Guide To Media Walls Australia

Media Walls Australia are fundamental communication tools for the realization of different types of outdoor activities: fairs, sports competitions, promotional events or semi-permanent exhibitions near commercial establishments.

The choice of the most suitable promotional products is very important, because their communicative effectiveness may or may not favor the success of your event. Outdoor exhibitors must have the following characteristics:

– Resistance to the weather: outdoor signs must not fear rain or sunlight;
– Stability: it is important that flags, banners or gazebos are resistant to wind gusts
– Longevity: outdoor exhibitors must be resistant to wear and last over time.

In addition, to choose your display material you must also consider the ease of transport, which depends on the weight, the ability to remove the load-bearing structures and the presence of appropriate enclosures, possibly equipped with wheels for transporting the heaviest structures.

You can create in total autonomy the printing of many outdoor exhibitors, personalizing them with the writings and graphics that you prefer. Let’s look at some examples of outdoor events and what kind of signage could be useful.

Exhibitors for trade shows

If your company plans to participate in an outdoor fair, depending on the size of the space dedicated to your stand you can opt for a customized Media Walls Australia, gazebo or a promotional desk.

If you have an exhibition area of at least 3 × 3 meters, a gazebo in windproof fabric can make your post perfectly visible, pleasant in terms of aesthetics and welcoming, and will offer visitors a shaded area, away from wind It is rain.

You can customize your gazebo by choosing between 4 different colors for the cover and printing your graphics on the inside and / or outside walls, obtaining bright and long lasting colors. A customized gazebo is a very functional solution, thanks to the sturdy aluminum structure that is easy to mount and can be transported in a comfortable bag with wheels.

In the event that the exhibition space at your disposal is reduced, you can choose a promotional banquet between the different formats available for outdoor use, for example the fabric banquet or fabric sign displays.

The fabric banquet consists of a customizable polyester cloth and a structure equipped with a shelf to expose the promotional material and a hidden shelf. Also in this case, the banquet can be dismantled and equipped with a carrying case.

The banquet with crowner consists of a plastic body and a Forex front piece supported by two aluminum rods. This solution is ideal for companies that often need to replace the graphics of their display desks, as it allows to print different personalized adhesive films to be applied and removed to the structure depending on the type of initiative or company needs.

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