Ideas For Using Old Barn Wood

One of the many great things about wooden structures is that the materials used to build them can be reclaimed when they are dismantled. This rarely happens with cement structures as almost everything is reduced to a pile of rubble. Old barns that are no longer in use are often torn down with care so that their planks can be sold on the market. There is a great deal of interest in barn wood for sale across the country. The material is cheap, abundant, and readily available. It can be the ideal thing to use in many types of projects, including the following applications:

House Siding

Since these have already been used as siding in barns, you know that they will perform just as well and look just as good. Those who are going for a rustic look will be happy with the weathered surfaces and different colors developed over the years. Those who want to clean them up and paint them for a uniform fa├žade can do so, too. They are already cut in the ideal shape and size. Very little treatment is necessary. This further reduces the cost in terms of labor. It also hasten the completion of the house.


You might have just built a deck or other additional spaces. Now you want to populate it with usable furniture. However, your budget is running low from the previous build. You do not have to shop for new outdoor furnishings. Get some old barn wood and start designing your own. It can be easier than it seems if you have the right tools for the job. Join a few planks together and you have the surface of table or a bench. Check out design ideas on the Web for inspiration.


Putting a fence around the perimeter of your house can be costly. If all you want is a barrier to protect your garden, prevent the pets from going out, and discourage trespassers, then you could use barn wood for the job. Make sure that they have a bit of elevation from the ground to keep them from rotting due to constant contact with moisture from the ground. Paint can provide added protection from the elements.


If you would like to build your own shed or treehouse, then barn wood could be a great way to make this happen. The project will cost a fraction of what you would pay for new timber. The rustic look will be perfect and final result should be amazing. Go on, start designing your dream shed today.

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