Build Your Company Press Release Content Collection

Company Press Releases and Newsletters, why are they important? Many companies think of press releases as an afterthought for marketing, but in truth, PR plays an integral part in your company’s success from the very beginning. Managing press releases correctly can mean the difference between getting ignored and being noticed. This article will help give you some essential tips on making sure your PR efforts stand out.

Timing and Quality of News Letter

The timing of your releases and newsletters plays an important role in getting the attention of your target audience. Implementing some careful strategic strategies to aid your press releases stand out from a sea of other similar offers in the key targeted media list is vital to guarantee proper media coverage, even if only in the targeted publications. Many companies do not realize that there is a difference in media coverage delivery. This can have a significant effect on your ability to get results.

Use Targeted Media

The key to success with any company press release is the right timing. Your first goal is to make sure the relevant press outlets pick up your press release. It is important to remember that any news release placed on Newswire service, such as wire service sites, may not be picked up by the target publication but instead be distributed to the entire network of news outlets. In order to achieve success, focus your releases on the key targeted media list and aim to provide timely, well-researched, and supportive information. If published, you are more likely to be picked up and given prominent attention in the media.

Use Pre-launch Media

When developing your company press-ready images, you must keep these details in mind. Press releases traditionally fall under three categories; print, online, and radio/tv broadcast. With many of today’s online business models, using custom graphics, flash videos, and pre-press releases can help you create a unique selling proposition that stands out from the rest. You need to make sure that any images you use are eye-catching and increase your chances of being picked up in search engine results.

Make Your Press Releases Available Online

If you cannot physically send out your press releases, consider having them available for free distribution on the internet. Many article submission sites will allow you to post your press releases with a link back to your website. Many sites will host pre-launch media releases for free. Make sure to follow press release guidelines to maximize the exposure of your information. Many companies invest a considerable amount of money into their advertising campaigns but often do not realize the importance of investing in targeted media coverage.

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