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An acoustic speaker or simply a sound box is a transducer: a device that carries energy from one point to another, changing some characteristics as shown in Sound System Hire Hamilton
In the specific case of an audio speaker, the electrical signal transmitted by the stereo, the television, the mp3 player and so on, passes through the speaker and becomes a sound.
There are many different models of loudspeakers and one of the main differences between domestic and professional speakers. The first are used at home, perhaps connected to the stereo or TV. The audio quality is still outstanding, they simply are not powerful enough for concerts or parties in the premises.

Professional loudspeakers are used by musicians, sound technicians, are installed in clubs, recording studios or parks for big concerts. It is superfluous to say that these are real top speakers, but that they would be useless at home, unless you are a musician and you have a room where to try with your band.

Obviously it is up to you to understand the use you will make of your new crates. Think carefully and turn to the models that suit your needs. Remember that the professional speakers cost a lot more and it would be useless to waste all that money if you do not go to exploit all the potential.

The time has come to do so, as the amplification (or not) of the speaker is a fundamental feature of the audio speakers. The speakers are amplified speakers characterized by the presence of an amplifier (and often also an equalizer) inside them. These speakers are also called Active and are a ready-to-go system: that is, just connect the speaker to the power outlet and a specific source of sound (stereo, mp3 player, TV, PC, etc.).

At a domestic level, the most widespread loudspeakers because they do not need anything, are easy to use, are not cumbersome, even if they usually weigh more. You will take half a second to connect them and make them work as in Sound System Hire Hamilton.

Non-amplified speakers, also called Passive, need an external and independent preamplifier to work. Being more cumbersome and complex to install they are usually preferred by professionals and musicians.

There are some parameters that you will certainly need to consider when buying. Otherwise you will risk buying a set of powered speakers, perhaps of the highest quality, but which are not for you.

Power: Obviously the power of a house is a very important factor. Even though 20-30 watts are actually enough for home use. But if you need sound speakers to play in the premises or in the rehearsal room you will have to go up with power.

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