Top 5 Ways To Ground Indoors

When it comes to grounding, some of the most common methods of connecting to the earth are walking barefoot and sleeping on the ground. However, in the modern world, sleeping indoors can further isolate you from the earth. There is also the issue of elevation, especially if you are living in a storey apartment.

Essentially, when you are grounded, your body is freed from charges, which is a good state. However, the greater the distance between you and the ground, the greater the amount of charge that your body carries. Mathematically, for every meter that your body is above the ground, you are likely to build up to 300 volts of charge in your body. This means that if you are in the second story bedroom, you body is likely to accumulate 1000 volts of charge, on average. This increased charge may amplify your risks of contracting a number of health problems. In a 2009 study, for instance, it was found that there was 40% increase in risks of stroke among individuals living in multistory homes.

So when you are indoors or at an elevation, how do you ground yourself? Well, here are the 5 ways that you can leverage:

1. Use grounding sheets or pads to ground your mattress when sleeping. There are a wide range of grounding pads online and physical wellness stores, and choosing the best model that suits your preferences and budget won’t be an issue.

2. While working, strive to put your bare feet on a grounding mat. Generally, grounding mats will serve you well when you connect them to grounded electrical outlets. They can be particularly beneficial if you live or work in high-rise buildings. A grounding outlet is basically a 3-prong outlet with a ground port. You will find grounded electrical systems in most modern homes, especially hose built after 1970s.

3. Touching the faucet with one of your hands while brushing your teeth or shaving with the other.

4. Placing your feet (either bare or with socks) on the steel struts of the chair in front of you when you are flying in an airplane.

5. Using grounded yoga mats when you are working out indoors. Grounded yoga mats have been proven to reduce exercise-induced inflammations and blood viscosity—the same benefits that you would expect from walking barefoot on the ground.

If you have never identified a favorable nature around to ground yourself, you should note that you can still ground indoors. The above tips will go a long way in helping your body maintain equilibrium and health while you are indoors.

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