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A valid condominium administrator should give Luxury Properties Little Silver condos the possibility of being able to connect through a website to the inspection of all these documents.

Collected the information indicated above we have compiled a list of candidates (they should be at least two or three) to present to the assembly, this because each condominium has chosen his own. At this point it is essential to prepare the questions to be submitted when they come to the assembly to present themselves. Obviously each candidate must be invited individually.

What to evaluate when choosing an administrator? Some questions to ask the candidate who will administer the condominium are: In case of emergency, how is it possible to find it? Does they guarantee availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? How does the condominiums participate in tenders?

In addition to these questions we need to understand what organizational skills our candidate has, an administrator should be a lawyer, engineer, tax consultant. Also you need to understand if he periodically goes to the condominium to perform inspections and inspections.

Do you want to install a pool in your Luxury Properties Little Silver garden to make the most of the summer months or to offer your children what they have been asking for years? Instead of a classic pool, have you ever thought of having a natural pool?

Natural pools offer swimming a new dimension, much closer to nature. They use the power of plants to clean the water, thus distancing themselves from any chemical that is harmful to health. Thanks to the plants that surround them, they also blend in well with the landscape without giving you the impression of swimming in a lake with dirty water.
Natural pools guarantee and maintain water quality through the development of an ecosystem in the pool itself.

For this, they are divided into three zones through which water flows. The first area is the swimming pool. This is the pool itself, the area where you will swim. Unsurprisingly, this is the largest area.

The second is a filtering area, also known as lagooning or planting. Less deep than the swimming area, this is where you will plant aquatic plants that will filter and sanitize the water of the swimming pool.

The water of the swimming pool is thus sent to the filtering zone by the action of a pump. There, it is first filtered by plants before being purified by the fauna and flora. If this ecosystem is doing its job, it should allow you not to end up with algae in your swimming pool or with flying parasites, such as mosquitoes.

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