the unit or even damage the switch.

Ideally, the batteries should be carried in a compact case that prevents exposure to sunlight, water and dust. You should also protect your battery from drops and other kinds of physical impact. In addition, never leave your battery in the car, especially on hot days. The extreme heat could shorten its lifespan or even cause severe damage.

Avoid Draining Your Battery Fully

The average e-cigarette starter kit comes with about 2 batteries to allow users switch between them whenever necessary. What most people don’t know is that one should never exhaust their batteries before recharging them. When a battery is fully drained, it’s forced to work twice as hard when recharging, which definitely reduces its life. Ideally, you should recharge your batteries when half of the stored energy has been drained, or when you start noticing a loss in power.

Keep Your Batteries Clean

With time, your batteries will start to accumulate dust and moisture. It’s important to clean them regularly in order to clear the air holes. Use a cotton swab or alcohol pad to wipe down the batteries as well as the contacts where they hook with the cartomizer.

Battery life is a crucial element in the overall performance of e-cigarettes. Most batteries are good for about 300 charging cycles, after which they need to be replaced with new ones. To ensure yours remains in perfect condition for longer, follow these simple maintenance tips.

The IPhone 6 Error 53

If you own an iPhone 6, you’re likely to encounter a broken home button or cracked screen. In either case, getting the device repaired by a third party is not advisable. Getting iPhone screen repairs or any other thing done at a third-party service center would mean the phone would no longer be usable when the next iOS software update arrives.

In fact, this bricking issue post third-party repair jobs is also bothering the iPhone 6S. The issue usually surfaces when the service centers use non-Apple components for fixing iPhones. And the problem comes to light only when the phone’s software is updated post repair or replacement. The problem is referred to as Error 53 and which means all the videos, pictures, texts, and other information stored on the phone would erase and become irretrievable.

Since the issue only plagues iPhones with Touch ID (fingerprint sensor), non-fingerprint sensor iPhones are not getting affected. But the error is still a possibility on non-Touch ID iPhones if repairs affect component-pairing or lead to triggering Error 53.

Also, as aforementioned, the error happens only when the phone’s software is being updated. This means the phone would still be usable for several days, weeks or even months post third-party repair or replacement, provided its software hasn’t been updated.

At the moment, Apple doesn’t seem to have any concrete solution for Error 53. It’s going back and forth between blaming the users for their negligence and accepting Error 53 is a genuine issue. Therefore, iPhone users are advised to take necessary precautions when repairing the phone at a service center not authorized by Apple.


Currently, there isn’t any solution to the issue. The best ploy is to prevent the situation from arising. In other words, not getting the phone serviced at third-party service firms. However, if your phone has moved out of its warranty period, or the repair is not covered by warranty, the repair could turn out highly expensive. Unfortunately, there’s no getting around such repairs either.

Another method is to get the phone repaired for cheap at a third-party center and not update the phone thereafter. But circumventing the updates is not wise either. First, Apple updates are often focused on addressing phone security and performance issues. A non-updated phone means becoming vulnerable to major security issues. Also, updates bring to the table the greatest and latest features. Moreover, Error 53 could be a genuine issue in itself. Touch ID was introduced to make iPhones even more secure. Installing non-Apple parts could break this seal and make the phone susceptible to potential threats.

In either case, it’s recommended to back up the phone frequently as you may never know what could go wrong with the phone in the future.