Top Reasons To Buy Brody Neuenschwander Ruling Pen

Writing instruments make excellent gifts for people who enjoy writing with a fine pen. The Brody Neuenschwander Ruling Pen is a unique and interesting pen that should find space in every calligrapher and pen connoisseur’s collection. The handmade Italian pen is designed and sold by Handwritmic and celebrates the famous text artist and calligrapher Brody Neuenschwander, and carries his autograph. He is well known for his contemporary calligraphy and also for his study of Arabic, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy.

The Brody Neuenschwander Ruling Pen

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the ruling pen, you will enjoy discovering the many facets of this one. As the name describes it, the pen can be used for ruling pen. However, what really makes this pen interesting is its design and structure. The nib has a narrow and a wide side that allow the calligrapher to make thin, medium and bold lines. By simply changing the angle of the nib against the paper one can accomplish this. As the pen gracefully glides across the surface of the paper, threads of ink splash against it, adding flourish of the writer’s hand.
Neuenschwander says that the pen makes the most beautiful splatters and feels really good in the hand. This statement captures the emotional state of every calligrapher and pen enthusiast when they hold an outstanding pen in their hands. Of course the fact that the pen makers of this ruling pen used techniques characteristic of Italian jewelers have an important role to play.

Design and Structure

The ruling pen has an asymmetrical design and is hand constructed to allow the writer to decide the thickness of the line that they wish to draw. The screw of the nib can be tightened or loosened depending on the desired thickness of the line that is to be drawn.
You can choose from a glossy or matt body. The pen is available with a black, nut brown, mahogany brown wooden handle, which is FSC certified. The Swedish stainless steel nib has a 24k plate and will run smoothly on any paper and with any ink. The grip of the pen is excellent and carries the brand name and calligrapher’s signature.
This ruling pen will be a delight in any calligrapher’s hand and is also recommended for anyone who wants to learn calligraphy. You may wish to buy this Italian ruling pen for yourself or for a loved one. It is a one of a kind pen and is an exceptional purchase. You may wish to buy the pen online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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