How To Choose Allergy Safe Jewelry

About 10% of people throughout the world find themselves being allergic to jewelry. Since this typically results in skin irritation and itching it makes sense that these people tend to shy away from wearing jewelry. However, Allergy Safe Jewelry is a great option for anyone who finds themselves suffering from this kind of allergy today.

Avoid Nickel

You’ll know you’re allergic to nickel because you’ll have a crusty material on your skin when you remove your jewelry. Unfortunately, this is what a lot of the lower-priced jewelry is made of because nickel is both durable and inexpensive. However, when nickel erodes due to sweat the metal will spread out and start rubbing against and irritating your skin.

Invest in Hypoallergenic Jewelry

When you purchase high-quality jewelry you’re investing in items that contain fewer metal elements. This is why you’re less likely to have an allergy to platinum, sterling, and gold. If you’re on a budget, you should opt for sterling silver that’s marked “925” meaning that it’s 92.5% pure. You don’t want items that are silver-plated because you don’t know what the metal base is made of.

Invest in 14k+ Gold

Gold’s purity is measured in karats – the higher the karat, the more gold it contains. When you have a 24k gold item it means that it’s 99.5% pure gold but when it’s under 14k it means that at least half of the item is composed of another metal. Not only do you want to avoid 14k gold but you also want to avoid gold-plated jewelry for the same reason you want to avoid silver-plated jewelry. The nice thing about investing in gold jewelry is that it’ll last you a lifetime.

Avoid Leather Jewelry

Before buying leather jewelry you should know that it can be just as irritating to your skin as any other type of jewelry. Although it isn’t made from metal it’s still used in tanning the leather so there may be some leather residue left behind. When this comes into contact with your skin you may start to itch or develop a rash so choose pleather instead.

The Bottom Line

Even if you’re allergic to most types of jewelry you should know that Allergy Safe Jewelry does exist. By taking the time to find this type of jewelry you’ll be able to start accessorizing your wardrobe again. This is great news for anyone who wants to be fashionable.

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