How To Find Cheap Condos For Sale In Singapore

Singapore is a great place to live and work but the cost of living here is notoriously high. Properties are among the most expensive in the world because of the large demand and short supply. The country is quite small, after all, and a lot of the land is not meant for residential construction. It is extremely rare to find single detached homes given the situation. Most people, even the well-off, live in high-rise units that can accommodate much more people per square meter. Yet these condos can still fetch a pretty penny. If you have a tight budget, then consider the following tips to find cheap condos for sale in Singapore:

Go to the Outskirts

Living in the city center is definitely convenient. If you are lucky enough to live near Orchard Road, then everything that you could ever need will just be a short walk away. There are stores, restaurants, cinemas, and recreational spots within a stone’s throw away. Multiple railway lines intersect in the area so travel to different parts of the country is a breeze. Of course, this level of convenience comes at a steep price. You will have to move outwards if you want to find cheaper units. This should not be a problem as long as you are near a train station. Travel time to any point should not take too long.

Maximize Space

Space is at a premium in the city. Large units will cost a lot of money so you might have to settle for smaller units to afford a home. This is a popular option for young people who like to live independently. Despite the limited floor area, it can still be a highly functional and comfortable home if you are able to maximize the space given. The key is to make the furniture pull double duty. For example, the bed frame could also be a storage area for beddings and clothes. The sofa may also have storage spaces underneath or be a convertible bed for guests. Shelves can be installed on bare walls for books, shoes, and other items.

Know Your Priorities

You will inevitably have to give up certain luxuries when you live in a cheap condo. Be honest with yourself on whether you are willing to do so or not. You could always delay the house purchase and save some more money in the meantime to buy a luxury condos. If you are keen on buying a unit today, then just be sure to clarify your personal priorities. What are the things that you value and the things that are nice but ultimately non-essential? Find a place that ticks the right boxes and look for ways to compensate for the things that are lacking.

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