Uses Of Tasting Vessel

The term Tasting Vessel means the vessel that you use for pouring your selected wines. The serving vessel is an excellent example of the type of Tasting Vessel. Both have their purpose and uniqueness. Each is important to know as they come in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

For instance, the serving vessel is a particular container from which you can serve your drink from. You can also use it to store the wine when not in use. It is made of either wood or metal and has a flat bottom. In the case of the wooden version, you can opt for a stem, which fits snugly into the hole in the bottom part of the body of the vessel. This makes it easier to pour and store.

They are usually tall and rectangular, although today’s latest designs show off an excellent curved shape. They are ideal for red wines and were first used for this purpose. Also, they have been used since the time of Romans to serve their wines, and they came in two different types, the “cup and go” and the “goblet.” The latter was a small one and would allow you to sip the wine without needing any utensils at all.

Another variety is the Poured Wine Vessel. In case you are wondering what a poured wine vessel is, here’s the answer. You pour your favorite wine from top to bottom or even from the side. In some cases, you may pour the wine over ice to chill it and serve it that way. However, you must make sure that the ice has completely frozen solid before you place it in the vessel to not crack and shatter into pieces.

When it comes to Tasting Vessels, there are some other interesting varieties like decanters and carboys that have their own unique purpose. Decanters are vessels used to fill the bottles with liquid so that the aroma and flavor of the wine can be dispersed in the air. Carboys, on the other hand, are vessels used for storing wines. Some carboys even come with locks to prevent unwanted spillage or even to keep the cork from escaping.

Other interesting uses include serving and drinking wine. You can make your own special cup intended to only give out to guests, or you can buy one that comes already equipped with a decanter, stem, and all. You can even choose a vessel that can go in a presentation box and serve it right next to the wine itself.

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