De voordelen van een buisventilator

Zodra je nadenkt over de ventilatie van een ruimte kan het zijn dat je wilt kiezen voor een
buisventilator. Een buisventilator zit niet direct op het plafond, gips of aan de wand gemonteerd;
maar een buisventilator bevind zich in, zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, tussen twee
ventilatiebuizen. Je kunt een buisventilator voor vele toepassingen gebruiken, maar ze worden het
meest ingezet voor de ventilatie van badkamers.

Lengte van het kanaal

De buisventilator is ook ontworpen om met kanalen te werken. Zo behoudt een buisventilator een
groter percentage van de capaciteit in vergelijking met andere afzuigingssystemen. Als je een grote
afstand hebt van afzuigpunt tot de uitlaat (een afstand van 6 meter of meer) is een buisventilator ook
geschikt voor toepassingen als warmteoverdracht of ventilatie op een benedenverdieping.


Een buisventilator bevind zich niet direct in de ruimte waar het van afzuigt, en hierdoor heb je geen
last van het geluid van de buisventilator. Waarschijnlijk installeer je de buisventilator tussen twee
ventilatiebuizen op zolder of in de ruimte van het dak. Hierdoor zal het geluidsniveau in de ruimte
waar je van onttrekt minimaal zijn. Mocht je jouw dakruimte ook goed geïsoleerd hebben dan is dit
wellicht de stilste manier van ventileren.


De buisventilator is er in zeer veel verschillende vermogens beschikbaar. Van een kleine maat
buisventilator tot flink grote buisventilatoren met zeer krachtige motoren. Bij een standaard
plafond- of wandventilator is de keuze in vermogen vaak niet zo uitgebreid.
Mogelijkheid tot meerdere aanzuigpunten
Met een buisventilator is het mogelijk om meerdere aanzuig- en/of uitblaas-openingen te
installeren. Dit is mogelijk door een Y-aansluiting of BTO te installeren, en is vooral handig zodra
je een grote badkamer goed wilt ventileren door met twee aanzuigpunten te werken. Dit kan ook
handig zijn bij een warmteoverdrachts kit die voor meerdere ruimtes geldt.

Enkele extra buisventilator tips:

Installeer de buisventilator op een plek waar je er goed bij kan als het nodig is. Een buisventilator
moet op na een bepaalde periode wel schoongemaakt worden en eventueel onderhoud kan ook geen
kwaad, vooral niet als je de buisventilator voor langere tijd wilt blijven gebruiken.
Gebruik meerdere afzuigpunten en verdeel de lucht over verschillende buizen. Want: hoe beter de
ventilator zijn lucht kwijt kan (zo min mogelijk weerstand) hoe minder geluid er gehoord wordt én
hoe meer capaciteit er uit de ventilator wordt gehaald.

Een buisventilator is geschikt om zowel horizontaal door de muur, als verticaal door een dak te
monteren. Het is aan te raden om een vaste ventilatiebuis (zoals een kunststof kanaal) te gebruiken
vanwege de weinige luchtweerstand.

Top Tricks For Keeping Stainless Steel Benches Shiny

There’s no doubt that a stainless-steel bench is a great addition to any kitchen. Not only is the option durable but it’s also easy to clean and generally attractive. But still, you can only get the best from the bench if you take care of it. It starts with avoiding the things that ruin the glossy appearance of the bench. The obvious culprits are abrasive materials like steel wool, chloride salts, and wire brushes. In addition, you need to avoid leaving hard water deposits on the bench for long as this may stain your bench. With this in mind, here are top tricks to keep your stainless steel benches shiny:

1. Use Warm Water and Mild Detergent

This is the easiest way of cleaning your stainless-steel bench. It’s a gentle combination that is effective against kitchen dirt and stains. You need to do the cleaning each time you use the bench. You can use a microfiber cloth to gently scrub the worktable surface. Once done, you should rinse off the surface to clear soapy deposits.

2. Avoid Using Hard Water

If you can only access hard water, consider having a softening system. If this is not practical and you cannot treat the water using other means, it is highly recommended not to let water stand on your steel benches for extended periods.

3. Consider White Vinegar and Bread Soda

If you are looking for an easier way to add shine to your stainless-steel worktable, you should use white vinegar, which should be followed by bread soda. You can also use a microfiber cloth to rub off the dirt and clear the stains.

4. Try Household Ammonia

So often, fingerprints show on the worktable. You can clear them using household ammonia. You’ll need to wipe off the surface with the reagent in a circular manner. Once done, you should rinse off the ammonia deposits with plain water.

5. Invest in a Stainless-Steel Cleaner

If you are not comfortable with the smell of household ammonia but you really want to clear fingerprints from your bench, you should use a commercial stainless cleaner. They are available in your local shops.

6. Apply Olive Oil

Lastly, you can pass olive oil on the bench after cleaning to give it a sparkling appearance. You can do this twice a month.

Generally, the secret to improving the general appearance of stainless steel benches is in proper care. With the above tricks, it’s easier to maintain the glossy appearance of your benches. They’ll look as new as you installed them. In the end, this will improve the overall appearance of your kitchen.

The Versatility Of A4 Frames

A4 Frames are a popular choice when it comes to showcasing photographs and pieces of art. When choosing a photograph that will be displayed in such a frame, select photos with high resolution. This will ensure that the quality of the photograph is unaffected when it is printed to an A4 size.
Usually people like to use such frames for their wedding and engagement photographs. In other words, they like to capture the most spectacular and important moments of their lives. However, these frames are not just limited to photographs, but can be used to showcase artwork, posters and promotional prints for businesses.

Photographs in Your A4 Frames

A4 Frames prominently display the pictures that they hold. And so, it is a good idea to choose the pictures carefully. You do not want to use more than one or two of such frames in a small room, or it will make it look cluttered. It will also detract the attention the photos would otherwise receive. On the other hand, on a large wall you could create a collage of sorts by using a group of such frames.
When you are choosing the mounts, do pay attention to the background they will be set against. If an A4 photo frame is to be be placed on a wall, you can choose the color of the frame based on the wall color, and the color scheme of the room. For frames that will be placed on a table take into consideration the color of the surface and that of the wall or curtain behind it.

Art Worthy

The versatility of the frame is only limited by the user’s creativity. You can display a child’s artwork or even a test sheet with a perfect score. These can be proudly put up in the child’s room, in the study or the family room. One could also frame posters and art prints to add a touch of flair to a room. Imagine your favorite Monet or Degas poster framed and exhibited in your home. The A4 size of the frame makes it perfect for any room, and will not take away attention from other design elements in it.

A4 Frames at the Workplace

Cafes and restaurants like to place A4 posters in apt frames and display them advantageously. Whether it is the menu for the day, or promotional offers, the framed posters attract attention. It is vital that the frame is chosen so it stands out against the background. It should also be positioned at a height that makes it easy to read. In the workplace, inspirational posters and advertising material can be highlighted in their A4 picture frames. They can also be used in lobbies and receptions.

Selling A Your Home To Probate House Buyers

There are many people who are looking for a suitable property to purchase and call home. If you are selling your home, therefore, you only need to put it on the market and wait for offers. It is important to note, however, that the legal status of your property will affect the kind of offers you get. For instance, if your mortgage is in default, and the bank is about to repossess it, the average buyer may not be willing to buy that property because of the complex legal process that is involved in buying foreclosure properties. On the other hand, if your property is the subject of divorce proceedings, selling it to the average buyer will be incredibly difficult. After all, the average buyer does not understand the law, so they may overlook divorce properties. Probate home buyers are also unattractive to the average person. After all, the owner has passed away and the property is yet to be legally inherited. Fortunately, there are probate house buyers who can make you an offer for a property you are expected to inherit.

Finding the Right House Buyer

To successfully acquire a property that is the subject of probate proceedings, a person needs to have in-depth knowledge of the law. They also need to understand the risks involved in the acquisition process of such properties as well as the precautions to take to minimize their risk exposure. After all, a third party may lay claim to the property after the transaction has gone through. That is why the average buyer does not want to get tangled up in these properties.

To find the right buyer, you only need to search the web for the top real estate investors who normally offer cash for homes. You will also need to check whether or not they normally buy probate houses. After all, some buyers only purchase divorce, foreclosure and rundown properties. After the search, you should create a shortlist of the top-rated house buyers.

Once you have a list of buyers, be sure to get in touch with them and request their quotes. Once you have the quotes, you should be in a position to make a well-informed decision based on the prices quoted. Obviously, any buyer with the best offer and shortest turnaround time should be given special consideration. Be sure to also check whether or not a buyer has ready cash and offers cash payments for properties. The ideal buyer should also cover closing costs. By taking time to analyze all the offers, you should be in a position to make an informed decision.

Rose Scented Candles: All You Need To Know

The flicker of candlelight creates a lovely ambiance in a room that simply cannot be replicated. Adding scented candles in your space helps create a cozy atmosphere and can make your room feel warm and welcoming almost instantly. Rose scented candles are perhaps one of the most popular scented candles in the world. The fragrance emitted from these candles often reminds one of the warm British summers, when the rose blossoms are at their peak and their fragrances are spread far and wide across unimaginable distances.

Why Should You Buy Rose Scented Candles?

Health benefits: Burning these scented candle helps to have a positive effect on our mind and body. It can help reduce stress, lower heart rate, ease feelings of nervousness, depression, and frustration and stimulate happy thoughts.

Rekindle Romance: Floral scented candles when used on a romantic candlelit dinner setting to celebrate your wedding anniversary can help rekindle romance and keep that spark alive in your relationship. These candles are also a great idea for a Valentine day gift.

Décor: Candles in hues of pink or red when used in decoration can add a soft finishing touch to any room in your home. Scented candles are versatile and come in a wide variety of shapes and can look great in any room they are placed. So, whether you want to include them in your bathroom to enjoy a spa-like retreat or whether you want to use them as a centerpiece of your dining room to enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner or place them at strategic areas in your living room to create a calm and cozy atmosphere, these candles serve all the purposes well.

Tips to get the most from your scented candle

• For an even burn ensure that the candle is transparent with liquid on the top before you extinguish it.
• To avoid wasting wax, burn your candle for no longer than three hours.
• Trimming the wick before you burn and also if you see a black smoke emitting from it.
• Shifting the wick back to the center after each burn can prevent the wick from blackening or shifting.
• Keep the wick no longer than two millimeters.

Factors to consider when buying floral scented candles

When buying scented candles ensure that the candle is completely natural. It should be made from premium wax, essential oils, perfume grade fragrance and pure cotton wicks, all sourced ethically. Avoid buying scented candles made from synthetic fragrances, crude oil products, lead wicks, and artificial coloring as they will not only release harmful toxins in the air, but also smell artificial.

Add a touch of class and soothing aroma to your space, buy a rose scented candle today.

Benefits Of Corporate Housing In Washington DC

Corporate housing rentals offers solutions for the specific needs of business travelers. Unlike hotels, corporate housing offers affordable living accommodations for stays that stretch for a month or more. They are also often fully furnished, allowing the tenant to cook, do laundry, among other things that renters are allowed to do in any rental property. Unsure if corporate housing is the right choice for you? Read on to learn more.

What is corporate housing?

Corporate housing is any living accommodation rental, whether it’s a furnished apartment, condo or house, that is offered as an alternative to conventional options like hotels. Corporate housing rentals are often rented for extended periods, offer larger square footage than typical hotel rooms or apartments, offer full customer service but cost less than a typical hotel stay. In many cases, corporate housing options are located in conventional residential settings, making them ideal for renters with families or large groups. These units are managed by corporate housing companies that rotate clients in and out of the units according to set periods and perform cleaning and maintenance tasks after each stay.

Why choose corporate housing options?

Corporate housing offers numerous advantages over traditional hotels. For one, they offer larger floor spaces, making them ideal for business travelers and their families. They also contain the full range of living amenities that makes living in another city more comfortable. Since they are managed by property managers, renters and unit owners can also rely on proper cleaning and maintenance that ensures the safety and sanitation of each unit.

Corporate housing options are also more flexible when it comes to amenities compared to hotels. Renters can request for specific customization on amenities like washer/dryers, Internet and Wifi, air-conditioning and more. All these features make corporate housing units the ideal option for business travelers, government workers, families that are relocating and need a temporary place to stay, families with homes undergoing renovations, and the like. The only downside to corporate housing accommodations is that unlike hotels, there are no free or complimentary services and housekeeping is less frequent. However, these services are rarely deal breakers for many renters who prefer the unique flexibility that this type of accommodation offers.

Of course, the kind of units and services you can enjoy also depends on the provider. Corporate housing providers serve as the property managers for many corporate housing listings in the Washington DC area. This means that any needs of tenants can be met by a team of professionals assigned to their properties. If you are looking for corporate housing in Washington DC, choose a reputable provider with a good track record to ensure a safe and comfortable stay.

Ideas For Using Old Barn Wood

One of the many great things about wooden structures is that the materials used to build them can be reclaimed when they are dismantled. This rarely happens with cement structures as almost everything is reduced to a pile of rubble. Old barns that are no longer in use are often torn down with care so that their planks can be sold on the market. There is a great deal of interest in barn wood for sale across the country. The material is cheap, abundant, and readily available. It can be the ideal thing to use in many types of projects, including the following applications:

House Siding

Since these have already been used as siding in barns, you know that they will perform just as well and look just as good. Those who are going for a rustic look will be happy with the weathered surfaces and different colors developed over the years. Those who want to clean them up and paint them for a uniform façade can do so, too. They are already cut in the ideal shape and size. Very little treatment is necessary. This further reduces the cost in terms of labor. It also hasten the completion of the house.


You might have just built a deck or other additional spaces. Now you want to populate it with usable furniture. However, your budget is running low from the previous build. You do not have to shop for new outdoor furnishings. Get some old barn wood and start designing your own. It can be easier than it seems if you have the right tools for the job. Join a few planks together and you have the surface of table or a bench. Check out design ideas on the Web for inspiration.


Putting a fence around the perimeter of your house can be costly. If all you want is a barrier to protect your garden, prevent the pets from going out, and discourage trespassers, then you could use barn wood for the job. Make sure that they have a bit of elevation from the ground to keep them from rotting due to constant contact with moisture from the ground. Paint can provide added protection from the elements.


If you would like to build your own shed or treehouse, then barn wood could be a great way to make this happen. The project will cost a fraction of what you would pay for new timber. The rustic look will be perfect and final result should be amazing. Go on, start designing your dream shed today.

Terrazzo Bondi Junction: From Installation To Maintenance

Tile choices can go a long way in beautifying a home, workplace, or other living space. As such, it is important that one chooses a tile that both looks great, as well as is able to stand the test of time. Terrazzo Bondi Junction services are a great option in this regard. Below, we take a closer look at how you can make this great tile options work for you.

First Things First: Hire A Professional

While you may opt to choose certain tiles for your home, workplace, or other living space, tiling as far as the installation and maintenance of the same should be left to the professionals. There are so many services providers to choose from in this regard. So, here is what to look for to ensure you choose the best option for you.

1. High-level Experience

It is important that your Terrazzo tile professionals have experience in installing and maintaining these tiles. More professional experience at a high level will ensure that the service provider in question is able to provide you with the quality of service that you need.

High-level experiences can be verified relatively easily. A portfolio of previous work, as well as third-party and independent reviews (or testimonials) that speak to the quality of work you can expect, are great ways to do just that.

2. A Customer-focus

In every industry, it is the focus on quality customer care that will set great services and products providers apart from the rest. This is also true for Terrazzo Bondi Junction services professionals. As such, be sure to take a closer look at the service provider you are considering and ensure that they are committed to meeting your needs and giving you the best experience from using their services possible.

A good way to tell that a service provider is so committed in both word and deed is by paying attention to how well they listen to what your goals, objectives, and ideals are.

3. Services Features and Costs

Finally, be sure to pay attention to the special features and offerings being proposed by any service provider you are considering hiring to meet your tiling needs. Different services providers will offer up a wide range of special services, bundles, discounts, and other options for their existing and prospective clients to set them apart from the competition. As such, prospective customers like yourself would do well to look closely at what these options are and how you can or will benefit from the same. Of course, be sure to choose the options that are the best fit for your needs.

Tips On How To Hire Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Bathroom Designers Auckland

If you are set on bathroom remodeling, then you’ve made a good investment in terms of comfort and value. However, even to the best DIY enthusiasts, bathroom remodeling won’t be an easy task. For the best results, you’d be better off leaving these kinds of home improvement projects to the professionals.

Auckland in New Zealand is home to many bathroom remodeling contractors you can choose from. However, in order to find the best service provider, you’ll need to do some research to ensure you are investing in the right service.


A quick and easy way to find bathroom remodeling contractors is to get recommendations from a friend, a relative or neighbor. Chances are that someone close to you has received these services in the past. If they were satisfied with the results, they can direct you to their contractor who can then take on your project.


With a good number of potential contractors in your list, it is now time to dig even deeper for information. First, make sure that all the companies in your list carry proper documents as required by the governing bodies in your region. They need to all carry proper permits, licenses and insurance cover, particularly, the workmans compensation insurance cover.

Interview Candidates

Once you’ve narrowed down your options to just a couple of candidates, set up a meeting with each one. This will be a great opportunity to find out more about the candidates. You are therefore advised to ask as many questions as you can. Find out how much experience your candidates bring to the table and use the information you get to narrow down your list even farther.


Your candidate shouldn’t hesitate to show you photos of their previous work and share a couple of references. Don’t be afraid to contact some of these references and find out how they felt about their services. From the interview, you’ll also tell which contractor is most comfortable to be around. Only hire a contractor that is friendly and one that responds to your questions properly.

Get Everything in Paper

Once you are set on the contractor to hire, it is important that you get everything in writing. Go through the documents submitted by your contractor and read carefully each section to ensure you understand what you are getting yourself into. Make sure the price of the project is clearly displayed in the contract, detailing exactly what the project entails, start date and expected completion date among other things.

Major Development For Natural Sanitisers New Zealand

Natural sanitisers New Zealand may be on the spotlight due to new findings on home disinfectants in use in the country and the rest of the world. Canadian researchers recently discovered that the use of cleaners and other disinfectants in households can predispose infants to obesity. Apparently, the practice of cleaning up with industrial cleaning products can increase the amount of the bacteria Lachnospiraceae in the digestive system of infants.

As a result, babies can realize gains in weight because the microorganism promotes fat production. So the question is, are manufacturers of natural sanitisers New Zealand giving consumers a better choice by churning out cleaners that are more environmentally friendly such as those that are vinegar-based? This avenue will naturally require an independent study. But certainly, the results are worth waiting for.

Obesity is now a worldwide epidemic for which the global fast food industry of capitalist states has become notorious for. At the same time, the explosive growth of cleaning products around the world has manufacturers mass-producing items like wet wipes and floor wipes alike. And because these products are dirt cheap, an increasing number of people are turning to them for personal grooming or quick cleanups. As a result, plumbing problems are escalating as more and more people adopt the otherwise irresponsible practice of flushing non-biodegradable tissues down the drains or toilet bowls.

According to consumer watchdogs, New Zealanders spent an average of 37,584 NZD million during the first quarter of 2018. While this statistic has gone down compared to last year’s last quarter figures, it would be interesting to determine just how much of New Zealand household spending can be attributed to buying cleaning products. According to the Commerce Commission, five out of six brands have failed to provide proof for claims of being natural or green.

As the commission continues to look into the matter, transparency is being looked at as the final or long-term result of the ongoing inquisition into natural or green claims of disinfectants both local and imported. It’s definitely a step in the right direction where consumers can only be the real beneficiaries. At the same time, the country’s Fair Trading Act exerts considerable influence on the industrial sector for proper disclosures on the matter.

As everything stands right now, a lot of work needs to be done in terms of regulation or research. Just one course of action being considered is fining companies caught in the act of making false claims. As consumers await further developments, it would be helpful on their part to be more vigilant by reading product labels especially the fine print.