The Future Of Quantum Energy Therapy

Quantum energy therapy has about as many adherents as critics. The basic theory is that there is a life force in all of us, a kind of living energy that can be used to harness healing and well-being. However, critics argue that adopting an accepted term in physics such as quantum or quanta into the realm of pseudo science or alternative medicine is an unacceptable appropriation.

In the strictest sense, quantum energy therapy is the movement of photons and electrons that creates light particles and random energy redistribution. As such, it’s hard to quantify the movement of energy or healing because all pertinent events are happening at the atomic or subatomic levels.

In other words, we need at least a microscope to monitor and document all these phenomena that turn matter or quanta into light signatures. Thus far, there are only assumptions that exist to explain how the scattered energy signatures turn into waves that can have a transforming power in the human body. So until further and extensive experimentation is performed, we can never be completely sure what in the body actually caused the healing to occur.

Quantum Energy Therapy: Healing Waits for No One

Judging from the lack of objective research on the subject, this branch of alternative medicine still has a long way to go. However, the fact remains that people who have tried modern medicine to no avail cannot be stopped from trying other alternatives. And besides, miracles do happen.

The placebo effect is now a widely accepted principle. Accordingly, when you believe that something that you take will work, it usually does. Doctors acknowledge this effect. Faith healers rely on faith.

In addition, psychologists will be the first to agree that hypnosis is a universally recognized process. So once you manage to put a patient in a hypnotic stage, you can literally make him or her think or believe that an onion is an apple. The same thing can be said about the principle of homeostasis. The body almost always seeks a balance. Isn’t this the life force that miracle healers talk about?

All these proven processes play a big role in psychic healing. Hopefully, more documentation need to be done to substantiate all the health claims of alternative health practitioners and patients alike. For example, if we can actually monitor the movement of photons or electrons in the human body while the alternative medicine practitioner is at work on the patient–this will go a long way in proving what is and isn’t true.

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