A Quick Guide To Targeting Your LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns

LinkedIn is one of the leading platforms for networking with like-minded professionals. But there is one thing that many users seldom talk about as much as they should—it is also a versatile marketing platform.

For starters, marketing on LinkedIn can seem a little bit intimidating. However, with a few tricks, the platform presents a lot of opportunities than you can imagine.

One of the most important aspects of marketing on the platform that you need to always get right is targeting your campaigns the right way. Targeting who see your campaigns can help double your conversions—the more relevant and specific your campaigns are, the more clicks you get.

As a guide, here are the common targeting categories that you can use for your next LinkedIn marketing campaigns:

1. Location

You can select the geographical location where you want your ads wants to appear. This can be as broad as South America or as specific as the Oregon area. So, if you are trying to expand your meal delivery business in Hartford, Connecticut, for instance, it is not advisable to waste your advertising dollars targeting customers in, say, Los Angeles.

2. Company

If your audience shares a common employer, you can target them directly—even by name. You can also target your LinkedIn marketing campaigns based on industry-like Finance, agriculture, legal or non-profit as well as company size.

3. Job title

LinkedIn allows you to target your audiences based on job titles, functions, years of experience and seniority.

4. Skills

You can also target audience based on certain skill sets such as financial planning, email marketing, copywriting, law, or risk management. You only need to figure out what your target audiences do well then tailor the campaigns accordingly.

5. Gender and age

Like other social media marketing platforms, LinkedIn allow you to target your audience based on gender or age group. This can come in handy when your audience is heavily skewed towards a given age or gender.

6. Member Groups

LinkedIn allow users to join groups of like-minded professionals, where they can discuss trending topics and issues. If you audience are interested in a given topic, you can use this targeting option to reach them easily.


Currently, the above highlighted targeting options are what LinkedIn allows. The good news is that the options apply to sponsored content and text ads. However, don’t try to use all of them. You only need to remember that the more specific your targeting criteria is, the more relevant it is going to be your targeted audience—and better your ROI is going to be.

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