The Top Secrets Of Joining The K9 Police Unit

There are several specialized police units but very few come with the excitement similar to what you get as a K9 officer. In this specialized unit, you are trained to use trained police dogs in law enforcement. As a police dog handler, you can be able to perform the general duties of a police officer such as responding to emergency calls, apprehending criminals, and performing traffic stops among others. Additionally, you can use a trained police dog to perform specialized tasks such as detecting explosives and drugs, solving kidnapping puzzles, and locating hidden or buried bodies.

Joining the Police K9 Force is not an easy process, especially for a civilian. Nonetheless, here are the top secrets to know before you make the formal application.

Possess the Basic Education and Training

The education requirement varies in different police forces. However, you are generally required to possess at least a recognized high school diploma. In some departments, you may need an associate degree or a major degree in a criminal discipline. With regards to the training requirements, you have to be a trained police officer. This means that you have to pass the classroom and practical police academy assessments. The training means that you are familiar with:

• Making arrests

• Investigating crimes

• Defensive approaches

Pass the Necessary Exams

You have to pass the necessary health checks to be a K9 officer. They include:

• Physical fitness tests

• Drug examinations

• Hearing and vision tests

The tests are meant to determine your ability to handle the police dog effectively.

Have Work Experience

Just like the education requirement, work experience varies in different places. There are some forces that expect you to go through a one-year K9 probation program before you can fully join the force. In others, you are expected to have three or more years of experience as a patrol officer. You may also need personal dog-handling skills to boost your chances of joining the police unit.

Demonstrate Personal Attributes

Your character should be impeccable to boost your chances. Thus, you should be:

• Self-driven

• Cool-headed

• Responsible

• With no crime history


Working in a police K9 department can be a perfect job for anybody who is passionate about law enforcement and animals. However, like any other worthwhile career, the competition for these jobs can be tough. Nonetheless, if you are able to meet these top secrets, your chances of joining the Police K9 Force are high. They’ll enable you to beat your competition comfortably and negotiate a better pay from your employer.

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