Choosing The Right Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai shorts are a must-have for those of you are a fan of Thai boxing. It’s easy to choose the right pair when you know exactly what characteristics to inspect. Whether you are a casual player or a professional fighter, these tips will surely make it easier to pick the right Thai shorts.

Pick the Perfect Fit

Choosing the perfect pair of combat shorts means choosing the perfect fit. If you want to be comfortable while striking in the gym, your outfit must fit your body just right. In Thailand, this type of shorts normally provides minimum skin coverage because of the warm weather. However, if you’re playing in another country where the weather might be colder, you can choose a pair with adjusted length. This is an individual decision and the key is to choose based on what makes you comfortable when kicking.

Pick a Reputable Brands

Since Muay Thai shorts are used for combat sport, it’s good to choose a brand known for offering products made from durable materials. Try to familiarize yourself with different brands and online stores where you can order your boxing shorts. Some manufacturers may also allow you to order custom size shorts.

Satin versus Satin Blend

The type of fabric from which the shorts are made affects the price. Usually, the ones made from satin are more expensive and they are directly manufactured in Thailand. The ones coming from China are generally cheaper since these are made from lower quality fabric.

Avoid Shopping Mistakes

When shopping online for boxing shorts, there are two pitfalls to avoid. First, it’s quite tedious to return a product that doesn’t fit well. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to prevent this from happening. use the website’s size chart. If you’re still not sure about your size, contact the store’s support team and send them your body measurements. They should be able to suggest the best size shorts for you.

Second, opting for a cheaper brand. Because Thai boxing is a strenuous activity, fighters would get sweaty and they might not even notice that their undergarments are already showing. It is therefore important to pick boxing shorts that are made from high-quality fabric and stitching.


Shopping for Muay Thai boxing can be simple and fun. There are many styles to choose from and as long as you know the characteristics to look for, you can’t go wrong.