Serve Chipotle Fajita Veggies With Your Next Meal

If you like Mexican or spicy food and wonder what you can fix for your next meal, there are plenty of ideas. One dish that’s healthy, spicy, and exciting is chipotle fajita veggies. This dish is both nutritious and appealing. It’s also tasty for those who like veggies with their meals.

To make this exciting dish, you first need to gather the ingredients. Start with any color bell pepper and any color of onion. You can add other vegetables that cook quickly as well. Consider squash, zucchini, tomatoes, or mushrooms added to the dish. For seasonings, you can use fresh oregano or Mexican oregano, depending on what you prefer. You can use both if you have them both. The idea is to sauté the vegetables just until they begin to turn brown.

Before you add the vegetables into the skillet, you need to heat the oil. It should be hot enough that it’s almost smoking. The onions and peppers should be sliced lengthwise. Other veggies can be sliced lengthwise as well or sliced any way that makes sense while you’re preparing the dish.

This dish is a Chipotle restaurant copycat. Therefore, you can make substitutions for some of the ingredients if you want. For instance, if you like hot and spicy meals, you can used crushed red pepper instead of oregano when seasoning the dish. You can even add a pinch of cumin if you plan on adding meat to the dish.

The great thing about this dish is that it takes 5 minutes to prepare and only ten minutes to cook. This means you can have it ready in no time, especially for those moments when you get unexpected guests or need to serve a group of people. It’s a good dish to take for pot luck dinners as well, because it goes with meats and rice.

Make Chipotle Fajita Veggies tonight and impress your friends or family. It takes little time to prepare and you can even use fresh much to make this dish. It can be served with many different foods. Ground or grilled meats, beans, rice, corn tortillas, or breads are all good choices to add the chipotle dish to.

Make fajita veggies for a few guests or for the whole family. You can tailor the types of veggies you use to the preferences of those who will eat it. You can make it the authentic way. The choice is yours.

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