How To Build A Career In Photojournalism In Kenya

Journalism is a rewarding and exciting career wherever you are in the world. This is a career that allows you to travel and see different experiences while getting paid for taking photos of situations that people around the globe are interested in. If you are based in Kenya, there are various avenues you can take if you want to have a career in photojournalism in Kenya.

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Formal schooling

There are various schools in Kenya that offer courses in journalism and related fields. These include Rockland College of Science and Technology in Kitui, Top Media Institute in Meru, the Nairobi Aviation Colleges in Kahawa House and Eldoret, among others. Courses offer certificates in photojournalism in Kenya that are often enough for those who want to get starting jobs in local publications like newspapers and magazines. There are universities that offer bachelor’s degrees in photojournalism, visual arts or communication. You can also get starting jobs from news outlets if you have a related degree but have a strong portfolio that goes with that degree. Even degrees in graphic design or Psychology can be used as a jumping board for a career in journalism, especially if you are working to pair this degree with a strong freelance background or portfolio.


Working for an experienced journalist or photojournalist is another way to get experience and climb the ranks in the industry. Apprenticeship is a good route for those who want to build this career by learning all the skills from master photojournalists. By combining hands-on training with instruction from mentors, aspiring photojournalists can learn the ropes while sticking to the highest standards vital for excellent journalism. Apprenticeship is also the best way to network with other photojournalists in the field. Connections can be crucial for photojournalists especially if you want quick access to the newest and the most interesting stories.


Freelancing is one way to build a strong portfolio that can get you gigs with magazines and newspapers. It may take years to build a really good portfolio but the good thing is that you are getting paid once you decide to start. Most journalists start with small publications or local newspapers, building their names until the bigger publications can take notice of them.

Photojournalism is an exciting career especially for those who are passionate about taking photos and accurate reporting of events. With the right training, you can build a rewarding career that can take you all over the world.

What To Look For When Choosing A Photography Printing Company

All we aim is to find the best, but when it comes to choosing the best from many choices available, the whole process turns out to be the most confusing task ever. The only questions remain, how and who to choose from a verity? The same applies when you are out there trying to find the right photography printing London. The searching process is not easy, you need to understand some basics, and if not keen enough all can turn out different. So, how do you ensure your choices are the best? Well, with the following tips your photography company will not only be the best but meet all of your personal needs.

Photography printing London Choosing Tips


When looking to hire any service and photography printing included experience should come first. How many jobs have they done? Do they offer the same printing service you are looking for, and if yes, how many years have, they been doing the same? The whole printing work depends on how long one has been practising, this is a skill and the more they practice, the better. For every comparison process you find yourself in, remember experience is the best choice and should come first if you are to make a choice.


A good reputation means that the company has been doing the same and clients are okay with the services. Find out how people who have tried the same service you are looking for are saying. You can find more on reputation online. A good and perfect choice to make is a printing service that has a strong presence online and allows SEO. If people are happy to write back, it means the printing services was done up to their level of expectations. And you are looking for this kind of service, do not hesitate.

Involve Friends

When looking for photo printing services, you better utilize all of your options; family, friends and anyone you know who have something you might use. Try to find out how a particular company did the job, the quality and price. If you understand all about various service providers, then choosing will be easy. The trick here is getting to know about different printing service. Other factors like the price will help you make some technical decisions. Find a company that deals with quality and excellent services to customers. Because after all you will pay and your money should pay something worth the pay.

Professional Color Correction Services Los Angeles

The original photos may not have the high quality needed for commercial or social media applications. It becomes necessary to enhance the image with the help of an image editing software. Color correction services Los Angeles company offers ensures high quality images that can be used in advertising, website and other commercial applications. Give your photos the high gloss and vibrant colors they need. Make your images stand out.

Why Use This Service?

Each image is made of a large number of color pixels. It may have one or multiple colors. Some images require color correction to enhance their appearance and give them the vibrant and beautiful look. You can improve the color of the skin or any other thing present in the image. Background and foreground colors can be changed to suit the project needs. Make a dull picture eye-catching and attractive with the help of this image enhancing technique. Suitable color correction gives you the confidence to use an image for commercial applications. Color correction services are needed to fix the natural skin flaws. Mistakes made during the photo shoot can be fixed with this technique.

The Advantages of Color Correction

It guarantees your photos will look attractive. The adjusted colors are balanced on light, tone and other parameters. This adjustment not only improves the photo vibrancy, it also brings clarity and makes the picture clear and obvious immediately. A specialist having training and expertise in image editing software will perform this task. The person will improve the contrast, saturation, exposure, temperature and tone of the color. This image enhancing technique can be used to highlight, hide or shadow certain things. The colors lacking in the photograph can be compensated.

Services for Various Applications

This service can be used for portraits, events, commercial and ecommerce requirements. Just upload the image to the website of color correction services company in Los Angeles. Personal photos that were taken with earlier techniques can be improved. The skin, product, background or foreground features that did not appear correctly or require changes can be fixed.

Depending on your requirement, you can order other image editing services at the same time. Some of these services include retouching, background removal, background clipping, compositing and other works. The image can be turned into vector image to reduce the file size. The Color correction services Los Angeles is performed using the latest and most advanced image editing software. This technique can be used to correct the colors of RAW or JPG files. It is recommended to supply the RAW file because it contains more information and allows more flexibility when correcting under or overexposed images.

Luxury Goods Photography Los Angeles

There are many photographers in Los Angeles. Whenever you need photography services, therefore, it is recommended you take your time to search for the top-rated service providers. To get the best luxury goods photography Los Angeles residents need to make a list of the top-rated photographers in the city. After that, they can start narrowing down the search based on a few other factors. Ideally, the decision should not be rushed because it takes time to obtain information that can make it possible for you to choose the right firm.

There are many critical factors to be considered during the search. That is why you should not rush to make a decision. Below is a list of the top 3 factors to take into consideration:

i) Experience

You may be looking for a photographer to take pictures that can help you market a luxury product. Ideally, you should hire a photographer that has done similar jobs in the past and obtained excellent results for clients. Therefore, you have to do a comparison of the experiences of the shortlisted photographers in terms of years of experience, number of clients served and types of luxury goods photography Los Angeles they have photographed in the past. The most experienced photographers should be accorded special consideration.

ii) Reputation

In the luxury photography industry, there are some photographers who claim to be better than others. Therefore, it is imperative you read reviews, check testimonials and go over ratings before you decide to commit yourself. You want to hire photographers who have a proven track record, so you must pay attention to what their previous clients are saying. That said, there are many review sites online that can provide you with credible information.

iii) Quality

It is imperative you do some research online regarding the service quality offered by different photographers. This is because you are looking for high-quality services. Only firms that have previously been taking quality pictures of luxury goods should be considered. Therefore, you should check the portfolios of the shortlisted photographers before making a decision. If you are satisfied with the quality of service a photographer has been offering, you should give them preferential treatment.

The fees charged by different photographers should be compared. You want affordable services, so be sure to request quotes and compare them. Since you want to get the highest quality of service, you should be willing to spend a little bit more money on the right photographer.

Why You Should Debate A Commercial Photographer

Companies have a number of different uses for photography. They need images for marketing, from advertising to social media, and there is always room for a new image on the company website. There are also internal articles as well that require images, and of course, there are all sorts of different pictorial needs, such as documenting awards and celebrities. These events require commercial photographers; they are important events that require the best photographers to get everything right. There are a number of concerns that go into properly pricing a project that should be considered when looking at a photographer.

Things to Keep In Mind

When it comes down to it, a photographer is not going to be cheap. While you could use an employee with a camera, that employee is not likely to have access to all of the equipment and software that a professional photographer does, nor the talent and experience of a seasoned photographer. Also, an employee is going to be more worried about company politics than getting the best picture; that will interfere with getting the best picture. In short, the professional photographer is generally going to have better gear, more experienced, and a certain detachment that is going to make for better photographs, and that means that commercial photography pricing will be commensurate and well worth it.

Other Considerations

Two other issues worth considering are the setting and the event. A sitting will usually cost less than an event; the photographer has more control over the situation and can take the time to get everything right. All of that means that he will take less time to get the shots ready. An event, however, requires that the photographer will be looking for opportune moments during the event, which means not only the target of the event but also events happening on the side; that means that there will be more time spent working on getting the pictures right later on. Thus, if the event is relatively static and controlled then the price may be less than if the event is chaotic and requires a lot of work later on.

In short, commercial photography pricing depends on the size of the project and how much control the photographer has over it. The cost is well worth it, especially if your company is looking for the best possible image for their company. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide who you want to take your pictures, but you should consider a professional before anyone else.

Representing Your Professional Image With Corporate Headshots Melbourne

In Melbourne, Corporate Headshots Melbourne is a photography service for your corporate portfolio. You cannot settle for anything less but a professional photography service when you are looking for pictures that would represent you formally and will be your visual representations on several platforms. An excellent service realizes the importance of the corporate photos and how to highlight your professional image by providing you with a high-quality picture with the right resolution, texture, and background.

If you want a corporate photo, it’s understandable that you do not wish to have a standard photo but a picture that highlights your professionalism. You cannot rely on yourself to take this picture and crop and edit it to create a headshot. Leave this work for the corporate headshots Melbourne professional photography services who have had years of experience in dealing with corporate photo shooting. Your corporate picture is part of your branding, and it will reach out to people where you are not present. So, you would like to have the best services that will highlight the best features of your headshot.

There are many photography services in Melbourne for your corporate photography; however, it is advisable to go for the best options even if they charge a premium. This expense is an investment that would pay dividends when you see your perfect headshots in your office card, on business presentations, or when you are receiving an award at the corporate function. The screens are showing your corporate headshot Melbourne as you go to collect your accolades.

There are many other needs for the corporate headshot, and you will have to tell the photographers the need for the picture. You may be needing it to use on your resume, or when applying for jobs at online portals. The photographers know the proper light arrangement, background, and other tweaks that can help highlight your headshot to look professional, compelling, and fitting for all corporate use.

You can also search for photography services by going online and check some popular photography services in Melbourne. Not only can you check some online sites, but you will also come across some model work of these photography services. Take your time and see which services are the ones you feel are an excellent match for what you need. You can also check the pricing of the services and book your appointment online so you can go straight for your corporate headshot.

Benefits Of Luxury Goods Photography

Benefits of Luxury Goods Photography

Luxury goods photography entails several factors that drive sales and overall company growth. As a business, you must always present your products well and scoot sales higher and faster. Luxury Goods Photography Los Angeles has professional photographers whose sole purpose is to click products or make DIY hacks using mobile phone cameras. Either way, there are several key benefits of using luxury goods photography to drive your product sales. Here are a few advantages to consider.

Bring Products to Life

As a business, it is essential to note that you are shooting more than things. The studio photography that you use must convey something profound about the products themselves. Think catalog photos. These products should mean much more than just uninteresting, still lifeless things. They represent much more than just objects. If you can see them as nouns and not verbs, the better. Luxury photographs are what makes studio work inspiring. Your ability to create a simple idea and stimulate desired emotions other than just looking to drive sales works more in favor of your business.

Grab Customer Mood

Business is all about conveying the right emotions through your product pictures. Your luxury goods photographs are your ultimate solution to ensuring that all issues that clients have are addressed. This gesture exceptionally conveys worthy and quality images that potential customers can relate to.

Perfectly clicked and useful product images instantly draw customer’s attention within nano-seconds. This also increases your business’ chances of high sales for the products that you are marketing.

Promotes Silent Communication

As a marketing strategy, images speak louder than words. Potential customers who are skimming through online platforms don’t always have time nor patience to read all marketing texts and product descriptions. Thus, the reason to mention all available product sizes, colors, and features that describe what you are selling. This fact still stands strong, especially to companies that believe in the use of fewer words and more work.

Builds Your Brand

Luxury Goods Photography is a long-term solution that a business can recognize and use as a market ladder. As such, putting up branded product images over continuously over months helps to communicate your brand as professional, quality, diverse, valued, and innovative. Customers can use this to determine how caring your brand cares and their preferences.

Bottom Line

There are many marketing strategies that brands use to drive their product sales. However, making optimum use of photography can drive your sales through the roof and influence your customers to purchase your products. Luxury goods photography Los Angeles will never fail your brand.

Same Sex Wedding Photographer

Getting a wedding photographer is something that can really make or break a special occasion. It seems like so many people overlook just how important having a quality photographer is, but it will allow a person to relax and enjoy the day instead of worrying about capturing such a memorable event.

The first thing to do when searching for the right fit is to ask any friends or family about suggestions. Most people know someone who has been married relatively recently, and they might be able to provide some quality information on that front. Maybe they had a great experience, or at the very least, they might know who to stay away from.

After that, make sure to do some individual research to see what is out there. Some people will want a photographer who has good reviews online and has worked with people in the past. Others might be looking for someone who specializes in same sex wedding photographer jobs, or some other type of special situation. There are so many different options out there in today’s world, and all of them are worth exploring.

The great thing about judging any type of photographer is that they are going to have examples online. This is where people can get a good idea of what to expect from the tire for, and if it seems like it will fit into a certain situation. Some people want formal pictures for the most part, while others might want something that is a little more laid-back.

Once a decision is made, make sure to have a discussion on what expectations are with photography the entire time. Some people want to make sure that they have everything nailed down completely before going forward. No one wants to be in a situation where they are spending A good amount of money on something, but then not having much communication after work. It works in the favor of those having the wedding and the same sex wedding photographer if proper information is shared and everything moves forward in that regard.

If everything matches up perfectly, it will be a very relaxed atmosphere at a wedding. No one wants to be worrying about what might happen, and they just want to be as natural as possible. That is where people usually get the most out of a wedding, and it can be very relaxing to not have to worry about anything other than having fun.

Hiring The Best Los Angeles Food Photographer

The city of Los Angeles has many professional photographers who can take quality pictures of food items for clients to use. There is a huge demand for quality pictures of foodstuff from different types of clients. Restaurant and cafe owners, as well as the owners of catering companies, need quality pictures to display on their menus, brochures, and other advertising materials. To find the best Los Angeles food photographer, it is recommended you take your time to do some background research on the top-rated photographers in the city.

Since there is a lot of useful information online, it is recommended you search the web for information that can help you pick the right firm. Start your search by making a shortlist. Next, consider the following as you strive to narrow down the search:

i) Experience

You want to hire the most competent photographer in the city. Since experience breeds competence, you have to compare the number of years different photographers have been in business as well as the types of jobs they have previously handled and the number of clients they have worked for. This will help you make the right decision. Newbies should be avoided as they can make many mistakes.

ii) Quality

It is always a good idea to check the quality of service offered by different photographers. This is because you are looking for photographers with a proven track record of offering the highest quality of service. By perusing through the portfolios of the shortlisted firms, you can easily identify the top photographer in the city of angels and give them special consideration. If you are not happy with the quality of pictures a photographer has taken in the past, you should remove them from your shortlist. After all, they are not able to meet your quality requirements.

iii) Reputation

As photographers take on more and more jobs, they become better and better. They also develop a reputation in the industry. If you find a photographer with many negative reviews and low ratings, you should know that the quality of service they normally offer is poor, so you should avoid them. By reading customer reviews and testimonials, you will be able to obtain all the information you may require to make a decision that is well-informed.

Obviously, you have a fixed budget for the photography job. To ensure you do not go over the budget, be sure to request quotes from different photographers and do a comparison. This will help you find the most affordable LA Angeles food photographer in the city.

Reliable Lisbon Photography Services

There are many types of photography equipment in existence. Every photographer uses their preferred choice of equipment. Some have photo studios while others are freelancers who do not have an office. Most photographers have also specialized in a particular field, such as wildlife, news, product, fashion or wedding photography. When looking for the best Lisbon photography services, therefore, there is need to compare all the top-rated photographers to identify the best one for your needs. Ideally, you need not rush to commit yourself until you are sure about the quality of service offered by a photographer.

While every photographer you find may claim to be the best, this cannot be the case. The truth is that some photographers are simply better than others. Therefore, you need to do everything possible to identify the right photographer for your unique needs. The following are things to consider:

i) Experience

You should only give consideration to photographers who have been in business for several years and have handled many similar jobs. This is crucial because the most experienced photographers know how to get the best results possible. When assessing experiences, do not just look at the number of clients served as well as the years of experience different firms have been in business; you must also check the types of Lisbon photography jobs a service provider has been handling over the years. For instance, only photographers who have been in the industry for a long time and have previously handled similar types of jobs should be given any consideration.

ii) Quality of Service

It is recommended you check the portfolios of the photographers on your list. Photographers usually put their best works on their portfolio, so if you are not impressed with the quality of pictures you see on a portfolio, be sure to eliminate that photographer from your list. A portfolio can also tell you about the types of jobs previously handled by a photographer, so checking portfolios will help you make informed decisions.

iii) Photography Fees

Hiring a photographer without checking the fees they normally charge is not wise. It is recommended you ask different photographers on your list to give you their estimates. A comparison of those estimates will enable you to make a decision that is well-informed.

When hiring a service provider, you will get peace of mind if the service provider you hire offers all manner of guarantees. A customer satisfaction guarantee and a money-back guarantee can give you peace of mind and ensure you’ll get value for money.