Options For Aspergers Treatment

Among the many forms of autism, Asperger’s syndrome is considered to be one of the mildest. Children who are diagnosed with this condition can still grow up to become high-functioning adults. However, they may face issues regarding social integration, interpersonal relationships, and general communication. Asperger’s treatment should be pursued as early as possible to help children cope with their symptoms. Different strategies can be used depending on the case.

Medications and Diet Changes

Although there is no approved medication for this condition, doctors may prescribe certain drugs that are known to help with the symptoms. For example, a person with Asperger’s may also exhibit anxiety and depression so anti-depressant medications might help. Those who are found to have ADHD, OC, and bipolar disorder can be given drugs that treat those including mood stabilizers and SSRIs. Someone who is having trouble sleeping can be given melatonin to ensure adequate rest and reduce stress.

Psychological Therapy

Since a lot of the symptoms include undesirable behaviors, doctors may recommend correction through psychological therapy. Social skills training can help children have a better understanding of social cues so that they can respond properly. Cognitive behavior therapy, meanwhile, can address depression, anxiety, and similar issues. Tasks can be given to improve self-awareness and increase coping skills. Physical therapy might also be necessary if the person has challenges with coordination.

Speech and Language Therapy

Studies show that people with Aspergers have above-average intelligence. They also tend to have a wide vocabulary. However, there are certain language skills that they may be lacking. Many have a monotone voice that could be improved to make them more engaging and understandable. Therapists may also need to guide them in deciphering the meaning behind words that have implied meaning, as well as figures of speech. Sometimes art and music are used for therapy to develop social skills as well.

Neurofeedback Training

Alternative treatments may be used in conjunction with the methods stated above. These include herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage therapy, and animal therapy for companionship. Neurofeedback training is also gaining ground. This involves the use of probes to monitor the brain’s electrical activities. The assumption is that knowing how the brain works will give the patient more power over his own actions and thoughts. This is also being used in conditions like ADHD.

Aspergers treatment offers innumerable benefits such that they should be started as soon as possible for patients who want to deal with their symptoms.

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