3 Easy Steps For Starting A Pee Wee League Football Team

Starting a pee wee football team is no joke. It requires hard work, commitment, and resources. Fortunately, there are corporate and sports organizations that provide support to these teams that you can team up with. Therefore, if you are planning on starting a pee wee league football team, here is how you can go about it.


There are a number of ways that you can start your youth football team. You can either follow the grass-roots route or associate with other teams. The grass-roots route is longer and more cumbersome than the affiliate one. Therefore, we recommend that you go the affiliate way. Many organizations, both social and commercial have programs that support youth football leagues. These organizations follow the rules established by the NFL’s USA Football. The USA Football is a body responsible for governing youth football in the United States. Affiliating with these organizations enables you to gain access to experienced coaches and officials, liability insurance, assistance with background checks, safety information, and ongoing training.

Create Organizational Structure

Every team must create its own organizational structure for things to run smoothly. This structure should comprise of a board, coaches, and volunteers. You also need to look for competent and experienced personnel to fill the areas of marketing, registration, and concessions. Also, we recommend that you establish a philosophy to be followed by the team for it not to lose focus. It is vital that you develop a detailed organizational structure as this will make managing things easier.

Recruit Players

Once you have established an organizational structure and the board, coaching staff, and other essential personnel are in place, it is time to start player’s recruitment. One of the decisions you will have to make is the number of players you want. This is an important decision and you need to make it wisely because it will affect things such as the number of coaches and support staff you will need and even the amount to be paid for registration. To make the best decision, consult with the governing organization that your team is affiliated with about the minimum and maximum team size allowed by the league.

Now when you are ready to start recruitment, place signs around the neighborhood and any other place where you will be allowed to. Also consider recruiting via social media through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media will get the message to a wide number of people much faster than other means. Also, consult with other teams to make sure you follow all league practices.

After associating, creating an organizational structure, and recruiting players, you will now have to promote and market your team. We hope that these steps will help you start your pee wee league football team.

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