Wearing Eye Contacts Colored Lenses Safely: A Beginner’s Guide

If having fun and trying new looks is your thing, eye contacts colored lenses will spark your style. Putting in colored contacts has become a common trend among millennial. But there have been shocking stories about these lenses, which may leave you wondering if to pull them off or watch from a distance. So, are colored contacts safe? Let’s check a word of advice from the eye experts.

First Step: Consult a professional

Deciding not to involve a qualified ophthalmologist when getting your colored contacts is the start of your dilemma. Keep in mind that you’re getting a medical accessory. So, whether it’s for correcting your vision or not, you must get a professional fitting. If you don’t consult an eye expert, many things can go wrong.

You’re likely to buy the wrong prescription from the lens power, size, and making. Some brands manufacture substandard contacts, which may cause eye irritations, loss of eyesight, or chronic eye infections. Avoid shortcuts. Get a professional to help you put in your colored lens safely.

Next Step: Buy from a reputable brand

An eye specialist will examine your eyes and give the right prescription. But some sellers won’t ask for the prescription. Whether you’re ordering your colored contacts online or buying from a local eyewear vendor, check their requirements. Any supplier who doesn’t ask for a valid prescription is untrustworthy.

The benefit of consulting an eye specialist is that they can recommend the right brand. Others will offer to place the order on your behalf. That way, you can be sure of getting safe colored lenses. Unverified brands manufacture one-fit all contacts, forgetting that the corneas are not even. Putting in the wrong fit of lenses can cause severe adverse effects, especially if you suffer abrasions.

Lastly: Take good care of your contacts

You may have the correct prescription for your lenses and buy them from a reputable company, but you’re not safe until you take care of them as required. Remember, hygiene is a priority when handling contacts. There is a specialized solution that should be used to clean and disinfect them.

All these details are indicated on the label. Check the instruction leaflet for cleaning procedures and information about the right sterilizing solution for your colored contacts. Consult your eye care professional in case you don’t understand some of the details on the label or if any information is missing. Eye contacts colored lenses are very safe to wear. But remember, you’ll be supposed to discard them after a specified duration.

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