How To Choose A Breathable Weighted Blanket

The Breathable Weighted Blanket is becoming more popular among people today due to its ability to exert some deep pressure on the users, making them feel relieved and get better sleep. It is one of the natural relaxations most people run to resolve most problems, among them difficulties to fall asleep at night. Due to this, it has become difficult for one to choose the right ones for them and suitable for their conditions; moreover, it is not easy for someone new to get the right product at first without having a proper guide or research. Therefore, you need to learn and understand the following factors always to consider:

The size

Since these blankets’ effectiveness comes from deep touch pressure, you need to consider the blanket size you will choose highly. You do not have to pick a vast blanket that makes it hard or uncomfortable to sleep and breathe; you need to find a considerable blanket that you can move with on the bed. As you progress with it, the weight exerts the natural pressure you need to feel relaxed and achieve your desires. Therefore, you need to measure the dimensions before picking it; you can use your thumb to do the measurement tests.

Weight and its source

The effectiveness of these blankets comes from their weight that is general for everyone; therefore, you should consider the maximum weight that will be better for you and your condition. Most research shows that the ideal blanket you can work with should be from twelve to fifteen pounds. Moreover, you need to know the exact source of the blanket weight; this is among the things that affect your blankets’ efficiency and effectiveness; avoid the ones you might feel like contain ice and sand.

The outside look

We focus much on the blankets’ effectiveness and inside; we need to understand the exterior look is an essential factor. The feel determines how long you can tolerate the pressure exerted by these blankets; the color, the sense, and other outside factors contribute to the general performance and the comfort you should get. This should, in most cases, suit your bedroom design and d├ęcor or suit your likes.


It takes good research and confirmation to choose the best Breathable Weighted Blanket for your therapeutic purposes. With good guidelines, you will end up with the best product to quickly attain all the benefits that come with the blankets.

Guide To Buying A Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are gaining popularity thanks to studies praising their health benefits and the countless users who confirm these findings. If you would like to test these for yourself, today is a good time to buy one because of the large number of options in the market. You can find them in different designs and prices. The following are some of the most important factors to consider when buying a bamboo weighted blanket:


Although a substantial weight is desired, there is such a thing as being too heavy for a blanket. This is especially true for young children. The rule of thumb is to get something that is about 10% of the user’s weight, give or take a pound. You can go higher or lower than this depending on personal preference. If you are buying in a store, then you may even get to try it. If not, then see if the online store allows exchanges in case you want a different weight later on.


These blankets are heavy. Washing them is a challenge that few will want to tackle on a regular basis. As such, it would be best to buy a blanket with an included cover. You could also buy a separate cover to get the color and design that you really want. It should fit as long as the sizing is the same. If the cover has developed stains or smells, then just remove it and push it in the washer. Use another blanket cover in the meantime.


You also want to check the fillers inside the blanket. The cheapest and most common solution is plastic pellets. Aside from the low price, these are durable and easy to clean. However, they tend to create an uneven texture that doesn’t feel too good because of clumping. Some also emit an unpleasant smell. The plastic is potentially toxic and bad for the environment. In case the blanket develops holes, these are a danger to pets and kids. If you want a more even texture, then opt for glass beads. These are much smaller than the plastic pellets so blankets have an even feel. It is recyclable and non-allergenic, though it is more expensive.


Looks for fabrics that feel good against the skin. This goes for both the blanket and the cover. Bamboo weighted blanket is soft and smooth, but some brands are still better than others.