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Most contact lenses are clear, and they differ from lenses that have pigments to either protect the eye or else to affect the color of the iris. All contacts are meant to be eventually disposed of, with some lasting for a while but others pitched by the end of the day. Temporary ones do not have to be soaked in a wash but are more expensive to keep replacing. Clear contact lenses can be bought under a variety of plans, so visit a website that lists all the options.

There are a lot of manufacturers who offer to sell contacts at a wide range of specifications if given a prescription by an optometrist. This process is automated and generally involves no visit by a middleman or even having to manually set a machine. All orders are put into a computerized assembly line and the prescription filled by automated manufacturing. Obtaining new contacts and even daily disposable contacts can be surprisingly affordable.

It does pay to change contacts as frequently as needed. Those that are meant to be washed and reused otherwise still become scratched, irritable, and perhaps discolored from use. Fresh ones usually feel better and are free from wear. Some people prefer contacts that can be disposed of at the end of the day, and this is the most comfortable option. Since clear contact lenses are the cheapest, dailies mostly come as clear.

The principle advantage of changing contacts is that old ones carry the risk of irritation and infection. The cornea is the clear part of the eye, and it is living tissue that is moisturized by tears. A contact lens acts as a barrier to natural tears, so it has to be kept moist in a solution that mimics what the cornea is used to. Old ones might become irritable and are less safe.

The widest options are provided by clear contacts. This is the default option, and selecting a tinted contact is cosmetic unless it serves to correct eye sensitivity. It pays to compare quality and cost, with different brands having their own accolades and customer satisfaction rate. A website might give the shopper an idea by permitting other customers to rate their experience.

Contacts are an alternative to glasses and might be preferable in situations where glasses are impractical. Talk to a doctor about the needs and expectations of vision correction. If contacts are preferred in a place of industry, explain this to the doctor to receive the most useful recommendation.

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