A Beginner’s Guide To Using CBD Flower

There are different forms of CBD (cannabidiol) but the most popular ones have to be CBD oil and CBD flower. While the former is known to exert only CBD effects, the latter wields CBD plus THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) effects. This is why CBD-rich flowers are great at countering side effects such as frequent headaches and hangovers that are linked to cannabis use. If you are not aware, CBD flowers are female parts of the cannabis plant. If you were considering using the product, it’s important that you first understand this guide from Chiron Botanics.

The User

The primary users of cannabidiol flower are cannabis medical users. This includes individuals with seizure, arthritis, high blood sugar, multiple sclerosis, and anxiety disorder. The product can also be used to manage chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, and convulsions. The second users are the THC enthusiasts. The CBD in the flower is able to balance the effect of THC thus promoting maximum performance.

The Entourage Effect

This refers to the synergy effect between THC and CBD in the flower. For instance, when you smoke the entire cannabis flower, you get different therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes that works together to influence each other’s effects. This is the primary advantage of taking CBD flowers for medical reasons. The synergy helps to deal with pain and unpleasant symptoms such as nausea and vomiting that are linked to usage of either CBD or THC in pure forms. CBD can also encourage THC to stay longer in your system, which is significant for people with chronic conditions.

The Other Benefits

While the Entourage Effect is the main advantage of taking CBD flower, there are others and they include:

• Can be administered via smoking or vaping

• Come in a range of flavors

• It’s a great exit option for opioids

• It’s easy to dose

The Dosing Plan

The dosing of cannabidiol flower normally depends on individual need. As a beginner, you shouldn’t rush into taking high doses. You have to start with low levels as you gradually increase the dose. Often, a higher dose is recommended for chronic conditions. Generally, you should apply this dosing plan:

• For recreational and general use: Do not exceed 2.5mg per day.

• For chronic pain: Do not exceed 20mg per day.

• For sleeping illness: Do not exceed 160mg per day.

• For anxiety management: Do not exceed 25mg per day.

With this brief Chiron Botanics guide, you can comfortably get into cannabidiol flower usage. Whether you decide to vape or smoke the flower, just follow the right dosing plan. This will guarantee the best effects and free you from the adverse reactions.

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