Why You Should Choose An Electric Wax Burner

An Electric Wax Burner is a great way to enjoy your wax melts. These are easy to use since all you need to do is place some wax on your warmer and plug it in. They’re also easy to clean up after since you simply turn them off when you’re done using them. Of course, their ease of use isn’t the only reason why you should consider using them in your home today.

They’re Flame-Free

Unfortunately, there are a lot of expensive fires that are started by candles every year. While these candles look great their open flame is an unnecessary accident waiting to happen. This doesn’t have to be the case in your home though. When you use an electric burner for your wax you can warm the wax with a small light bulb or built-in ceramic heater that’s found within the warmer. Either of these methods will provide you with just enough heat to warm the wax and release its scent within 5 – 10 minutes.

Wax Melts Last Longer Than Candles

There are a lot of different things that affect how long your candles or wax melts are going to last. These factors include the type of wax that’s used, the amount of fragrance oil the wax has, and its size. Typically wax melts will last longer (e.g. a 16 oz. candle jar can last 60 – 84 hours – about 5 hours of burn time per ounce).

Wax Melts are Inexpensive

You’ll get about 5 times the burn time per ounce with wax candles compared to a normal candle. Additionally, most candles cost about $20 depending on their brand, scent, and formula but wax melts start at just $5. When you break this information down you discover that this will cost you around 33 cents per hour to burn a candle but only 6 cents per hour to use wax melts. What this means is that you’ll be able to save over 5 times more when using an electric burner for wax melts instead of using a candle.

The Bottom Line

Using an Electric Wax Burner is a fun way to melt candles and wax in your home. With these, you can even mix and match to create some customized scents simply by placing wax pieces that are the same size into your burner at once. Sometimes you can even buy a mixed bag of wax melts to help you start your customization process.