3 Reasons To Invest In Soft Close Door Hinges For Your Cupboards And Cabinets

If you were to make one small home improvement change to your home, it should be to invest in soft-close door hinges. They can be installed on existing cabinet and cupboard doors, as well as on new ones. If you have children, you know that the sound of slamming doors can spell trouble. By installing these specially designed hinges, you can keep fingers safe from closing doors. And also avoid the violent sound of doors being slammed shut out of sheer habit, or in irritation.

How do Soft Close Door Hinges Work?

The soft-close door hinges are specially designed and feature a hydraulic mechanism. When you close a door or return a drawer towards its closed position, and it arrives at the last 25 degrees before closure, the hinges come into action. The hydraulics slows down the movement of the doors to facilitate a soft close with a gliding movement. In other words, when you shut a cabinet door or a drawer, you can do it easily without any noise.

You can select an appropriate adjustment setting for the hinges. The highest setting will offer the highest resistance and take the most time to close. A lower setting would allow the door to close quickly, and softly.

Benefits of Investing in Hinges that Offer Slow Close

The most apparent advantage of using such hinges is that you will not hear cabinet doors and cupboards slam shut. By reducing annoying sounds in your home, you create a comfortable and soothing ambiance. However, this is just one of the benefits of hinges that slow close doors. You also do not have to worry about shutting doors or drawers on your fingers. We all know that this can be painful and frustrating. This makes the hinges especially useful in homes with young children.
More craftsmen and manufacturers are choosing to use these hinges in their work because it extends the life of the kitchen cabinets. Every time a cabinet door or drawer is slammed shut, it increases its wear and tear. Thus, by opting to install such hinges you can keep your kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and drawers in good shape.

Experts say that tall cabinet and cupboard doors are prone to becoming lopsided because of the force with which they may be frequently opened and closed. By installing hinges that offer soft-close you can ensure that the cabinets and cupboards offer good service for a long time.

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