Epoxy Floor Contractors – Installing Epoxy Floors

Professional Epoxy Contractors for Floor Installation

Hiring epoxy floor contractors are the best option for providing a complete epoxy floor coating to industrial floors. This coating can be applied as a one-time project or can be repeated depending upon the client’s requirements. Contractors can even combine different types of concrete in the floor, like a concrete slab, fiberglass, and concrete. In addition, they can create a custom design for your concrete commercial or residential floor.

Why Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is one of the most popular flooring options because of its attractive appearance, which can blend with any decor and provide long-lasting durability. It can also add more value to the commercial property. Epoxy has various advantages over other cement products. Some of the most prominent features are moisture resistance, chemical resistance, slip resistance, expansion joints performance features, scratch resistance, color fastening, and more.

Installation of Epoxy Flooring

The application process is easy and straightforward. First, the contractor will prepare the area for the concrete floor installation by cleaning the floor surface. After the surface is ready, the contractor will prepare the required materials. Some of the needed items include molds, fine steel wool, rubber cement, urethane liquid, and a shop vacuum. Each of these products must be stored appropriately to avoid contamination.

Commercial epoxy floor coating is produced through an extensive series of manufacturing steps. First, the mold is made from the appropriate molds. Next, it is manually processed to remove the unwanted materials like grit and pea gravel. Then, it is poured into the mold. When the mold has been dried, it is inspected for its proper condition.

Before using this kind of flooring product on industrial floors, you should first determine whether the base is meant for general or light installation. It is crucial to know whether the product is suitable for wet or dry installation. This is due to the epoxy floors’ coefficient friction advantage. As the epoxy floors have no chemical ingredients, they are suitable for both wet and dry installation. However, it has a limited effect on the dry epoxy floors since they don’t adhere well to the dry floors.

Do Your Checks Before Going for epoxy floor contractors, there are several benefits associated with installing epoxy flooring, such as it is non-toxic, extremely durable, slip-resistant, has high strength, and unlimited color options. These attributes make epoxy flooring highly suitable for industrial flooring applications. However, before installing this kind of flooring, you should check with the manufacturer about the volume of chemicals you are required to use. Some manufacturers require that you dilute the chemicals before applying them. Moreover, you should check if the flooring can bear the weight of the concrete before installing it.

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