Introduction To Microblading Miami

Two tweezers are needed for the application of the extension and Microblading Miami. The first is to separate the eyelashes to select one, while the second one is applied to the extension. The base of each extension is immersed in the specific glue and is then placed over the root of the natural eyelash. The extension is firmly anchored to the natural eyelashes. This is how it is done for all the eyelashes.

As you can see, the adhesion point of Microblading Miami is perfectly hidden and therefore the natural result is guaranteed. For the first 24 hours of treatment it is advisable not to let the lashes in contact with the water (just like for hair extensions).

Avoid rubbing the eyes. It seems an insurmountable thing but it is completely feasible. The extensions are applied on natural lashes and so it is good to avoid everything that could make them fall, right.

Eliminate the make-up with a non-oily detergent. It’s just a chemical matter, the most powerful makeup removers (such as the biphasic ones) could melt the glue causing the fall of the extensions.

The duration of eyelash extensions is equal to the life of natural eyelashes on which they are applied and settles therefore between 60 and 90 days. Considering that on average per day we lose 2/3 lashes in this period of time it is natural that some of the extensions may fall, but this is a fact that a Microblading Miami professional knows and takes into account during the application.

Going forward in time you will need a touch-up session (shorter than that of the first application) during which the extensions will be applied on the new natural eyelashes that have grown in the meantime, so as to avoid asymmetries and empty spaces.

What is eyelash thickness? Simply their diameter: from the base to the heaviest point that gets thinner by hand going up towards the tip. In the Microblading Miami catalog, you find in fact a wide choice of thicknesses, which allow us to work on any base of eyelashes.

For example, lashes with a smaller thickness or a tuft of volume with finer lashes of thickness (eg 2×0.07 mm) should be applied to weaker natural lashes. On the other hand, if you work on slightly thicker eyelashes, you can use more pronounced thicknesses like 0.18 mm or 0.20 mm in the classic application, or in the volume up to 6 0.07 mm eyelashes.

Just as our eyelashes have different lengths along the eyelid, both lower and upper, the eyelash extensions also have different sizes, measured in millimeters.

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