Quick Facts You Need To Know About Supercare Australia

Besides being an excellent way to save for retirement, superannuation offers a lot of benefits to its members. Depending on the type of funds you opt for and your employment status, there are a swag of benefits you will receive without even knowing it, including cutting your income tax bill, avoiding insurance medical, paying less tax on your investments, and protecting you against bankruptcy.
In Australia, the best company to work with when it comes to superannuations is the mysupercare.com. The company has changed the lives of many Australians for the better. The service provider is the first firm in the whole of Australia to help families and individuals access their superannuation funds to cover for various medical costs. Though the firm has become popular across all Australian states, there are some crucial things that most people barely know about it. Here are quick facts you need to know about Supercare Australia.

Supercare Australia isn’t a superannuation fund

The firm states categorically on its official website that it isn’t a financial services firm. Again, the firm is neither a superannuation fund, so it can’t offer any professional financial advice. It recommends that people seeking financial advice should get it from certified financial planners or their superannuation funds.

It allows people to access their superannuation to cover for their plastic surgery

It is the 1st firm in the country that allows Australians to access their superannuation to cover for plastic surgery, IVF, gastric banding and other types of elective medical procedures. Through its website, the company says that it aims to eliminate the strain and hassle that Australians go through while submitting their application to DHS (Department of Human Services) to have their superannuation released.

It services are available to all

Unlike most firms that offer superannuation services to their members only, Supercare Australia offers services to all permanent residents and Australian citizens. To access their services, applicants just need to have valid superannuation.

It doesn’t offer funding as such

Contrary to the widely held notion that Supercare Australia offers direct funding to cover for various medical conditions, the firm doesn’t offer funding as such. All it does is simplifying the process of releasing superannuation to fund a wide array of medical conditions and surgical procedures. If one needs to undergo a treatment procedure and they are required to apply for the release of their superannuation via ATO (Australian Taxation Office), Supercare Australia can help them with all the paperwork hence ensuring their application is approved quickly.


Supercare has made things easier for Australians who would have otherwise not accessed treatments for several conditions. With the right superannuation, there is no limit to the number of medical conditions that this company can cover for.

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