LinkedIn Lead Generation Using Its Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn offers Lead Gen Forms for lead generation at its platform. You can use this option to increase lead conversion rate. The users viewing your ads will have an option to contact you. You have to place CTAs on the ads. LinkedIn has figured out the fact that more than 80% engagements with its sponsored contents are through the mobile. Common web forms used for the desktop environment prevent easy conversions on mobile devices. LinkedIn lead generation becomes easier by using this user friendly form.

The purpose of Lead Gen Forms

These forms are designed and developed for use with the LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns. It is optional to use it. You do not pay anything extra for using this feature. This simple form contains a call-to-action with your sponsored ad campaign. You can encourage your users to sign up, provide email, download an ebook, or take any other action based on your marketing goals. When a user clicks the CTA, a signup form comes up. It already contains the user’s LinkedIn account details. The person just has to provide the email address and submit the form. This action takes the user to the target webpage provided by you.

Setting up LinkedIn Lead Gen Form

You have to first set up a sponsored content ad campaign at LinkedIn. You get the option to choose the Lead Gen Forms here. Select this option to use this form feature. Name your campaign and provide information about the sponsored post. You can create the promoted content from scratch or use an existing campaign from the Campaign Manager. Now create your form template. Provide the required additional information. You have to choose the details you want to collect from the user account. You can choose maximum seven fields. Click the save button and your Lead Gen Form will start working.

Why Use This Form?

The main goal of using LinkedIn lead generation forms is to boost conversions rates. You cannot increase lead conversion rate by just providing useful contents. You have to make the signup or opt-in process easier. This form feature is a nifty tool to increase conversion.

LinkedIn’s lead generation form reduces the steps involved in accessing the features and contents you are providing in lieu of the contact information of the user. It has a symbiotic relationship because you will be providing valuable stuff to your users while they provide you some of their personal details to access what you are offering. You may be offering regular contents or other benefits. People interested in such offers will have no problem signing up for your offer. Your task of generating leads through the LinkedIn becomes easier by using this form.

Anonymous Forum Sites For Online Chat

The Purpose of Online Forums

There are online sites that are exclusive for forum discussions. Users can log in and enter the forum where they will find many topics of interest where people are talking with one another. There is a good number of people who come to the forums to pass the time. Some people prefer these platforms as they get the chance to speak on any matter of their choosing, while others want to interact with other likeminded people.

Types of Forums

Usually, there are two types of online forums. Some sites have forums where users have to register an account, provide identity information and legit details, such as address and phone numbers. The moderators of the forums verify the authenticity of the identification and then allow the user access to the forums. These are highly-monitored forums where everyone comes with their true identity.

Anonymous Forum Sites are another popular platform. Unlike the sites where you have to register by providing all your identity information, in this platform, you can enter using your email only. You can submit your email and a screen name and join the forum sites. Anyone who is not comfortable to provide their details can benefit from such chat groups where they can relax and talk with others openly without the fear of getting judged because of their identity details. Others who do not prefer to sit for a long time to fill the long registration forms and then sit idle for approval to join a group, the anonymous forum sites are a smart method to go in a conversation.

Why the Platform is Popular?

The main reason is anonymity. People need to talk, and they want to debate topics, meet others, flirt, or even speak dirty when their heart desires. This online platform allows the user to be themselves without any fear and anxieties. There is no risk of anyone tracing the communication back to you, so you can honestly say what is on your mind. People spend hours on the forums picking the topic of their choice. They can go on any threads such as sex, movies, politics, meeting friends, and will find likeminded people to talk with for hours.

You can go online and check some of the anonymous forum platforms. If you get bored and feel lonely at times, it is an excellent way to pass the time and keep yourself busy.

How To Email Merge

When you have multiple email accounts from different services, it can be a time consuming task to check all of your email, read through the important ones, reply to emails and compose new ones. However, checking your emails does not have to be such a hassle, especially if your email accounts use POP. You can receive and respond to all of your emails using just one email account. Here you will learn how to email merge using Gmail and receive tips on using your Outlook application to download your email accounts for use on your desktop or home screen.

Step-by-Step Email Account Merge

  1. Go to your Gmail account and log in. If you do not have an account with Gmail, you can set one up quite easily. After you have logged in, access your settings by clicking on the gear shaped icon in the top right corner of the home page.
  2. When you have opened settings, select Import mail and contacts. Click on Add a mail account and a box will come up asking you to enter the email address. After you enter the address and click on Next, another box will appear. Select Import emails from my other account. You will be asked to enter your username and password. After you enter these, click on Continue.
  3. From here you can choose from various options such as whether or not you wish to leave a copy of your emails in the original account. Once you have made your choices, select Add account.
    If you have more accounts to add, simply repeat all of the above.

Another option for merging is to use Outlook. If you have Microsoft’s Outlook app, you can add all of your email addresses to Outlook. Outlook will work with either POP or IMAP email.

How to Merge Email Accounts with Outlook

  1. Open Outlook and select File and Add Account. From here, select Advanced options, then Let me set up my account manually, and click on Connect.
  2. Select either POP or IMAP and enter the emails you wish to merge. If the server settings do not appear automatically, enter the incoming and outgoing server settings. Finally, enter your email password and then hit Connect.

The above methods are the easiest explanations for how to email merge. Both Outlook and Gmail make it easy to check and reply to emails from multiple accounts in one convenient place.

Learn How To Write A Blog

Blogging is an excellent idea as it allows you know how to write a blog about many things you like. People love to read blogs online, and soon you will have people on your blogs, reading your entries and leaving you with comments. In time your blog can get many readers, many of whom will subscribe to your blog. Nothing feels better than to see people subscribing to your blog and enjoying your writing. Blogging can also be an excellent way to make some earning as when you get many visitors, and you can monetize your blog or even use blogging commercially by offering to sell service and product through your blogging. Whether you want to do blogging as a hobby or you want to make some passive income, you will have to learn how to write a blog. If you are a beginner under mentioned tips will help you acquire the necessary skills to start blogging.

Pick a Subject

Always choose the subject of the blog, especially if you are a beginner. At the start, you can stick to one issue, and later you may talk about different things. Pick a topic for the blog that you are passionate about and then start writing. If you begin writing what you enjoy, you will have more fun in writing an engaging blog.

Set the Tone

The style of your blog should be conversational as most of the topics you’ll cover will have a personal touch to it and will allow you to connect to your reader. Whether you are writing about your traveling experience, or your cooking passions, or your musical interests, or any other topic, the tone of your blog should be easy-flowing and capture the attention of the reader from the start. Do not try to keep your writing too formal as blogging is a comfortable and relaxing activity, and you want your readers to navigate your blog easily.

Start Slow

Do not flood your blogs with entries, especially if you are starting a blog. The excitement for you to share your blogs with others may push you to write more but take blogging slowly. At the start, limit your blogs between 300 to 500 words, and share your blogs with your family and friends. Get an honest opinion on how your blog read and then make tweaks in your writing style. It is possible that the first few entries you will not have those exceptional blogs that you were hoping for, but if you take things slow soon, you will find your rhythm and start writing like a pro!

Benefits Of Live Trading Floor Access

Trading foreign currency pairs can be lucrative if you know where to put your money in and you can time it right. These are much harder that they seem. Many have lost their savings because of bad investment decisions. As such, it would be good for novices to study the market as deeply as possibly before they enter. They can do this themselves or get the help of an expert. Successful traders and brokers will often provide seminars and other services aimed at beginners and intermediate investors. Sign up to enjoy live trading floor access with their site and get the following additional perks:

Learn Fundamental Analysis

Checking the price and betting on where it will head next is not investing. At least, it’s not sound investing. You need to make decisions based on what those numbers mean. You have to understand what made them slip down or rise up. More importantly, you have to know the driving forces in the background including the greater economy, the geopolitical issues, and the long-term cycles. Look at the historical chart of a currency pair to see the pivotal moments and investigate them. See if any of these are present today and if they can cause the same outcomes.

Study Trading Strategies

It is easy to earn profits in a bull market. You can get in any time and be confident that you will walk away with a good return when you want to. Barely any strategy is needed to succeed. However, these times will not last. When it shifts into a bear market, things get trickier as it is harder to make profits when the general trend is downward. It will still be possible to obtain positive results but you need to be more careful when it comes to timing and volume. Studying trading strategies will allow you make the right moves at the right time.

Expert Analysis

Make your own analysis based on the things you learned. Then compare your findings with what the experts say about the matter. You will find disagreements among them and this is fine. This will force you to study their arguments so that you can see which ones are closer to the truth. You should also take tips on psychology as trading is fundamentally run by humans who are driven by emotion. They tend to panic and get too pessimistic, or see gains and become too overconfident. Once you understand these, you will be able to take advantage of market movements.

Live trading floor access can be extremely valuable for novice traders.

How To Restore Google Contacts To Your Phone

One of the reasons why we own mobile phones is so that we can be able to call our friends and family whenever we want to. As a result, the contacts list holds a special place among all the applications in our mobile phones. The app contains contact details of people we care about in our lives. Unfortunately, it is possible to lose all or some of our contacts for a variety of reasons. If you use an Android-powered device, here’s how to restore Google contacts.

Losing your contacts

Out of curiosity, people tend to tamper with their devices operating system in a bid to find out what makes it tick. In the process, we accidentally erase all or part of our saved contacts. Rooting, in particular, has the potential to wipe out your entire mobile data. Retrieving such information can be difficult especially when there’s no backup system.

Retrieving hidden contacts

If some contacts fail to appear on your contacts lists, there’s a high likelihood that they are concealed within your phone’s storage. Such a situation arises when people alter the “contacts to display” icon in their phones settings. To remedy such a case, open your contacts app hit the menu button and navigate the drop-down list till you come across the ‘contacts to display’ icon. Once here, tick all the boxes to display all contacts from all your accounts including Google.

Gmail to the rescue

Modern smartphones have a unique feature that lets you sync all your essential information (contacts, calendar and events) with your Google mail (Gmail) account. It is advisable that every time you add a new connection to your list, you back up a copy of the same to your Gmail account. If anything happens to your device and you lose all your SIM card contents, you can quickly sign into your Gmail account and import all contacts to your old or a new gadget.
The procedure is quite simple, you log in to your account, and on the right, you’ll see a drop-down menu. On the contacts tag, tick the restore tag then select a restoration period (by the hour, week, or month).

Rooting your device

Rooting becomes the go-to solution when all other methods fail to work. This procedure allows the user to gain access to databases that are not accessible during normal smartphone operations. Rooting is a delicate exercise and if not properly handled could kill your smartphone. Phone manufacturers highly discourage this practice, but if you approach a credible tech expert, you can salvage all your phone data including the phone book.

Guide To Free LinkedIn Training

When designing a digital communication strategy, few companies stop to analyze if it really suits them to have a presence in social networks, or at least, in the most popular ones, including LinkedIn. In any case, if one looks at the statistics, the most logical thing is to think that ignoring them is not an option.

There are the figures to prove it: these platforms had 2.3 billion active users 2016, which is equivalent to 31 percent of the world’s population. In this context, it is clear why there are so many organizations that do not dare to stay out of play, especially when it comes to the heavyweights in the field of web 2.0. In addition, LinkedIn for companies can help achieve your business results.

Created in the United States in December 2002, Linkedin is the network for professionals most used worldwide. It attracts more than 400 million users (according to information from the social network itself). Free LinkedIn training enables users to make the most of the platform. Registering on LinkedIn is not enough.

Establish quantifiable objectives – You have to define what you want to achieve on LinkedIn, for example, reach a certain number of followers, launch an effective customer service channel, disseminate the contents of the website, capture records for the database or start up selection processes.

Periodically update your profile – Not having an active presence on LinkedIn can project a certain image of sloppiness. The same happens if a quick response is not given to the complaints raised by the users through this channel. It is very important to stay active and keep the LinkedIn profile of your company updated.

Monitor the results – Web analytics tools should be adopted to measure the results obtained in LinkedIn, so that the communication and marketing departments have the necessary information to change strategy.

It is clear that carrying out these actions means allocating a good number of resources, both in economic terms and in hours of dedication by the staff. Therefore, it is worth considering what the company will obtain in exchange for creating (and, of course, updating frequently) a LinkedIn profile.

If you have been interested in this article and want to launch a strategy on LinkedIn and other social networks, here are three templates that will help you in the process:

Compared to Facebook or Twitter, Linkedin is a more effective tool when generating leads for the company’s database. Up to 53 percent of business-to-business (B2B) companies have obtained one or more customers through LinkedIn, and 22 percent in the case of business-to-customer (B2C) companies.

Personal Email Hosting Services

Personal email hosting services provide an affordable and reliable solution to anyone looking for a email service provider. Before making the decision of which email address to choose, it is worth taking the time to ask yourself what it is going to be used for. This includes thinking about the email addresses that people will use in your company and if you want your emails to be personal identifications.

You may also want to use an email address, such as in an inbox shared by several people, instead of creating separate emails for each person.

E-mail can be much more than a way to send messages and files to contacts, it can help to improve the way of working, making it more collaborative throughout the company.

When selecting which email application is right for your business, you should consider additional features that can help the business, such as shared calendars or address books, as they can be very useful tools to help you manage your business and collaborate with others.

The registration of a domain name, also known as web address (for example, is the first action to get an email address. It is important to choose the correct domain name as this is part of your email address and this is an important aspect of your identity.

You will also have to choose a domain name extension such as .com or .net. Many people choose to use .com, since it is the most common domain extension, the most widely used and recognized in the world. Using the name of the company is usually a good option for a domain name, but also a description of your business activity also works well.

Once your domain has been registered, you now have to choose how to manage the email addresses. A quick and cheap solution can be to use the free email provided by the company that has registered your domain or redirect all your email messages to a free email server. But if you are more serious, as an alternative you can hire a specific business email service.

The first two options will allow you to get up and running quickly and cheaply, but the payment services offer additional features such as increased storage, backup copies, collaborative work and additional support services.

There are three main types of applications that can be used to access your email: desktop, web and mobile. You probably want to use a mixture of the three access methods. Desktop applications or the mailbox, for example, allow you to access e-mail when you are in front of the computer in the office.

Play Games For Cash Online

You spend a massive amount of time online every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for it? A lot of people have already found ways to earn money through the Web. Some use it take on small jobs, sell products, advertise services, write blogs, and so forth. Now there is also a chance to obtain money when you play games for cash online. This is not a gambling scheme in which you risk your own money. Registration is free and you can play any time you want and earn as you go along. There are three ways through which you can increase your earnings:


These sites are able to get funds through partnerships with several different companies. These businesses get to show you their latest products and services. They provide fantastic offers which you can choose to avail of or ignore. Every time a player sees these offers, the website gets a commission. They pass a portion of these over to the players. You need not do anything special except play their games and have a good time. The ads will come on their own and you are free to do whatever you want with them. Just let your earnings accrue until you are ready to cash out.


Another way that you can earn money is by telling your friends about the site and bringing them over. The rewards can differ from one place to the next so be sure to check the terms and conditions. Some might provide you with a one-time bonus for every person that you are able to recruit. Others might provide you with a percentage of earnings from every offer that they avail of. Your cut can potentially grow into a significant amount depending on the level of activity of your referrals. It is possible to increase their number by posting your unique referral link in your blog, your social media pages, or your favorite discussion boards.


Lastly, you can effectively earn money through the savings that you get from the deals being offered in the site. The companies that team up with these sites often sweeten the deal through huge discounts and nice extras. Consider them carefully. Perhaps you were already planning to buy something similar even before you saw the promo. You can capitalize on this opportunity to obtain the products at a lower cost, thus saving money on the purchase.

Intro To OwnCloud Hosting

OwnCloud is basically a server that helps share files without handing over complete control of the data to another individual or organization. At the moment, third-party cloud services are quite popular and in widespread use. These services can be used for uploading and sharing pictures, videos, and a range of other files. Thanks to the cloud setup, the files can be accessed from or downloaded to any device. Locally stored files are almost impossible to retrieve when a device breaks. Information on the cloud can easily survive such unfortunate incidents. But where is all your data stored? And who is having access to it?

The uncertainty and insecurity surrounding cloud storage has gained massive ground in recent times, with the news of government spying on such personal information doing the rounds within industry circles. It’s no more a secret that our government and even foreign governments and large corporations have vested interests in our information and can have instant access to them if they want to. It’s not that difficult for criminals to get access to our personal content either. Just the mere thought of our personal stuff being utilized for financial, non-financial, and other motives can be quite scary.

People can prevent this by stopping cloud usage. However, that’s not a practical solution as the cloud has become an integral part of how we communicate and share information. Therefore, there needs to be an alternative way that eliminates security threat and maintains the other useful features of the cloud. This is where OwnCloud hosting chips in.

OwnCloud enables users to indulge in all those cloud-based activities that they have been doing all this while. But it helps do that in a more secured manner. And all of this is offered for free as per an “open source license”. This license means you have all the rights to check, share, and alter the content. OwnCloud is developed and backed by a large international community that has both volunteer and paid contributors on-board. And anyone can join the team.

OwnCloud isn’t a backup tool. If a file is deleted on a server, then the deleted file will no longer be accessible on all devices that had the client installed. And in case a file is deleted on the client, then the file would get expunged on the particular server and also on other clients syncing the particular file. In case you changed your mind and want the trashed file back, OwnCloud can help you with the recovery too. It has a deleted file trash that retains older file versions. This means modified or deleted files could be brought back from the dead anytime.