Where And When Can You Buy Rust Skins For A Good Price?

For the unversed, Rust is a multi-player survival game. You begin gameplay as a character on an island equipped with bare essentials and not much else. The longer you play, the more items you acquire.

The studio that created the game provide default looks for characters and items. However, many players prefer their characters and items to look unique, which has created a booming market for people to sell and buy rust skins.

What Type of Rust Skins Can You Buy?

You can find skins for virtually anything. The most common types are skins for character clothes and armor — shirts, pants, hoodies, breastplates, face masks and the like. Other popular rust skins are for weapons and equipment.

The quantity available for sale will be more or less depending on what the skins are used for. For instance, it is more likely there will be more AK47 skins sold than those for items players hardly use. Once in a while, limited edition skins also appear on the store or market and are usually worth hundreds of dollars.

Store vs. Market: Where Are the Best Rust Skins Sold?

FacePunch Studios — the game’s creators — selects designs from artists every week, sells these skins to players and divides the profit. In other words, when players pay money for these rust skins, the studio and artists both get a cut. Every new week showcases new designs.

As a player, you might want a skin not available at the FacePunch store or a particular one sold by another player. If this is the case, you can purchase it from the market — a place where players buy, sell and trade skins for a price.

Who sells the best rust skins? This, of course, depends on the type of design you are looking for, as well as its availability. If it is not at the store, check at the market, and vice versa. However, there is another important factor to consider when buying skins: timing.

When Is the Best Time to Buy or Trade Rust Skins?
It might not sound like professional advice but when it comes to timing skin prices, some calculated guesswork might be necessary. Players are generally advised not to time prices because the market is volatile and unpredictable.

For instance, a skin for your rifle may cost $2 in the store. Since it is available for a week, you monitor the sales and notice it is in high demand.

If you assume that the price may go up at the market because of high demand and purchase it at the store at the “lowest price”, you may be right. In the same breath, demand may not be so high at the market like you predicted and the skin may go for much less, which will mean you were wrong. This is why timing prices is ultimately a guessing game. Instinct may serve you well.

The demand, supply, availability and prices of rust skins are as dynamic and ever-changing as the stock market. Whether you buy rust skins from the store or market, for $2 or $200, your purchase will eventually be determined by how much you want it and if you think — by observation or instinct — that it is the best price you can get.

Advantages Of Cross Platform Games

A lot of games are developed exclusively for a single platform. The main reason is the cost of development. It takes a lot of manpower to ensure that a game works well on a specific platform. Trying to port it to another platform is a massive undertaking that not all studios can do. Exclusivity can also be a matter of staying relevant for certain consoles. If they can keep a popular game in their corner, then loyal fans will continue using their products and services. However, there is a movement towards the development of cross platform games. Only a handful of them exist but they are available right now. Someday, all games may be available on all platforms as they provide the following advantages:

Greater Accessibility

Since the games can be played using different consoles, they are more accessible to a wide range of interested players. You don’t have to purchase a special product and spend hundreds of dollars or more to play them. Most people already have a computer or a mobile phone. These will suffice in getting in on the action. Meanwhile, those with cash to spare can purchase these advanced consoles and take advantages of their superior graphics capabilities and other features. The important thing is that these games offer greater accessibility with their low barrier to entry.

Dynamic Player Community

The excellent accessibility means that if the game is any good, then it will attract more players. Everyone can enjoy being part of a dynamic community that can provide each other with online support. You can find several boards that tackle issues and provide solutions. You can see many walkthroughs, guides, and demos. You can learn from the popular streamers. You can get merchandise from official and unofficial channels. You are likely to see a lot of creativity in terms of strategies, world building, online content, and even memes around the Internet.

Higher Levels of Competition

If you like pitting your skills against others, then try cross platform games. You can clash swords and trade gunshots with some of the best in the world. You can engage people in a battle of wits. You can also be a spectator in esports that feature the most talented players in the world.

Robust Gaming Ability

Lastly, these games provide players with robust gaming ability. They won’t have to worry so much if their main console dies as they can still pick up where they left off using an alternative console. They can switch right away with ease.

Best Card Games Online

When you are a card game enthusiast, it is easy for you to find the best card games. Thankfully all you need to go is check some of the online sites that offer you some exciting card games. Here are the few card games that stand out.

Let’s start with an oldie but a goodie: Elder scrolls legends. This is the game where you’ll do some serious exploration to find items, spells, and more. If you’ve played the original version, you’ll notice the quests don’t always tell you what to do next. You’ll have to find clues to solve puzzles and fight bosses on your way. But unlike the original game, you can get a lot more items and spells in this version. You’ll be fighting more dire wolves as well, so this could prove to be quite an entertaining game if you like fighting games. This digital card collectible video game is a must-have game for all card game enthusiasts.

The next game on our list of the best card games like the Elder Scrolls Online is also from the world of magic: Gwent. This is one of those games where you’ll level up very quickly and spend a lot of time doing it. Gwent’s best thing is that you get to keep all the items you get as you level up. One of the best things about playing fantasy games is that you can play a wide variety of them. Of course, you can always choose to play more traditional games, but if you want a fantasy game that’s completely different from anything else, then these are the places to go.

Now, if you want to get out of the fantasy and want to play some actual card games, you will not be disappointed. Many online sites offer card games for two, four, or a big group, and the best part is that most of these games are available for free. All you need to do is get online, run the game, connect with your friends or family online, and start playing. It cannot get any simpler than this for any card game lover out there. Some of the best card games you will find online include Poker, Rummy, Crazy Eight, Trick-taking, among other games. Even if you are looking for some old classics like the UNO card game, you will find these online. So get ready to go online and play some fantasy and real-world card games!

Why You Should Try Your Local Escape Rooms

We often try to go to far away places thinking that’s where adventure lies. However, the reality is that we can find a lot of great things to do wherever we are if we know how to look for them. Appreciate what your city has to offer. Check out shops that you have never been to before. Dine in restaurants that you have never visited. Walk on trails that you haven’t explored. You may also want to try your local escape rooms. Go alone if you want to but it can also be rewarding to make the attempt with other people.

Challenging Puzzles

Enjoy solving the puzzles inside the room. Work against the clock to escape in time and uncover the secrets behind mysterious items. These require creative thinking so they will really test your imagination. Of course, the harder the work, the more satisfying it is to crack the codes and open a door. For many, this kind of mind game is even more exhilarating than any physical challenge. Just keep in mind that only a few are able to complete the tasks and escape on their first try. It’s really that hard so don’t be frustrated. Learn from it and come back with a better plan.

Perfect Bonding Activity

Consider going in these local escape rooms with people who might like puzzle solving as well. Maybe you could bring your best friend or your date to make this the perfect bonding activity. It will certainly both you to work together and push your limits to get out of the room. You will learn a lot about people when you place them in these pressure-packed situations, even if it’s only a make believe scenario. You can also learn a lot about yourself in the way that you interact in these situations. Strive to be the best partner.

Good Clean Fun

Check the maximum number of occupants per room and bring your family or classmates with you. These are wholesome enough to get everyone involved. Perhaps you can divide yourselves into teams and make bets on who can escape. The prize doesn’t have to be monetary. The bragging rights is enough of a boost for many. Of course, it would be nice to include perks such as a restaurant treat, a swapping of chores, a silly dare, and so on. It’s up to you to negotiate what seems fair for the task. Enjoy good clean fun with everyone.

Save Wizard PS4 Max To Obtain Cracked Password Files!

Save Wizard is arguably one of the most popular programs for your PlayStation 4. The program allows you to backup your entire PlayStation 4 game files. However, what if you don’t have a saved Wizard and can’t get it working on your system? If this is what has happened to you, you will want to read this Save Wizard PS4 review to find out how to get a working Save Wizard for your PS4.

You are looking for Save Wizard PS4 Max, But where do you find Save Wizard for PS4 max? Believe it or not, there are several options available to you on the internet. However, most of these programs have questionable compatibility and/or are cracked and full of viruses. It is best to stay away from any of these.

The legitimate Save Wizard for the PS4 system is also available from several gaming websites. There is a break in the process that allows the downloading of Save Wizard for PS4 max from the official website. This is the most legitimate option, but be wary of the sites that claim to offer the Save Wizard program without the license key. Most of these sites will require you to download the crack, install it, and then download the license key afterward.

You can also get Save Wizard for PS4 to crack the legitimate program from its website. Although several versions of the Save Wizard for PlayStation 4, crack versions can read and process all of the files associated with the legitimate Save Wizard program. These programs are much safer to use than their illicit counterpart because they are developed by legitimate businesses that have put in the time and effort to secure the cracks. When you get a crack for Save Wizard, you are not only getting the full capabilities of the program, and you are also getting peace of mind.

Save Wizard for PS4 Max is essentially the same cheat engine that you’ve come to love from previous Save Wizard games. You are still able to use all of the new features that are featured in the newest release, including Save Wizard Pro, Save Wizard Ultra, and the all-new Save Wizard Ultimate. These cheats are legal according to the cheat registry. Additionally, you can find many more cheats and hacks for this game on the internet. Many people do not like the idea of cheats because they feel as if the game is not balanced.

Strategic Games For Thinking—No Need To Look Beyond These Three Games

Gamification may seem like a very sophisticated word, but the concept is as old as human civilization itself. Just spend some time observing how children play and you will quickly realize that playing and learning are pretty much the same thing for them.

In fact, kids, and even adults, learn better if it involves a fun and entertaining experience. Gamification works the other way round as well. You can use games and target specific skills and learning experiences like strategic games for thinking.


Our brain has the capacity to store and manipulate a million gigabytes of data. Even the faster computer in the world pales in comparison to our brain. However, the big issue here is that the brain or the mind is not very easy to control.

This is why chess is one of the top strategic games for thinking. The concepts are pretty simple and the game is played on a 8×8 board of 64 squares. However. With a king, a queen, two sets of three pieces, and eight pawns, you can come up with a billion playing combinations.

The best thing about chess is that every move leads to an exponential increase in how the game can move ahead. If you want to improve your thinking capacity and the ability to react quickly to complicated data, then chess should top your list of strategic games.


Sudoku can be described as the numeric version of chess. 9×9 board of 81 boxes with each row and column to be filled with 1-9. This is a fantastic training exercise for logical thinking because you have to logically identify the right number for the right box.

Like chess, introducing a time-limit for your moves can create the illusion of stress and help you not just think hard but think fast as well.


Again, the similarities between chess and Sudoku are unmistakable. Scrabble has a bigger board and involves creating interlinked words out of random letters on tiles pulled out of a bag. This game requires good application of your logical thinking skills, which means merely having a good vocabulary is no guarantee of a victory.

Thinking is a generic concept and it may seem impossible to train your mind to think better. However, using games like the ones described above will create conditions where, irrespective of the gameplay, the end result is a sharp boost to your ability to think logically, quickly, and strategically.

Tips For Choosing An Ideal Video Game

When it comes to matters of gaming, people have different opinions about whether it is wrong or right to play video games. The truth, however, is that the benefits associated with video games such as Borderlands 3 Save Editor seem to be many than the disadvantages. Research has shown that children who spend some of their time playing video games have an increased cognitive ability. Therefore, we can easily conclude as long as you going to play video games with moderation, you have nothing to lose. The problem is that there are so many video games in the market that choosing the best one becomes a bit tricky. If you are trying to identify an excellent game for you, then this article will be helpful.

Understand the Different Types

Apart from understanding your needs in the gaming world, you also need to understand the different games that are in existence. There are thousands of video games, and for you to find the best one for you, you will need to have a better understanding of different genres. You can always use the internet to get all the information that you might need. If you are among the people who fancy adventures, then, adventure games will best serve you.

Consider the Rating

Before choosing your next game, it is essential to do a background check. Going through the reviews and the ratings of the particular game that you want to give a try will provide you with relevant information. Gamers will always have something to say about the different games that they come across. One thing that you will need to remember is that what is suitable for another person might not be the best for you. Therefore, even if a game has a high rating, there are still chances that it might not be the best for you. In such cases, you will need to try out the game yourself.


Technology is moving at high speed, and this is why modern games will have complex and exciting features. Borderlands 3 Save Editor is a modern game that is fitted with exciting features meant to make you get the best from the gaming experience. Before choosing a game, it is prudent to find out about the extra features that the game might have. Talking to the seller might help provide you with information that you would not have got anywhere. This is because most sellers are experts in the games that they sell. However, you will need to be careful because some sellers are never genuine with the information that they give.

What Is Spot The Ball?

If you love online games there is certainly no shortage of them to get hooked on. From Stickman Archer to Mystic Sea Treasures and even Mutilate a Dollar, online games are great way to take a break or just waste the work day.

Spot the Ball Game is a favorite no matter who you ask and surprisingly addictive. You may even be able to win some money if you get good at it.

What is Spot the Ball?

Spot the Ball is a web-based game where images taken from sporting events that involve balls are manipulated to remove the ball from an action shot. It is then up to the user to find where the ball should be based on the eye contact and body language of the athletes in the shot.

Users can scroll through dozens of images like this and click on the image where they think the ball should be. The game is much more difficult to master than it sounds as people are not always looking directly at a moving object (or at least it appears that way in the photos).

Who Sponsors these Games?

Spot the Ball started as a promotional strategy by media companies and online news outlets. It was a way to get people engaged in the site and spending some time on a page so that they may eventually read other content or perhaps convert to subscribers.

After the game grew in popularity, many different categories of sites that want to attract an audience may use this strategy.

What Types of Sports are Used?

In the UK, the sport predominantly used is football however there are other sports used around the world based on location. For example in the U.S. they used baseball, American football (soccer), or traditional American Football.

How can you win money?

Not all online games of Spot the Ball are monetized. That is, not all of them have prizes and many are just for fun. Some entities however will offer cash prizes for people who can complete the game accurately. Prize amounts can vary but are typically small in nature and may come in the form of free coupons, products, or gift cards.

For the most part, Spot the Ball is a fun online pastime for web browsers trying to kill some time. It’s a great game for all age ranges and relatively easy to set up and play.