Rose Scented Candles: All You Need To Know

The flicker of candlelight creates a lovely ambiance in a room that simply cannot be replicated. Adding scented candles in your space helps create a cozy atmosphere and can make your room feel warm and welcoming almost instantly. Rose scented candles are perhaps one of the most popular scented candles in the world. The fragrance emitted from these candles often reminds one of the warm British summers, when the rose blossoms are at their peak and their fragrances are spread far and wide across unimaginable distances.

Why Should You Buy Rose Scented Candles?

Health benefits: Burning these scented candle helps to have a positive effect on our mind and body. It can help reduce stress, lower heart rate, ease feelings of nervousness, depression, and frustration and stimulate happy thoughts.

Rekindle Romance: Floral scented candles when used on a romantic candlelit dinner setting to celebrate your wedding anniversary can help rekindle romance and keep that spark alive in your relationship. These candles are also a great idea for a Valentine day gift.

Décor: Candles in hues of pink or red when used in decoration can add a soft finishing touch to any room in your home. Scented candles are versatile and come in a wide variety of shapes and can look great in any room they are placed. So, whether you want to include them in your bathroom to enjoy a spa-like retreat or whether you want to use them as a centerpiece of your dining room to enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner or place them at strategic areas in your living room to create a calm and cozy atmosphere, these candles serve all the purposes well.

Tips to get the most from your scented candle

• For an even burn ensure that the candle is transparent with liquid on the top before you extinguish it.
• To avoid wasting wax, burn your candle for no longer than three hours.
• Trimming the wick before you burn and also if you see a black smoke emitting from it.
• Shifting the wick back to the center after each burn can prevent the wick from blackening or shifting.
• Keep the wick no longer than two millimeters.

Factors to consider when buying floral scented candles

When buying scented candles ensure that the candle is completely natural. It should be made from premium wax, essential oils, perfume grade fragrance and pure cotton wicks, all sourced ethically. Avoid buying scented candles made from synthetic fragrances, crude oil products, lead wicks, and artificial coloring as they will not only release harmful toxins in the air, but also smell artificial.

Add a touch of class and soothing aroma to your space, buy a rose scented candle today.

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