Basic Guide To LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns

With LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns, the automated auction starts once a reference group customer you indicate shows. To play an important role in deciding whether or not your advertisements are shown to users, is also the relevance score (Relevance Score), the higher the better, and more clearly, the offer made. The advertiser receives a high relevance score if LinkedIn users have positively evaluated their advertising in the past. The value is not visible to users.

Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail means advertising messages that you can send to users via LinkedIn. Create a new campaign and choose the InMail option. In the next screen, indicate a name for the advertisement and for the sender, these will not be visible externally. Usually you are the sender of the message in question, but sometimes it may make sense to indicate someone else within your company.

For example, if the content of the email concerns only a specific department, then the fact that the sender of that department appears as sender can positively influence the recipient. Clearly it is necessary that the question be discussed internally and that the person in question is aware and agrees that his name is used in the messages.

The next step is to compose the text of the message. The first thing you need to think about is finding a good item for the email; the space you have available is 60 characters: set up your object so that the user who receives the email is encouraged to open the entire message. When writing the text of the message you should avoid prolonging too much. The same LinkedIn offers a maximum length of 1000 words.

To set the text you have all the typical functions for a clear and effective layout: bold, italic, underlined and various lists. The personalized fields are also important for the success of your InMail messages. It is possible to insert placeholders for the name and surname, through which the system allows you to customize these messages addressed to a large number of people as part of LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns.

Moreover, LinkedIn gives you the possibility to insert a button for the call to action inside your message. All you have to do is indicate which web page should postpone the button and insert the wording for the button implementation. If you wish, you can also add a banner to your message.

Once you have completed what will be your message, continue as explained above, setting your target audience and the budget available. The payment method for a Sponsored InMail campaign is per message sent (CPS or Cost per Sale).

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