Silicone Ring Safety Measures

If You’re struggling to maintain an erection any time you have sex, then a silicone cock ring might help you do the job and keep erectile dysfunction at bay.

Safety is critical when using this piece of equipment. How do you ensure you’re safe while using it?

Correct Size

The first safety measure to take when using a silicone cock ring is to ensure the ring is the correct size. If it is too, it can cut off circulation and cause pain. If the ring is too loose, it will not effectively maintain an erection. Try a few different sizes before settling on one to ensure it is the right fit.

Wear it before Sexual Performance

When using a silicone penis ring, ensure you wear it before sexual activity begins. This will help prevent the ring from getting lost inside the body during sex. Also, ensure the ring is removed before the penis goes flaccid again. If the ring is left on for too long, it can cause pain and discomfort.

Use Water-based Lubricant

Use a water-based lubricant when putting on your silicone penis ring. This will help reduce friction and make it easier to remove the ring when necessary. Silicone-based lubricants should not be used as they can break down the material of the ring.

Clean it Regularly

Clean the ring after each use. This will help prevent infection and keep the ring in good condition. The ring should be washed with soap and water and then dried before being stored.

Inspect the Ring

Always endeavor to inspect the ring before each use. Look for material cracks or tears, and ensure the ring is still the correct size. If the ring is damaged, it should be replaced before use.

 A silicone ring can work wonders in the bedroom if you adhere to every safety measure there is. Using it incorrectly is not what you want to do, otherwise you will be putting yourself in serious trouble.

Men have suffered for too long in the bedroom. Their women have cry foul for not getting the satisfaction they desire. This is one issue too many. But you and your partner can enjoy sex again to the fullest if you know how.

 These safety tips will help you a great deal if you decide to follow them to the letter and can reduce the risk of injury or discomfort while using a silicone penis ring.

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