How To Apply For Chilcare Approval In Sydney

Most people who want to give back to the society by providing care to children face a challenge when it comes to getting government approval. Today we are going to outline all you need to know about childcare approvals Sydney.

Applying for provider approval

In order to apply for provider approval, you or your representative will have to access the secure Child Care Subsidy System. This is done through the Provider Entry Point.

What is the Provider Entry Point?

The Provider Entry Point is part of the secure Child Care Subsidy System. This entry point is used by those applying for care provision to add or remove a service, access information, give enrolment notices and session reports to receive Child Care Subsidy, and to make a notice on change in their circumstances.

Before you are able to access the Provider Entry Point, you first need to register with Provider Digital Access (PRODA). You can do this yourself or send an authorized representative to do it for you. Remember to provide you identification documents because they are required for registration.

Provider Digital Access (PRODA)

You are required to register with PRODA for the purpose identifying your digital identity. After registering with PRODA, you can engage with the government of Australia any time, without the need of identifying yourself each and every time. You can use your PRODA identification for things such as future child care provision application, positions, and employers.

Who should register with PRODA?

The first step towards creating an application for approval in Provider Entry Point is for you or your representative to register with PRODA.

Even if you have already been identified as a specified child care personnel at the time of application for approval, you must also be registered with Providers Digital Access.

Whether or not you will use the childcare approvals Sydney, PRODA identification is required. Other specified personnel who will need it include:

  • Individuals with management or control of the provider
  • Service contacts
  • Individuals responsible for the day-to-day operations of the service
  • In Home Care and Family Day Care educators

Those who do not need to register with PRODA are people who are not involved in roles such as Centre Based Day Care educators, outdoor or kitchen staff.

How do you register with PRODA?

Visit to register with PRODA. After visiting their website, you must first create an account. During this process, you will be required to:

  • Create a username and password that is unique
  • Create security questions and answers
  • Fill in required information from their identification documents
    You will be given a PRODA Registration Authority (RA) Number after successfully completing the process.

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